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Aston Martinis a well known exclusive car company and a race car company based in England in a place call Warwickshire. The company founders are two gentleman called Lionel Martin and Robert Bramford in 1912. Aston Hill climb the famous English speed circuit course derives from the name of the company and has always seen an Aston Martin attend the festival each year since opening.


The company has now recently been sold and is now owned by Ford motor Company a part of General Motors. In 1947 a company named David Brown limited acquired the company and started to develop cars that grew to be famous. David Brown ltd alsopurchasedanother company for a 2.6ltr engine. This was the start of the DB era,Since then the company has jumped from owner to owner due to the financial trouble.

Some of the famous models are the Aston Martin DB2 which was very exclusive and was not sold to anyone but the most prestigious people around and the wealthiest. The DB4 was one of the first cars to feature in the well known James Bond films and was a true beauty to look at. However the car which the most will remember is the DB5 famously featured in the Bond Films with the upgrades the car was made instantly famous. In its day the car was one of the best performance cars of the time. Till this day the car is widely regarded as one of the if not the most beautiful car ever made.

The DB7 was also one of the most famous cars it was internally known as the NPX project and was made from tapping into the resources from Jaguar and it was firmly backed up by the owner of the Aston Martin since 1988 Ford Motor company. The engineering of the car was don in Kidlington by tom Walkinshaw Racing.The car had a lot of incarnations but the most famous was the V12 Vantage which powered by a 6.0ltr V12 which produced a dismal420bhp. It came in a semi auto gear box and asix speed manual as well. The car has a top speed of 186mpg with the manual gearbox and a top speed of 165mph with the automatic gearbox reaching 60 from 0 in 5 seconds.

The best DB performance wise in my opinion is the DB9 which produced 470bh and came with a 6ltr V12 engine.Aston Martin thought the car was such a turn in their performance and so ahead of the DB7 and skipped the 8 and went to name it the DB9. The Coupe cost just over £100,000 the car had a top speed of just under 200mph (10miles shy) and would do 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds.

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Eileen Goodall profile image

Eileen Goodall 5 years ago from Buckinghamshire, England

Is there such a place as Norwickshire?

nooch01 profile image

nooch01 5 years ago Author

No there isn't , apologies that was a typing error.

ArunMalhotra profile image

ArunMalhotra 5 years ago

hi nice post i like it...would you like to tell me ,,,there is any dealer information in india.

nooch01 profile image

nooch01 5 years ago Author

Thanks Arun Not to my knowing , however I know people import them from European dealers for a very low cost

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