Finding the Best Underwater Camera For Digital Photography

Underwater Digital Photography

Underwater digital photography is one of the most rewarding activities to engage in summer. Though it may be considered a hobby more than a sport, you do have to swim, snorkel or dive to enjoy the fruits of this activity. Images of under the sea was something only seen in national geographic or documentary film, but now with the wide range of underwater cameras and waterproof casings nearly anyone can take up under water digital photography.

How is Underwater Digital Photography Different From Normal Photography

  • One of the key differences between the two is that the spectrum of light under water is different from that on dry land. This makes the need for a flash essential in order to receive the colors. Though some cameras like the Kodak Playsport come with auto color adjustments.
  • Apart from light you have different conditions if you are in fresh water and in sea water. In the sea you may experience backscatter of the flash reflecting on salt particles which could leave you with a blurred image. One way to avoid blurred images is to try to get as close to your object as you can. The further away you are forming your subject the greater the volume of salt.

Under Water Digital Photography Equipment

Under water digital photography is now a possibility as a result of the various underwater digital cameras, disposal cameras and water proof cases on the market. You could opt for a new underwater camera but this could be costly. If you already have a good digital camera then you can simply find the right water proof case to match the make and model of our camera to ensure that it is water safe.

Under water Photography Digital
Under water Photography Digital

Casings to Water proof your Digital Camera Underwater.

Popular waterproof case comes in nearly all brand cameras making it easier to take your camera underwater when you go diving or snorkeling or just for fun at the pool. Prices vary depending on the make and model of your camera. E.g. this Canon WP-DC14 Waterproof Case for Canon SD750 Digital Camera keeps cameras safe from water and sand particles. This is also a great investment of you are taking a day at the beach. Sand particles can damage your camera. It is best to keep it protected. A case like this should set you back $99.99.

If you have a more compact digital camera like the Panasonic T3 or T5 then you can also find similar waterproof cases from $32.17 (As advertised 07.02.2011).

Cheap Underwater Cameras-Digital from $7.53
Cheap Underwater Cameras-Digital from $7.53 | Source

Underwater Camera Digital

These are deal if you want t o experiment with underwater photography, its quick easy and cheap. Disposable cameras cost around $7.53 for single camera or you can find a pack of four cameras for $29.95.

Waterproof Digital Cameras

The Kodak Playsport is one of the most popular underwater cameras it is also great for sports pics like cycling or gold. Currently priced at $129.


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