A Low Profile Jack

A low profile jack is a like a regular jack, but lower. Because of this it is
easier for it to fit under low profile vehicles and lift them up to work on any
maintenance issues the car may have. There are different types of low profile
jacks available. They vary in price from around $80 to $1,000 and can be found
at almost any store that sells car parts and accessories.

A low profile jack is made out of steel and put together in a fashion that
makes lifting heavy-duty cars possible to do in your own garage or driveway.
They usually weigh less than 40 pounds to make carrying them and moving them

Each jack is in a category of how many tons it can lift. For example, some are
3-ton, some are 2-ton. It would depend on the kind of car that needed to be
lifted. This would be extremely important in deciding which one to use. Some
jacks come with the ability to swivel. Some jacks have an LED light. Some jacks
come with 3 wheels or 4 wheels. You can even find ones with convenient tool
trays. The main use for a jack is the same, but how someone works with it may
be different, making the need for different options.

Examples of different types of jacks are bottle jacks, which have the shape of
an actual bottle, aluminum jacks, low profile pallet jacks, umbrella jacks,
service jacks, scissor jacks, and garage jacks.

Why and How You Would Use a Low Profile Jack

There are a lot of reasons one may need the use a jack. For any car maintenance
under the car or for maintenance of the tires, there would be a need for a
jack. Using a sturdy jack can make all the difference.

Jacks are considered safe to use because of the required standard tests each
product has to go through in order to be sold to the consumer so you can feel
good knowing the machine holding up the car that you are under is sturdy,
strong, and best of all, safe. A safety overload feature is made on each jack
to prevent the use of the jack beyond capacity and a safety bypass will protect
the hydraulic cylinder from over-pumping.

When using it, you would place the jack under the car, make sure the detachable
lever is attached and pump the lever up and down until the car is lifted high
enough for you to fix the problem, or just look at what you needed to look at.

The low profile jack is small, light-weight and simple to store. These can be
placed in corners with little space, in a work cabinet, or under a work bench
in a garage for easy access when needed. The convenience of size is unmatched.
The best use for the jack is simply to help when lifting a car high enough to
get underneath it. They have an essential part in helping to maintain your
vehicle to ensure it stays in good shape.


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