rebuilt 283 Crate Engines - powers Chevy

Why would someone build a small block 283 ci motor

In the early 1960's there was a surge of interest in the ss series Chevy's like the Chevy El Camino truck body style and the Chevy Impala ss. This meant that there are many 283 small block Chevy Power plants available today in their original makeup as a 4.6 litre 283 cubic inch motor.

Althought one of the pioneering small block Chevrolet engines built around the 265 ci platform by changing the bore and stroke of the 265 ci motor, the 283 Chevy small block engine became the new 4.6 litre addition to the Chevy range.

Although psuhed out 5 different 283 engine variation form 1958 to 1967, as they slowly improved their performance, the most popular 283 became the Ramjet intake designed 283 cubic inch which was capable of an even 283 horsepower.

Chevy gained much momentum by becoming the first production motor in the 283 range to provide an equivalent 1 cubic inch to 1 horsepower ratio which cemented Chevy as a contender into the future.

Still favored by the Chevy owners of the Impala to date whether its a Ramjet or a custom built design, a steady 220 horsepower up to 300 horsepower is easily achieved and will work well for daily drivers.  

 Hopefully you are gaining an understanding of the best choice of engine for your rebuild or upgrade to your muscle car.

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