Best Methods to Keep Your Car Interior Clean and Hygienic

Tips to Keep Your Car Hygienic

Following are some tips to provide a good smell to the interior of your car.

Some cars look very neat and tidy when viewed from outside. But when got into it the bad smell may be unbearable. There is nothing else needed to make the journey tiresome. Just take a bit of care while cleaning the interior of the car, so that you can say goodbye to this bad smell for ever. Here are some methods for it.

Give More Importance to Neatness

Air fresheners are now available even for cars, which would give it a pleasant smell. But it will work only in a clean car. But for other cars the bad smell will surpass its pleasant smell. Basically the car has to be kept clean. There must not be any dust or dirt under seats or luggage space. Soft and wide painting brushes can be used to clean the dust. If you have a vacuum cleaner removing the dirt will become more easy and successful.

Special care must be taken while selecting air fresheners. The cheap ones may cause allergies. Always avoid the severe smelling fresheners.

There are many other methods to provide a good smell to your car without wasting money for air fresheners. Buy your favorite soap. Remove a bit of its cover and then keep it inside your car. It will provide a refreshing smell to the interior.

Free From Mud

Moisture is the reason for the mud smell within the car. So always keep the interior of the car free from moisture. Keep the window glasses open for many hours on a sunny day. This will help to keep away the moisture as well as the mould smell caused due to it. Don’t allow the drain hole plugs at the floor board to be blocked with dirt. It must be kept open to allow the water to flow out. If not given proper attention the water may lead to rust and mould smell to the car.

Keep the luggage space clean. Fruits or any other food items bought and kept in it may fall there and cause a rotten smell.

Avoid Bad Smell Due to Milk

Special care must be taken to clean the car after a journey or long trip with children. Food items may have fallen here and there in the car. These will not only cause a bad smell but also allows cockroaches, ants and even rats inside the car. If milk has fallen on the carpet don’t delay to take it outside, wash and dry it up. If milk falls on the seat, first rub it well using a tissue paper. After that rub it with a towel dipped in shampoo water. Later a towel dipped in water should be used to remove the shampoo completely. Use a hair drier to dry the wet portion.

If still the smell of milk remains the best thing to use is baking soda. Spread the baking soda over it, and after a few hours remove it completely using a vacuum cleaner. There won’t be any more bad smell. Before using baking soda, take a small amount of it and check it on a small portion so that there is no color change.

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How Get Rid of The Cigarette Smell

Try to avoid smoking within the car. Its smell will remain in the upholstery and other parts. It may also lead to blackening due to smoke. Some may smoke after returning from a cocktail party or any other function. In such situations there are methods to remove the smell of cigarette. First remove the cigarette ashes using a vacuum cleaner and clean your car. It’s better to wash the parts including carpet. Take a small bowl of vinegar and dip a small towel into it and keep it inside the car for one night. The smell will be removed to a great extend. Use more than one bowls in big cars.

Lemon is another remedy to this problem. Cut lemon into small pieces and put them inside the car. There won’t be any more smell.

AC is the cause of bad smell in some cars. It happens as a result of the dirt and water got accumulated at the evaporator of the AC. This problem can be solved by cleaning the AC system at least once in a year. If you feel a faint bad smell from the air of the AC vent, keep open the window glasses. Put the heater at full mode and allow it to work for about five minutes.

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