Serpentine Belt Diagram

A 1994 Jeep serpentine belt diagram.
A 1994 Jeep serpentine belt diagram.

If you're looking for a Serpentine Belt diagram, you've come to the right place. This article is devoted to all the details of the serpentine belt. If you search below, you'll find videos, guides, and more on them.  First, before we go into anything else, lets clear up a few things on what exactly a serpentine belt is.  A lot of times people confuse it with a timing belt, but this is simply incorrect.

Serpentine Belt Diagram
Serpentine Belt Diagram

So What Exactly Is a Serpentine Belt?

Generally, these belts are central to moving vehicles.  In almost any car, truck, or motorcycle you'll find one or more.  The belt generally powers the alternator, power steering, and more useful features that no driver could live without.  Making sure your serpentine belt is working correctly is essential for any motorized vehicle to continue moing.  If you'd like to know how to replace your serpentine belt, please check out the video below. 

How to Change a Serpentine Belt

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donald 7 years ago

toyota 2003 belt diagram

Shauna 7 years ago

Mitsubishi Galant 1999 belt diagram

Trevor 6 years ago

The advantage of the serpentine belt is that a single belt is used to drive multiple components within the automobile. This saves space within the automobile and also results in a more efficient drive system.

Trevor 6 years ago

The advantage of the serpentine belt is that a single belt is used to drive multiple components within the automobile. This saves space within the automobile and also results in a more efficient drive system.

charlie 6 years ago

I have 2008 tacoma, broken belt, I need the diagram....have it? Please help!

john 6 years ago

need a diagram for broken belt on a 1999 caddy eldo please help e-mail

devin 6 years ago

need a diagram for a 1992 chevy s10 4.3 throttlebody injection system

mak 6 years ago

do you have a diagram for 1999 cavalier w a/c? please e mail me at thanks

Joel 6 years ago

need picture/diagram of 2002 venture 3400sfi serpintine.

terry 6 years ago

need a diagram for a 1995 gmc van with air. engine is av 350

Hanson, Greg 6 years ago

I need a belt diagram for a GMC Trailmaster Van I think it is a 87 and it has a 350 engine I do believe and also has A/C. You can emial me at my military email at would appreciate it thank you.

Scott B 6 years ago

Looking for a belt diagram for 1996 5.0 liter, F150, 4x4


Joe 6 years ago

Need a drive belt diagram for a 2006 dodge dakato 4.7 liter v8

joe 6 years ago

need serprentine belt diagram for 2004 chevy impala

DMA 6 years ago

Hello! My name is Dana and I'm in need of a serpentine belts diagram for a 2000 Toyota Echo.

mark 6 years ago

Do you have a diagram for a 2001 olds sillouette??

tony 5 years ago

Can I get a diagram for a 2006 Cadillac CTS base model at

Barry 5 years ago

Need a serpentine belt diagram for a 2003 Saturn Ion.

shane. Mikkelsen 5 years ago

Need a diagram for the serpentine belt for 2002 mitdubishi montero limited. can you please help me.

Tanya 5 years ago

need a diagram for the serpentine belt for a 1998 buick lesabre. do you have it please?

Christina 5 years ago

Hello! My name is Christina and I'm in need of a serpentine belts diagram for a 2000 Toyota Echo.

Kathy 5 years ago

I need a diagram for a 2001 Saturn serpentine belt. Can anyone help me? Do I need special tools for this?

mark bennett 5 years ago

Ineed a surpentine belt diagram for a 1995 chrysler mini van 3.8 v-6

barry 4 years ago

need a fan belt diagram for au falcon

Dal 4 years ago

Need a diagram for 1.4tdci fiesta please thanks

bigfoot 4 years ago

you turned it counter clock wise I think

Anne Schwartz 4 years ago

I need a diagram for a 1987 buick century serpintine belt

Lila 4 years ago

We need a diagram for a 1986 Mercury Cougar, as well if you have one for by-passing the air conditioner?


WagWakyViaw 4 years ago

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Coloradobill 4 years ago

Can you send me a diagram of the serpentine belt for a 1989 Toyota Camry 6 cyl engine.

william 4 years ago

i have a 2008 toyota tacoma with a v6 i need the belt diagram thanks william

Evelyn Justice 4 years ago

can you send me a diagram of the serpentine belt for 2001 lincoln ls v6 ejustice63@ thanks

joseph 4 years ago

need diagram for serpentine belt 19978 buick lesabre

bill 3 years ago

need to know, how do i get the belt off a 1990 J eep Grand Cherokee without cutting it .

steve 3 years ago


I need a serpentine belt diagram for a 2008 doge avenger 2.4L engine.

gill 3 years ago

need a diagram for a nissan model tdunrhay12ezad wingroad

Steve Bulpitt 3 years ago

I have need of a belt diagram for a 2004.5 Dodge diesel with air. Thanks

unisguitift 3 years ago

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Willie Robinson 3 years ago


Gary 3 years ago

Need belt diagram for a 1994 Chevy Silverado.

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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Harry Palmer 3 years ago

Hi, I am wondering if you could help me out here, , do you have a frontal serpentine belt diagram for a VW anj 2.5 , 5 cyl diesel transporter van engine 2002., help appreciated.

Harry palmer 3 years ago

Hi again, my last post re VW , my email addr is


Frank Rodriguez 3 years ago

Need diagram for driving belt 2001 montero limited 3.5 thanks

Josh 2 years ago

Need a belt diagram for a C160LC john deere excavator engine fan belt

Dan 2 years ago

thank you so much for my inquiry and your answer on remove/replace a serpent belt. Very informative indeed!

Estela 23 months ago

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