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Rachel Koski (Farmer Rachel)

My name's Rachel: Beginning farmer, gardener, firewood chopper, cider and fruit-wine maker, lover of animals and all things outside and earthy, a real woman of 26. I have a profound interest in...

How to Save a Lamb that is Cold, Chilled, or has Hypothermia14 months ago

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Brian Gray (Hanavee)

Educated at Lee University, I graduated in 1973 with a degree in Language.  I have authored a number of books, and have written professionally for numerous international magazines over the past...

Pentecostal Experiences Through The Eyes Of A Pentecostal3 days ago

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Meloncauli is an ex nurse, nanny, anxiety management therapist, dog walker and ice cream seller !! She was also a mental health service user for many years. She loves to write about things that...

Understanding a Very Anxious Person12 months ago

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Viet Doan (punacoast)

Aloha!  Part-time farmer, part-time traveler from the Big Island of Hawaii.  My partner and I live in a small seaside community in lower Puna district, on the southeast end of the island.  Life...

Planting A Garden With Pink Tropical Flowers2 weeks ago

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Donna Herron (purl3agony)

"Dream, imagine, create, repeat."  This is my mantra for living a full and creative life.  I'm an avid artist, knitter, and crafter interested in painting, photography, and just about all other...

DIY Jewelry Tutorial: How to Make a "Stained Glass" Polymer Clay Necklace Pendant45 hours ago

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I'm an avid dog agility competitor and professional dog agility instructor.  I currently have three fantastic agility partners that I know will play an important role in my articles on dog training...

The Unsung Champions of the AKC Agility National Championship8 weeks ago

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Robert A. Sloan, robertsloan2 online and robertsloan2art on eBay, is a mobility disabled 57 year old science fiction writer, art writer, art teacher, artist, artisan and Renaissance man. He lives...

How I personally define art5 years ago

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Larry Rankin

    I am a person of eclectic interests whose job history indicates as much.  I have been a farmhand, public school English teacher, college English professor, and semi driver, in that...

Popeyes “Annie” not a Restaurant Founder, Just an Actress2 weeks ago

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Sherri (Sally's Trove)

Sally’s Trove is a family enterprise that promotes ideas, practices, and products that can help us be smarter about how we live in this challenging and increasingly fragile world. My name is...

Savory Vegetarian Red Beans and Rice Recipe4 years ago

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Although I intended to only write a few articles about my turtle, I have come to really enjoy writing on this site, so I think I'll keep producing a hub from time to time.  I hope people who read my...

Cajun Dwarf Crayfish Care20 months ago

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Stephanie Henkel

Through the years, I’ve pursued many different interests as my life’s path has been curved and varied, but a few things have remained constant. Travel, writing, art, photography, reading, cats,...

How to Tie Dye T-Shirts With Kids: A Fun Family Activity2 years ago

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Apart from freelance writing, my interests include guitar teaching, music theory, travel, photography, digital art and online earning.

Review of FreeRangeStock - the Free Photos and Adsense Earnings Site18 months ago

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I love to learn. And I love to share what I've learned with others. My articles have been read over 2 1/2 million times so I guess I must be doing something right. I've always been a big reader and...

The Social Construction of Sexual Orientation18 months ago

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Lana Zakinov (kalinin1158)

Lana is a West Coast-based writer and editor with a passion for travel, photography, Russian literature and artisan beer. She is a co-author of the book "Disabled Literature," and a contributor to a...

Toxic Mother-In-Law 2: Five Years Later6 weeks ago

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Kaili Bisson

Welcome to my Hub. I am the owner of a small business and a full-time technical writer. Through the years, I seem to have picked up way too many interests and hobbies to fit into what little free...

WWI Battles—Vimy Ridge April 9-12, 19177 weeks ago

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Pollyanna Jones

Every place has a story, and I love to hunt these down and share them with my readers. Besides HubPages, I write for The Celtic Guide, Mythology Magazine, and The Spooky Isles. I also dabble in the...

The Fall of the Throckmorton Arms9 months ago

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ANDR01D is a classic game collector and reviewer. Not only does he review games but he provides a ‘then and now’ approach, giving readers information on what is available online in terms of...

The Best Copy Protection Methods in Gaming8 months ago

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Darrin Perez (Winterfate)

If you want to read about video games, I'm your guy. I'm an avid 29 year old gamer from Puerto Rico that writes about video games as a hobby. I am also a published author for Apress, and have written...

Fire Emblem: Heroes - A Beginner's Guide2 months ago

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Glenn Stok

My goal with my writing is to use my experience and education to offer helpful advice and inspiration. My topics include Personal Growth, Relationships, Health & Wellness, and a bit of Philosophy...

A Hypothetical Observation of Life After Death4 weeks ago

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Paper Artist with a talent for organizing anything! After taking a summer Journalism program at Connecticut College on a school scholarship program, I gained the desire to write to help others.  I...

How to Upcycle Bunny Ear Costumes into Beautiful Party Favor Bags3 years ago