A new E-bike

My new e-bike

Saving my legs!!!

Last time I was in China I bought a bicycle - something that I HAD to pedal to get anywhere. I did use it, but I found it a challenge unless the terrain was level, and in reality I did not use it as much as I had planned. It was too hard!!!

I looked at some of the e-bikes that were around at the time, and procrastinated and didn't buy one in the end. I thought in a way that it was a bit of a luxury, especially for a short time.

This time though, I stopped procrastinating and today bought this neat little model, which is now sitting in my apartment. (Luckily I live on the 1st floor (with only two steps between my apartment and the outside.

I had a hilarious time trying to find one that I like. I had been told about some shops, and yesterday I caught the bus to find the little shops, but the but changed its route and I ended up in the city and I walked home alone in the rain, and could not find the shops.

So today, after advice about another shop, I set off on foot again, and after haggling and arguing in a friendly manner, I eventually found a shop that was prepared to sell me one in the price range that I had planned. In fact it was much cheaper than I had planned.

But it was hilarious as I did a little trial ride around the footpath, and after getting the seat raised a little (the Chinese folk thought it very funny that had such long legs!), and eventually when the money changed hands, and I got my receipt, I set off along a busy roadway to get home.

There are lanes for small vehicles and bicycles, so it wasn't too bad, but I did walk my e-bike across with the lights at the pedestrian crossing. Fortunately I managed to get back safely to the college.

One of the other teachers gave me a special lock (there are some folk around who might try to steal such a machine, so I will take care.

Now I will be able to go to the close supermarkets and carry my goods home in the basket on my bike, and I will be able to go to some of the wonderful gardens and canals not far from here, and go much further than I did when I had my old bicycle.

I have an instruction book, with no one word of English. It does have a light, but I don't know how it turns on. I will ask one of my students to help me understand some of it.

So, my adventures continue.

I will be able to explore a little more - on my own. And I will be able to ride to my classrooms - which are over 1 km from my apartment. I will continue to walk from time to time, as I have been keeping up a good exercise regime and can walk long distances without any trouble

I have made a decision to avoid mountain climbing though. I've done it enough.

How much?   I paid just 1350 RMB for the e-bike.    Check here to work out how much in Aussie or US dollars..

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Jen's Solitude profile image

Jen's Solitude 6 years ago from Delaware

Congrats on your e-bike purchase. :-) I enjoyed reading your experience.

Aussieteacher profile image

Aussieteacher 6 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Author

I'm looking at buying one when I get back to Australia too.

Aussieteacher profile image

Aussieteacher 6 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Author

I sold my e-bike to another teacher, and I heard today that it was stolen. Still, I have my Aussie e-bike.

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