How To Select Similar Colors in Illustrator

Sometimes, when working on a detailed illustration you need to select all similar colors on a page. I used to hold the select button and click on every area. This was time consuming and often ended in me missing some color sections. I discovered a solution!

1. Select one shape that contains the color you wish to select.
2. Click on the Select tab on the top tool bar.
3. Hover over "Same"
4. Click on "Fill Color"

This will allow you to change every selected element to another color. Saves lots of time!

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Berber 4 years ago

OMG Thank you so much!! This really made my day, was looking for this for hours!

Gabo 2 years ago

awesome, thank you very much

Carlo 19 months ago

thanks you very much, this was a very valuable time saving tip :)

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