Aluminum Carports Advantages Over Garages

Choosing A Carport

 If you have considered getting a carport, you have probably already done quite a bit of research on what type and style to purchase.  When it comes to getting a carport, you don't just need to think about covering your car, there are plenty of other considerations to pay attention to. Some of these things include cost, design and installation. All of these points are areas where aluminum carports might be the best option for you.

First, will the carport you choose be cost effective? Many people opt not to build a full garage because of the high cost. If you don't need a completely weather-tight and enclosed space, then a carport is an excellent option. Since the material list is so much smaller, obviously the cost will be reduced. In addition to that, the time to construct a carport versus a garage is so much quicker, you will save a big chunk on labour costs. Finally, the base required for a carport can be as easy as installing simple footings for the posts to anchor to, there is no need to dig a foundation or pour cement if you don't want to go to that expense.

Another advantage with carports, and especially aluminum carports, is the wide range of options available when you are choosing a model and style. Because aluminum is such a lightweight material, it is easy to form it to many finishes and textures. The size options are also virtually endless, allowing you to choose from a single to a multi-bay carport, with other options such as part walls, windows, doors, eaves-troughs, etc. Designing a carport that suits your house is much easier that it was before, with the large selection of aluminum carport styles, colors, and trim options.

one more advantage of carports over a garage that people may not consider is the option you have to relocate your carport in the future, either to a different location, or even to a new house if you sell your house and don't want to lose your carport. Or alternatively if you decide that you would prefer to have a garage in the future, you could take down your existing carport and sell it, and still be able to build your garage in the same spot that your carport used to be. The portable nature of aluminum carports make them attractive, not only with respect to the ease that you can transport a carport kit when it is disassembled, but also the relative ease with which you could relocate a carport that you want in another spot, or just want to get rid of.

Even though many people think that they need to build a garage if they want to protect their vehicles from harsh weather, if you want an alternative option you should take a look at aluminum carports. The advantages that carports have over garages might not be enough to convince you it is right for you, but if some of the above items are holding you back from building a garage, then a carport just might be a better choice for you.

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