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When we think of hybrid cars what do we think of? We think of something odd or rather boring to look at, just your average run of the mill car. Nothing too terribly exciting to write home about or maybe there is one that draws our attention as it quietly streamlines down the road. Dutch born and former designer for BMW Henrik Fisker with 18 plus years of experience came up with an absolute beauty of a plug-in hybrid car. This car looks fast sitting still and can actually get up to an impressive 125 mph. So who doesn’t want to be environmentally conscious and look good doing it? The sedan was the first for Fisker which he will follow up with the S model convertible. Frisker shows off these cars in an environmentally eco-friendly showroom floor of his Irvine California based business.

Karma Sedan
Karma Sedan
Karma Sedan Interior
Karma Sedan Interior
Karma Sedan
Karma Sedan
Karma S
Karma S

2010 Fisker Karma and 2011 Fisker Karma S

The Karma and the Karma S both can do 60 mph in about six second and can travel 50 miles on battery power averaging about 100 mpg. If you are doing a short commute one can run on just battery power and will burn no gas. These hybrid cars powertrain includes a 260-hp GM 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which serves as a generator to charge the Q-Drive lithium-ion battery system. The charged battery pack powers the electric motor which then turns the rear wheels. Of course this car is like other hybrids that once the electric power has been used it switches to gas. Though statistics show that the average American commutes less than 50 miles a day and may only have to fill this car up once a year if that is all you are doing. Being realistic we drive more than just back and forth to work but this car would help with the environment and lower our spending money on gasoline. The interior is top notch and classy which in the sedan can seat four adults in stunning style. The exterior look of this car is reminiscent of Jaguar XJS long slopping hood and the sleek lines of a Ferrari on steroids. Looking at the side of the sedan it reminds me of futuristic Hotwheel that is played with by young kids. The overall look of this car is a head turner. The two door S is just as stunning and quite the looker with the top off.

40 luxury car dealers will be selling the sedan model starting in the last quarter of 2009 with the S model following sometime in 2011. Pricing for the Karma sedan will start around $85,000.

Reported March 29, 2009, 34 dealerships had signed up to sell the Fisker Karma. Tonkin Dealership in Portland, Oregon was the first to jump on board. Fisker has taken pre-orders on at least 1,300 units which will be delivered early 2010.

To read more about Hybrid's, 2009-2011 Hybrid Vehicles.

2013 Fisker Surf

2013 Surf Hybrid
2013 Surf Hybrid

2013 Fisker Surf

Fisker has introduced a new edition to the family. Just like in the sedan the propulsion here is supplied by a pair of electric motors combining for 402 hp of pure luxury. A turbocharged GM with four-cylinder takes over when the battery level gets low, which extends the range to as much as 300 miles.

Cost: $90,000

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jhay 6 years ago

nice looking car

mkott profile image

mkott 6 years ago from Reno, Nevada Author

The Tesla Roadster led the way to a luxury BEV auto and will release the Model S in 2012.

I still get comments about price but any high-end luxury car will have a high price tag. But in the long run the BEV (battery electric vehicle) will save you money and enviromentally friendly. And those that complain about horsepower need to look at the speeds these cars reach. For the Tesla Roadster, 3.7 seconds to 60 mph.

Mr Rudi O'Neil 6 years ago

The Future of EV is here it seems. The Tesler seemed to be fighting against EV convention, but now that it has the Fisker to join it, there can be little doubt that EV is up there with anything.

nikitha p profile image

nikitha p 6 years ago from India

Wow nice car.

mkott profile image

mkott 7 years ago from Reno, Nevada Author

Shannon: agree that there is a market out there for high end luxury cars. I still think the cost of the Karma will come down with later productions when the technology is more prevalent. But there are cars like the Maserati Quattroporte (looks like the Karma) base price is $112k, and then you have the BMW M5 with a base price is $85,500.

Shannon 7 years ago

Wow, what a beautiful high-end hybrid. Very exciting to see a luxury car as a hybrid. There's a market out there, even with the luxury price tag.

profile image

mphozat 7 years ago

Really nice. Just wonder if people will buy it at such a price. I just hope all the other manufacturers will follow suit.Definitely a car for the future

mkott profile image

mkott 7 years ago from Reno, Nevada Author

respenser: I am a V8 person and part of a family that has long loved their cars. But still see the need for cars with great fuel economy or hybrid technology. If I could have it my way I would have one of both. Nothing like listening to my Dad start his 67 GTO or the days of listening to the V12 of a 68 Maserati Ghibli.

David: agree about the cost which I think like all new technology the prices will come down eventually. The Karma is a great looking car and is like a Jag, Ferrari, Maserati all wrapped up in one package.

David R Bradley profile image

David R Bradley 7 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

Nice looking car! I wonder what would happen if they found a way to sell these for about 55,000 instead of 85,000? Even the Prius has struggled with a nitch of consumers not being able to justify the premium of buying a Hybrid. I wonder how the market is going to react to an $85,000 Hybrid? I work in sales for GM and the Yukon & Sierra Hybrids haven't done that well mainly do to their price. This car is beautiful though and I personally see the value in it. Hopefully the market will too.

resspenser profile image

resspenser 7 years ago from South Carolina

Put me down for the Karma S convertible in black please. Then I will drop it by my guy and have him replace the engine with a 5.0 Cobra V8 linked to a five speed manual tranny. Now you got something!

LAcarGUY 7 years ago

We just hosted a preview party of the Fisker at our Fisker Santa Monica Dealership. photos and videos at

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