Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Tinting the windows of your car has a number of benefits. It will improve your security, reduce harmful UV rays, and add a decorative element to your vehicle. To create tinted car windows, heat rejection films are added to the interior of the window to reduce the amount of UV radiation and infrared light from entering. These films can either be metalized or dyed to convert solar radiation into infrared radiation, which is then rejected back outside of the window. Car window tinting only costs 10%-15% more than a standard car window, but it can significantly reduce energy loss as high as 30% to 50%.

In almost all car windows, security films are also added to keep the glass from shattering. The film is made from heavy gauged plastic, which helps the glass to maintain integrity even after subjected to heavy impact. This is especially important in the event of a car accident where individuals can be seriously wounded through shattering window fragments. Security films for cars are usually tinted and can be as thick as 400 micrometers.

Most window tints can either come in frosted or colored vinyl styles. Tinted windows meant to increase privacy usually use a silvered film, which offers a clear view from the side that has low light by almost no view from the lighted area. This allows the occupants of the car to easily see out but blocks the view for outsiders. Frosted glass usually resembles acid-etched or sandblasted glass, and is also used in a variety of cars. Frosted windows are usually translucent in appearance, so the view is only partially blocked. Privacy films for vehicles come with many different darkness gradients, darker tints are often referred to as “limo tints”.

When choosing window tints for your car, it is important to remember that some countries have laws regarding the level of tinting your car has. Usually these laws are set in place so the tint does not endanger motorists because a heavy window tint can be problematic at night because light visibility is greatly reduced. Police may also need to identify occupants in the car.

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Car Window Tinting 6 years ago

I prefer my car window tinted. And I prefer darker because it reduce the trapped heat inside my car.

Keith 5 years ago

Tinting the windows definitely keeps the car a lot cooler on the inside during the hot summers. If you have an expensive sound system or other high dollar valuables inside the car, its a great security feature. Thieves are less likely to see anything they want to steal and will skip your vehicle. It also looks great too!

Will Tem 4 years ago

I think better than window tint is security film. I used A.C.E Security Laminates on my car and im really happy

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