35 Euro Cars That Can Save America: # 7 - Toyota Aygo


This is where the angels sing and the golden harps float in the sky. Toyota's build quality, design, reliability, and owner satisfaction is legendary and is often far greater than some cars that cost twice as much. Therefore the only Toyota in this class requires profound genuflection and worship. It's a Toyota! Of course you have to buy it! Although it's essentially identical to the Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107, there is much to be said about the fact that you can have it serviced at your Toyota dealer amidst the Camrys and Highlanders. Still... I love Toyota, but I'd save almost 10% and get the Citroën C1.


The Toyota Aygo Hatchback 1.0 VVT-i 3 Door is estimated to carry a North American net sale price of $10,296.06, given the prevailing market pricing of similar automobiles. Its 998 cc engine powers the car to a top speed of 98 MPH and an acceleration shown by a zero to sixty MPH time of 14.2 seconds. The performance factor of 10.2 is average for its class. The Toyota Aygo Hatchback 1.0 VVT-i 3 Door returns 68.9 MPG in highway driving, 51.4 MPG in the city, and a combined loop mileage of 61.4. With a fuel tank capacity of 7.7 gallons, the car can travel 531 miles on a full tank of unleaded regular fuel, but when it's filled right up to the top of the fuel filler neck, the total range should be approximately 639 miles. When all these price, performance and mileage factors are taken into consideration, the Toyota Aygo Hatchback 1.0 VVT-i 3 Door scores a combined Practicality Index of 82, with 100 representing the best, most practical car available and 1 representing a Hummer H3.


Toyota Aygo Hatchback 1.0 VVT-i 3 Door •





Body Style • Hatchback

Doors • Number of • 3

Seats • Number of • 4

Engine Displacement (cc) & Cylinders • 998 / 3

Valves • Number of • 12

Type of Fuel • Unleaded

Maximum Power (bhp @ rpm) • 67 / 6000

Torque (lb / ft) • 69

Engine Layout • F

Wheel Drive • Front

Overall Length (mm) • 3405

Overall Width (mm) • 1615

Overall Height (mm) • 1465

Trunk Capacity Seats Up (litres) • 139

Trunk Capacity Seats Down (litres) • 139

Turning Radius (m) • 9.5

Curb Weight (kg) • 890


0 to 60 MPH (secs) • 14.2

Top speed (MPH) • 98



Metallic Exterior Paint • Option Not Available


Automatic Transmission • Option Not Available

Power Assisted Steering • Standard Equipment

Seat Belt Pre-Tensioners • Standard Equipment

Driver Side Air Bag • Standard Equipment

Passenger Side Air Bag • Standard Equipment

Side Mounted Air Bag • Option Option Price Not Available

Center Mounted Three Point Seat Belt • Option Not Available

Automatic Traction Control • Option Option Price Not Available

Electronic Stability System • Option Option Price Not Available

Anti Lock (ABS) Brakes • Standard Equipment

Vehicle Immobilizer • Standard Equipment

Visible VIN • Standard Equipment

Secure Spare Tire • Standard Equipment

Window Etching • Standard Equipment

Side Impact Safety Bars • Standard Equipment

Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers • Option Not Available

Adaptive Cruise Speed Control • Option Not Available

Lane Departure Alarm • Option Not Available

Parking Sensor For Front • Option Not Available


Leather Surface Seats • Option Not Available

Adjustable Steering Height • Standard Equipment

Air Conditioning • Option Not Available

Power Front Windows • Option Not Available

Power Sunroof • Option Not Available

Remote Folding Mirrors • Option Not Available


Satellite GPS Navigation • Option Not Available

Radio With RDS • Standard Equipment

iPod / MP3 Connector • Standard Equipment

DVD Player Enabled • Option Not Available

MP3 CD Player Enabled • Option Not Available

Vehicle Hard Drive • Option Not Available


City MPG • 51.4

Highway MPG • 68.9

Combined MPG • 61.4

Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons) • 7.7

Carbon Dioxide Rating (g / km) • 109

Carbon Footprint Offset Cost • $16.00

Eco Rating • B

Insurability Grouping • 1

Estimated Average Insurance • $273.00

Percentage Value Retained (3 Years / 36,000 mi) • 42.00%

Estimated Average Monthly Lease Cost • $195.00

Maintenance Factor • 24

Estimated Maintenance Cost Over 3 Years • $576.00

Maintenance Intervals • 12,000 mi

Manufacturer's Warranty Term • 3 Year / 40,000 mi

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