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Origin of the Alfa Romeo 164

By the late eighties Alfa Romeo was in the doldrums, struggling to come up with a car that could catch the public's imagination. And then along came the Alfa Romeo 164 V6. The 164 was a product of one of those tie-up deals between different manufacturers looking to cut production costs, which originally started out as deal between Saab and Lancia, and then Fiat and Alfa got in on the act as well.

They shared the basic floorpan, front suspension, roof and doors which meant the design and production costs were slashed, but then added their own styling and engines. The deal turned out to be one of the most successful of modern motoring times with other manufacturers still trying to emulate it. It was know as the Type Four project.

An Alfa Romeo 164 V6
An Alfa Romeo 164 V6 | Source

Pininfarina Styling

The Alfa Romeo 164 was the last of the Type Four cars to appear and was an executive sports saloon. And it was the car Alfa had desperately being searching for. Styled by Pininfarina and remarkably similar to the later Peugeot 605 also styled by Pininfarina, a fact which didn't escape the notice of an unhappy Alfa Romeo.

Build quality was better than had come to be expected from Alfa and the car quickly developed a reputation as a fine drivers car backed up by the 3-litre V6 engine which was one of Alfa's best. The Alfa Romeo 164 was a car which helped to revitalise Alfa's fortunes and put them back on the car buying public's map. Although it has to be said Alfa didn't really capitalise on that until the later Alfa Romeo 156 came out in 1997.

The Alfa 164 is nice enough as an executive saloon but it isn't in the same class as earlier classic Alfas, for me anyway, like the old 1750 GTV.

Technical Specifications: Alfa Romeo 164 V6

Engine: V6, 2959cc

Power: 192bhp

Brakes: Disc all around

Transmission: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic

Suspension: All-independent

Top speed: 149mph

Aceleration: 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds

An Alfa Romeo 164 from You Tube

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