8 Patriotic Family Craft Projects

Let your true colors show this Fourth of July with a whole house full of fun and frugal family projects. Happy Independence Day, America!

1. Fly that Flag Proudly:

Kids love making flags and waving them proudly for everyone to see. Hygloss has two fun flag kits perfect for classroom or home use. Try the super simple paper flag kit for younger children, or get a little more complicated using a beautiful tissue paper flag kit that is truly unique.

2. Think Out of The Box:

If you want something more than a simple flag kit, go all out with the exciting patriotic activity kit. This kit is a treasure box of fun and exciting arts and crafts supplies specifically geared for making patriotic crafts. Here are a few ideas that you can use your jam-packed treasure box to create.

3. Patriotic Picture Frames:

Using craft foam and decorative material, you can create an adorable picture frame that will really show your patriotism. Place a photo from your favorite Independence Day event into this special frame.

4. Collage:

Use the collage trays to make a collage of all the fun things you did this Fourth of July. Save ticket stubs, pictures, receipts, and more. Adhere to the collage tray using regular glue, and use the stars, pompoms and ribbons to add a splash of red, white and blue color and fervor to your project.

5. Patriotic Pinwheels:

Work with two equal square of paper. Fold the bottom right corner to the top left to form a triangle. Now fold the bottom left tip of the triangle to the top right tip. Smooth down the creases well and unfold. Do this to both squares of paper. You can now decorate your papers with true patriotic art. Place the undecorated sides of the paper together, and cut four slits along the crease lines. The slits should go about half way through the crease line. Now punch a hole next to each corner and fold these, gently, into the center of your pinwheel (don't crease the paper, just bring the holes towards the center). Secure with a pushpin or paper fastener to a pencil, stick or stem.

6. Penny Pendant or Badge:

Using little more than a piece of paper, a ribbon and a penny, you can make an adorable penny pendant or badge. Cut your paper, red, white or blue of course, into a star shape. Next, hot glue a penny to the center of your star. Finally, punch a hole at the top of your pendant and attach a ribbon so you can wear your project proudly. Alternatively, attach a pin to the back of your stars and wear them on your shirt, bag or hat.

7. Napkin Rings:

This is a fun patriotic project for that big 4th of July lunch or dinner party. Cut out stars from the red, white, and blue poster board. Attach to a rubber band or a fifth of a toilet paper roll for each napkin holder. Decorate patriotically and, for added interest, you can write each guest's name on his or her star napkin ring.

8. Scrapbook Page:

Add another spectacular page to your working scrapbook. Decorate the background and surround with colored paper, star stickers, pompoms and ribbon. Add photos and mementos to complete your all-American page.


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