Start a Mobile Oil Change Business: Low Equipment Costs

Start a Mobile Oil Change Business

The mobile oil change concept is a rapidly growing industry and a great investment opportunity for those who wish to own their own business. Time Saver offers state-of-the-art equipment designed to cut your service time to fifteen minutes per vehicle. All equipment carry's a two-year warranty. The two-way evacuation system allows the lube tech to evacuate the motor oil through the dipstick tube, change the transmission and differential fluids. This same system will discharge your waste oil from your waste oil tank. Only the best will do.

Timesaver has sold hundreds of units to independent operators across the country and internationally, providing a wealth of knowledge from years of experience. Timesaver provides marketing materials, logistical, and technical support to insure the success of our customers. Below are some of the many benefits of starting your own mobile oil change business.

Benefits of the Mobile Oil Change Business

Low Start Up Costs- First and last month's rent, leasehold improvements including lifts, tools, equipment, and insurance could cost you an arm and a leg. It could take years for the company to start making a profit when opening a traditional service shop. Time Saver offers several different versions of the mobile oil change unit for a fraction of the cost. Also, Time Saver is not a franchise so you avoid royalty fees and protective territory fees.

Repeat Customers- Customers value convenience. What is more convenient than sitting in your own home while the oil change comes to you? Commercial accounts are also very valuable in the mobile oil change industry. You can acquire contracts with local businesses to service their fleets on a regular basis.

Make Your Own Schedule- With the mobile oil change business, you are in charge. You can choose to start full-time or part-time. You can offer evening and weekend services or stick with the typical 9-5 hours. The decision is yours.

No Experience Necessary- When you purchase your equipment from Time Saver, you have the option to participate in two free days of field training. They cover services for cars and light and heavy-duty trucks. You will also receive manuals and information about each component used in the vehicle.

Customization- You have the option to customize your package to fit your needs. You may desire a larger air compressor or capacity to carry more motor oil. Time Saver can easily build a system to fit your needs.


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Mobile Oil Change Business 6 years ago

Forget about the individual customers. Why would you waste time on one person doing an oil change and maybe netting $20. Waste of time. You could do a fleet with 10 diesel trucks and net $800 in four hours.


cblack profile image

cblack 6 years ago from a beach somewhere Author

Very true Wesley. Business accounts with multiple vehicles are a quick money maker.

jummadgfjhk 5 years ago

And for my other old cell phones, I donate them to soldiers overseas through the Cell Phones for Soldiers program -

Anita 5 years ago

Would it be possible to offer oil change coupons to customers to entice them to sign up for the business?

cblack profile image

cblack 5 years ago from a beach somewhere Author

Of course Anita. If you go with a company like Timesaver then you are buying the equipment and not a franchise. The beauty of not buying into a franchise is that you can market and do business however you want.

Americas Best 4 years ago

Get 8 Full Service Oil Changes . . .Only $59 on Groupon

H.Douglas 5 months ago

i would like to start a mobile oil change business. Where can I purchase a new or used vehicle that is already equipped to start business.

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