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why it happens with me

I woke up suddenly, only to see that the alarm is fast ringing bells in my ears, got irritated with its wide mouthed voice, who the hell put it I shouted, spat came the reply if you have the habit of forgetting what you did I cant help it, any way its not Sunday get up, she shouted, look at the watch she left shouting, but by that time I was already slipping into sleep. Do you want to go office or not, I heard the cracking voice nearing me, suddenly I woke up to her high pitched voice as if a calamity struck, look at the watch its already 7.45 am will you get up or shall I take the trouble. I felt how cruel are these people, how can she be so shrewd and inhuman like felt like floating sleeping unions on the lines of trade unions. O what a pity little boy, now get up you can’t escape.

So with great difficulty and great reluctance I got up from the bed, but as I was stretching and yawning, I shouted “no” with a great sense of disbelief, I rubbed my eyes only to see that it was already 8.00 am. I shouted why didn’t you wake up see it’s already 8.00 am when will I get ready when will I reach my office, I was shouting, she is shouting from kitchen what I didn’t wake you up or you didn’t want wake up, anyway will you stop shouting at me or do you have any plans to brush your teeth and have a shower.

 Go get ready so saying she calmly slipped into the kitchen but the battle has just begun with brushing, o not again I was shouted who took my brush its missing from the stand, its there where it is, no one has taken it who will use your brush, she shouted. I screamed, come Sunday you start cleaning the house you never keep things where they are, she again shouted, see if you might have left it in your shaving kit, what in shaving box I exclaimed, but then I gave it a thought  to search for it in the shaving kit, and lo it was there, who might have left here I thought to myself, then I remembered yes it was me who left it there for easy identification, did you find it she screamed from inside, yes but, but what again she shouted, where is the paste, the pouch is empty I screamed, yes I asked you to get a new one, didn’t you, she shouted, did you I said in a lower voice. I cursed myself in all possible terms and decided finally to adjust with what ever I will get from the squeezing act.

 After initial amount of efforts I soon realized that it was no less than a  challenging act for me but I made up my mind that I will see its end, after struggling with it for a few minutes I found that it is more of a brainy act than a muscle act I said to myself. Soon an idea struck to me eureka! I thought why not I cut it apart, but will this workout or not I was just pondering like a student who is waiting for final year results, and hurray I shouted in all ecstasy I felt very happy for it was as if treasure hunters had finally struck gold, for me I thought if this idea works out I will get the much awaited increment this month and if I managed to extract more paste I will get more increment if not, no increment. I found that there was little paste and I scooped what ever little was remaining and does it really meant no increment, I shook my head in disbelief, the next moment I thought all this is trash why should I believe in this and waste my valuable time, so without wasting a single minute I swiftly jumped to the brushing act and felt victorious. Looking my face in the mirror I thought to myself I don’t know my tooth today has a different shine, o really I laughed at my own face.

 Did you finish with your bath she shouted; yes I am half way I screamed making my way into the bathroom with a turkey towel in one hand and hot water bucket in other hand. Wait and be careful don’t forget to bolt the door properly I cautioned to myself, as the water was too hot to bath I slowly opened the tap to mix it with cold water, in the meanwhile I suddenly felt I was missing some thing, isn’t that a bath soap, I searched for it here and there, if I challenged myself if I managed to find the soap my boss will reach late today if not, no no I have to find it at any cost, I cant stop him from barking, god why don’t you do something, yes fortunately it was behind the bucket, o know water is over flowing, hell with my forgetful mind for it didn’t remind me to put off the tap see now the water is almost cold. Are you still in bathroom she shouted at me, yep just 2 minutes I raised my voice. Today I think have to adjust with this cold water let me touch and feel it, ok better than cold water, anyway I pity the hot water for missing a royal chance to bath me. Look dude all great people were subjected to such sufferings I advised to myself with a sarcastic smile.


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