Best ATV Mud Tires For Four Wheeling Enthusiasts


There are tons of ATV mud tires out there to choose from.  As an active rider since back in the day of three wheelers, I have tested and used just about every brand and type you can imagine.  As my kids follow in my tracks, they have compiled their favorites as well.  While there are hundreds of different ATV mud tires you could put on your four wheeler, you may want to stick with these manufacturers.  If you have a differing opinion, leave a comment.  Here’s my list of favorites in random order, along with some info about each one.

Maxxis Mudzilla:  These ATV mud tires have a super deep and really aggressive tread pattern that works great in the slop.  They command a fairly high price, but are worth every penny.  You can push the muck and go through just about anything with them.  At low speeds, on flat pavement, Maxxis Mudzillas are quite bouncy, as the deep treads cause four wheelers to vibrate and shake a bit at very low speeds.  This is common with many ATV mud tires, and is usually is eliminated at speeds of over 15 MPH.  Maxxis should be high on your list, but they won’t come cheap.

Kenda Executioner:  The tread on these ATV mud tires is about two inches deep.   These are my personal favorite, and many four wheeler enthusiasts will agree.  Dirt and muck will fly as you hit the holes with them.  They are pretty aggressive and can make your four wheeler a slop happy machine.  You will pay for Kenda Executioner wheels, but you can find them as blems if you keep your eyes open.

ITP Mud-Lite XTR Radical:  These types of ATV tires are possibly the most popular.  The tread design is not quite as aggressive and deep as those already mentioned, but they perform quite well.  Most riders find them to be quite versatile, working well in the slop and on groomed trails.  You will not get nearly as much vibration with these at lower speeds as you will with some others.  ITP did a great job with these ATV mud tires.  Like Kenda four wheeler wheels, you can find ITP sold as blemished if you keep your eyes open.

Carlisle Mud Wolf:  Carlisle has ATV tires that appeal to the masses.  While the tread is not nearly as aggressive with these wheels by Carlisle, they are still quite versatile.  The shallow tread makes for smoother ride on groomed trails, but will still tackle a fair amount of muck.  These are not nearly as specialized as many of the others on this list, but still perform well in a number of applications.  They are great ATV mud tires.

GBC Gator:  These are slingers.  These ATV mud tires will make the dirt fly.  The highly aggressive tread is great for mucky, messy, greasy spots on the trail.  If you get stuck with these on your four wheeler, you’re riding somewhere you shouldn’t.  Best of all, if you keep your eyes open, you can pick these up for a decent price.  They are quality ATV mud tires, but are priced pretty cheap, relatively speaking.

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