Top Ten Ugliest or Ugly Cars

Top 10 Ugly Cars

This is my own opinion and beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder.
These cars are my personal worst, I have been unfortunate to actually
have owned some of these. So by my own opinion have no taste ;-)

#1 Pontiac Aztec.

I wonder if this is really a car. Every time I get behind on of these I'm not sure if I should take a picture or grab the barf bag. All I can think about when I drive up on one of these is "taillights" . What was Pontiac thinking? Maybe these are the same design execs that are in charge of Detroit now. If so Detroit is doomed.

Pontiac Aztec

#2 AMC Pacer.

I remember a TV ad were they drove another car inside a Pacer to prove how spacious it was. My thought was who cares it's hideous. Could a car be more round? I'm not sure a car was ever made that had more car above the axels than this beauty. If it were a boat you would be worried about capsizing.

AMC Pacer

#3 AMC Gremlin.

Aptly named.. it's just looks like a Gremlin. I always thought it was a square going down the road. It reminded me of a Pinto clone. I think this beauty and the Pacer Doomed AMC. Every time I see this picture I think of a work boot... not sure why.

AMC Gremiln

#4 1958 Ford Edsel  

Although well intended my father says this must be on my list. I have to 
admit it's not a nice looking vehicle even for the time. 

1958 Ford Edsel

#5 Fiat Multipla

I saw this over in Europe, goes to show you Detroit does not have the lock on ugly car design. and to think Fiat owned Ferrari. hmmm..  Now they own Chrysler.. LOL.. maybe they can incorporate the wonderful engineering of the Aries K car into this beauty...

Fiat Multipla

#6 Triumph TR7

I once actually liked this car and then as I got older I realized was I crazy. Who wants to drive a underpowered triangle. I remember the popular color was neon green.. WOW.

Triumph TR7

#7 The Yugo

The Yugo it looked as bad as it was built.. end of story .  



#8 Toyota Echo

The worlds tallest thin car. Is this car actually taller than it is wide? People who drive them seem to love them but it's not for me. Should one worry about stability on a windy day?

Toyota Echo

#9 Plymouth Reliant K Car

Ok I wanted to rank this higher but it's a box on wheels and a lot of cars have that going on. The thing that pulls this into my top ten is the incredibly bad engineering of this car. Let's face it Chrysler took us for a ride on this one. They sold millions of these pieces of junk. I actually fell for the sales pitch and owned one of these. What a piece of @#$@%^& . I lived in the frozen tundra and went out in about -20 F to start the car and 3 of the four door handles broke trying to get in the car. One cylinder stopped working on a 4 cylinder engine. The oil pan leaked and I forget the other problems. Oh the heater was useless !!! I had to put cardboard in front of the radiator to get the heater to work to the point a thick jacket was bearable. I'm glad it's not mine anymore. I actually hope they buried it some were and cursed it. No wonder Chrysler is in trouble.

Plymouth Reliant K

#10 Ford Pinto 

This was round and square at the same time, besides being a firetrap and exploding I just never liked the way it looked.   

Ford Pinto

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Bentley Fan profile image

Bentley Fan 7 years ago

Going to have nightmares.

Paul  7 years ago

Just remember that plymouth reliant that you say put chryslers in trouble, was actually the car that saved chryslers. Lee Iacocca, research that name lol

excellasys profile image

excellasys 7 years ago from US Author

Paul I agree with you , it was a blessing and a curse I think. If I recall right Lee pretty much championed the minivan as well.

N1NJ4JESUS 6 years ago


MY EYES!!!!!

Dave Suton 5 years ago

You forgot a lot!

Anything made today by Nissan/Infinity has to be on that list.

All of Honda/Acura's Trucks and cars should be on there.

Lexus SUV's

All Mitsubishi's ecept evo

All Subaru's

Toyota FJ, Fourrunner, and Sequoia

Jayfeather 5 years ago

Toyota Yaris,RAV4,and Prius

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