2010 Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe - Reviews - Value For Money?

 Check out the new Mercedes Benz E Class. To be released in 2010, this grea looking car will take the market by storm, but the big quesion is - Is it worth the money?! and what makes it so different from any other Merecedes Benz currenty on the market? The car is expected to cost around £50,000 - but will you be investiving in it? There is 2 types that will tha will be available. The V6 version and also the V8 version. The E class is a muscular and yet elegant looking vehicle, with beautiful body work, and luxurious curves - with the V shape front and the enticing twin head lamps adding a unique quality to the appearance of the car.

The interior offers a sporty yet luxurious design, that is designed for ultimate comfort. And you could be thinking - Yes that's what all cars claim - but you might be surprised to find that it boats seats that have been ergonomically desgined  and integral head restrains to provide comfort for all.

This car has all the gadgets and newest technology that you would expect to find in a new Mercedes Benz. It doesn't let itself down and and will surely be the best selling car of its kind for 2010. It offers speed and maturity, power is not forgotten. If you are looking to buy a car then this should definately be on to test drive!

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