A Primer on the Hydraulic Bottle Jack

A hydraulic bottle jack is one of the common types of jacks that are set up in
a position parallel to the ground. This type of jack works by pushing against a
lever. When the lever is pushed, it raises the lift arm. This jack has a
slightly longer handle compared to other types of hydraulic jacks. This longer
arm tends to provide extra leverage, which enables it to receive more force per
stroke. This is an advantage of this kind of a jack over the standard jack

Versatility of the Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Construction workers, technicians and repairmen usually prefer to use this
particular jack because of its versatility, which comes from the fact that its
position is horizontal, making it easy to be used in difficult circumstances or
tight corners where there is not enough room for a conventional jack. Secondly,
the extra leverage that the bottle jacks provide is very useful for the workers
in certain situations.

Life-Saving Situations

The popularity of this model has grown over the years with more and
more workers and firms preferring to opt for it in various circumstances. In
rescue and search missions, especially in the aftermath of a large damage
caused by a hurricane or an earthquake, this model has shown itself to be very
useful. Its proven capabilities in real situations over the years have made it
a part of standard gear for many fire stations and professional search and
rescue operation teams. Originally, this jack was manufactured with the idea of
being used in construction and mechanical repair situations only. The
manufacturers never anticipated that someday it would come to be used as a
lifesaving device as well.

New and Improved Bottle Jacks

A hydraulic bottle jack can also be used to straighten, press, push, spread,
bend or lift many different items. The new and improvised versions of this jack
have gone through some innovative design changes. The new jacks include pump
pistons made of chrome metal, which enhances their life and makes them
resistant to rust when operated under wet conditions. In the new models, the
cylinders and the base are welded electrically for extra strength. All the
newer versions have the capability to operate in vertical, horizontal or
angular positions. When it is being used in a horizontal position, care must be
taken that the pump continues to be maintained in a vertical position, even
when it is used horizontally.

Jacks in Different Sizes

In a standard hydraulic bottle jack, there is a gauge attachment with it that
enables the user to know the exact amount of pressure that it uses. For
different applications, the bottle jacks come in different models, which
normally range from 12-tons to 50-tons. Usually the 3- and 50-ton models come
with an in-built port that allows them to be interchanged when required. This
enables the user to make use of the versatile product and adjust it according
to his needs. 


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