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The Baby Alfa Coupe - The Junior Z

The Alfa Romeo Junior Z was more of a rich man's toy than other Alfas like the 1750 GTV or the Spider 'Duetto'. The Junior Z was expensive and only produced in small numbers, but their owners loved them. This wasn't your typical Italian supercar, it only had a 1290cc engine with 87bhp, but its light weight and good aerodynamics helped it to hit a top speed of 115mph and reach sixty in 11 seconds.

The large glass area on the cabin made it feel spacious inside, but also created a sense of vulnerability adding to the buzz the driver got. The car was designed by Zagato on the Alfa Giulia 1300GT chassis, and by turning it in to a wedge-shapped two-seater coupe with a cut off tail it was a delight to look at as well as to drive.

It has to be said the looks are distinctly seventies-ish these days, and like the Alfa Romeo Montreal the Junior has dated, but possibly not as badly as the Montreal.

An Alfa Romeo Junior Z
An Alfa Romeo Junior Z | Source

The 1600 Junior Z

The lower weight of the Alfa Junior Z over the Giulia helped to improve its handling and braking, but time doesn't stand still in car development, and in 1972 the 1300 engine was replaced by Alfa's 1600 engine and a slightly modified body at the rear. This added slightly to the weight and altered the aerodynamics which meant the car could only do 118mph despite the extra power, but the 0-60mph time came down to 9 seconds.

The baby coupe the Junior Z was no Alfa 164, but it was a small slice of motoring bliss for those looking for fun rather than executive luxury. All be it quite expensive compared to say Alfa's own 1750 GTV.

Technical Specifications: Alfa Romeo Junior Z

Engine: Four-cylinder, 1290cc/1570cc

Power: 87bhp/113bhp

Brakes: Disc All around

Transmission: 5-speed

Suspension: Independent front, live rear axle

Top speed: 115mph/118mph

Acceleration: 0-60mph in 11 seconds (1300), 9 seconds (1600)

An Alfa Romeo Junior Racer on You Tube

An Alfa Romeo Junior Z 1600 At A Classic Car Show On You Tube

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