Auto Insurance Discounters – Are the Discounts Worth It?

I used to live in Texas and one day my friend told me about a company named Auto Insurance Discounters that offers steep discounts on auto insurance. He said he hasn’t taken any action on validating this claim so I decided that I would do it for him. Anyway, I checked out their website in hopes that I could obtain a quote. During the course of my online journey, I came across another website that allows you to compare auto insurance discounters rates in your area.

Anyway, I checked out their website and it turns out they insure much more than just cars. Instead of being called Auto Insurance Discounters, a much more appropriate name would be Jack of All Discounters. They claim to provide lower rates for auto, home, life and even commercial insurance. They have a cute video that plays automatically when you visit the site informing you of what they’re all about. On their website you can find their locations (all in Texas), get contact numbers for insurance agencies, find out more information about them, and even request an insurance quote online.

Now, I didn’t go through the entire process, but what I think Auto Insurance Discounters does is take your information and run it through a bunch of auto insurance agencies to see which ones would offer the lowest rates for your profile. This is not uncommon for companies to do but in reality I don’t think you’re getting any special discounts by searching for auto insurance through them. You could even do what they do yourself by visiting a car insurance online shopping comparison website. Click here to compare Texas auto insurance rates in your area.

In closing, the service that Auto Insurance Discounters offers is nice but not unique. I feel that they don’t actually offer you any real discounts by searching through their site, and you can actually do the same type of search yourself. However, like I said earlier I didn’t go through the entire process (mostly because I didn’t want to give my personal information just to run a test) so if you have actually used Auto Insurance Discounters and found their service to be very helpful, please feel free to leave a comment to let me know. Thank you for reading and have a great time looking around for your auto insurance!

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