Best buy cars in 6 lakhs INR - Punto Fabia Jazz i20 or Swift

Fiat Grande Punto versus Skoda Fabia

To start with, Fiat Grande Punto and Skoda Fabia fall into two different segments. If you are concerned about your budget and need a frills-free car, it makes sense to buy a Punto. Punto is very well modeled car with smooth curves all over its body. I test drive a Punto with multijet engine and it is an awesome engine with superb fuel efficiency (though a little lacking in torque). This car is totally maintenance free one. The price of Punto is between 399,552 and 611,590 INR ex-showroom in New Delhi, India.

On the other hand, Fabia is a little more expensive. Both the cars are very spacy. In Europe, Fiat is considered as a most prestigious brand than Skoda, while it is the other way round in India. Both cars are equally good, but Grande Punto is amongst the top 10 selling cars in Europe, while Fabia does not feature in this list. Overall, if you are concerned about the budget and need a minimum maintenance car, go for Punto because maintenance cost of Punto is lower than Fabia.

Fiat Grande Punto
Fiat Grande Punto
Fiat Grande Punto Sports
Fiat Grande Punto Sports
Black Skoda Fabia Rear
Black Skoda Fabia Rear
Pink Honda Jazz
Pink Honda Jazz
Yellow modified Maruti Swift
Yellow modified Maruti Swift

Fiat Grande Punto is derived from Fiat Linea just like Skoda Fabia is derived from Skoda Octavia. The build quality of both these cars are exceptional. With the coming of Honda Jazz and VW Polo, the car market has got a lot of interesting choices.

Fiat Grande Punto is superb, especially handling. No need to mention about the engine and for its price, it offers a lot. The only problem is that sound insulation could have been better. The same problem is with Linea also. Swift has a turbocharger and all new engines coming in 2009 are from the same family which vary only in naming multijet, quadrajet, DDIS etc. with little modification in torque. Each one has its own advantage. The only competitor to Grande Punto is Hyundai i20 diesel, but in terms of handling and reliability Fiat is far ahead but the only problem still persisting is service.

Features of Skoda Fabia

1. The design is fantastic.

2. The leg room and boot space is more than that provided with most of the sedan cars in the same price range.

3. It gives you a mileage of 20 kilometers per liter.

4. Skoda Fabia has good pickup and the ease of driving is great.

5. All the controls in the car are electronic, even in the base models - rear view mirror, seats, and everything.

Skoda Fabia Petrol

The petrol pricing seems very fine, but Skoda has priced the diesel variants a bit too high, charging a premium of 1 lakh over its petrol variant is not justified, when we all know that Skoda does not charge any premium on its other cars, i.e. Octavia, both the petrol and diesel versions are almost equally priced. Skoda has adopted this practice of charging a premium for diesel engines, which most of the other car manufacturers in India are already doing.

Overall, Fabia is still a gem. The quality of the interiors and the legroom is definitely much superior than its elder sister Octavia. The engine is very refined although a bit noisy like Laura because of carrying the same PD technology. The ride quality is absolutely fantastic and this car is a lot of fun to drive. The performance of the engine is just about adequate and cannot be compared to Swift Diesel or Verna Diesel.

Price is not a big letdown factor for Skoda Fabia now, as Skoda has reduced the prices for its various models:

Price of Skoda Fabia in Delhi

  • 1.2 Active Skoda Fabia Price in Delhi – 5,02,600/- INR
  • 1.2 Classic Skoda Fabia Price in Delhi – 5,38,300/- INR
  • 1.2 Ambiente Skoda Fabia Price in Delhi – 5,97,900/- INR
  • 1.4 Tdi Classic Skoda Fabia Price in Delhi – 6,37,700/- INR
  • 1.4 Mpi Elegance Skoda Fabia Price in Delhi – 6,99,700/- INR

Price of Skoda Fabia in Mumbai

  • 1.2 Active Skoda Fabia Price in Mumbai – 5,11,400/- INR
  • 1.2 Classic Skoda Fabia Price in Mumbai – 5,48,100/- INR
  • 1.2 Ambiente Skoda Fabia Price in Mumbai – 6,09,500 /- INR
  • 1.4 Tdi Classic Skoda Fabia Price in Mumbai – 6,50,400/- INR
  • 1.4 Mpi Elegance Skoda Fabia Price in Mumbai – 7,32,400/- INR

Skoda Fabia Price in Chennai

  • 1.2 Active Skoda Fabia Price in Chennai - 5,05,500/- INR
  • 1.2 Classic Skoda Fabia Price in Chennai - 5,41,619/- INR
  • 1.2 Ambiente Skoda Fabia Price in Chennai - 6,01,800/- INR
  • 1.4 Tdi Classic Skoda Fabia Price in Chennai - 6,41,900/- INR
  • 1.4 Mpi Elegance Skoda Fabia Price in Chennai - 7,04,500/- INR

The price is not a big letdown for Skoda Fabia now as it ideally has been priced between 5 to 7. When you compare the active/classic and Ambiente model, the features are below par as compared to the Honda City or the Maruti SX4 and even with Maruti Swift if you consider the GXi model. When it comes to similar features with similar price, the size of the car automatically comes into picture. One would rather go for a sedan than a hatchback. Skoda is a great brand I agree but Skoda has failed to understand the psyche of Indians and priced its base model way higher than it should have been. Ideally, it should have been a notch higher than the Gxi or Vdi model of Swift.

Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift is a good car, but as we all agree, the build quality is really poor. It is good to see new cars being launched in this segment, which are addressing this issue. People who can shell out a little more would opt for the new cars than the Swift.

So it depends on you what you are looking for in a car. You can buy any of above-mentioned cars in budget of 6 lakhs but at last if I had been on your side, I would have gone for the lovely and royal Fiat Grande Punto instead of Skoda Fabia, Honda Jazz, Hyundai i20, or Maruti Swift in this budget.

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london_guide profile image

london_guide 7 years ago from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Very nice. Yes, I agree that Grande Punto is amongst the top 10 selling cars in Europe.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Of course you are right friend.

MM 7 years ago

Great review and I absolutely agree with you, considering the price, no other car can beat Grande Punto.....

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes MM. Fiat Grande Punto is the BEST in this price range.

Bhati 7 years ago

It appears from reviews of the Fiat multijet engines most of the chairborne reviewers are getting carried away by the 1300 cc displacement being too little, least appreciating the fact that a body of auto experts from Europe and rest of the world have adjudged this engine as the best under 1.4 L category. Moreover it is a revolutionary product which delivers much more than conventional engines.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes, I totally agree with you Bhati. It is indeed a revolutionary product..

Sudhir 7 years ago

Hi Soni,

I have something important to discuss with you.

Could you email me at walkin . india at gmail . com

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Definitely I will do it today but can you give me a hint what it is about??

Sudhir 7 years ago

I am very much impressed with your content and want to discuss some work assignment with you.

You can add me on Gtalk and we can discuss it over there or you can email me.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot Sudhir. I will do the same today.

Sudhir 7 years ago

No Reply from your side.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Sorry for the delay. I was actually busy yesterday.

B S Chana 6 years ago

the portal does not seem to be updated for quite sometime now as prices quoted by Ludhiana dealer are(26 Feb 10) Rs.5.45,6.21 & 6.66 lacs respectively for FABIA- classic,ambient & elegance. On the contrary,U have shown it in the range 6.48-7.8 lacs.

pl. comment.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yeah, you are right Mr. B S Chana. I was too busy for some time. I will definitely update this hub.

Feedbacks help us in improving and updating. Thanks for the feedback.

Rajiv Issar 6 years ago

This is a nice review of Indian cars in 6 lakhs segment.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you so much Rajiv for your visit and feedback.

Vikram 6 years ago

Which is the best diesel car in india below 6 lakh rupees in india, these days. Pls reply.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Vikram, read this recent post in my blog to know that:

Ajay 6 years ago

I am interested in buying Fiat Grande Punto Petrol 1.2l version. But I am getting very negative feedback about its fuel efficiency. I am new to cars, can you please tell me how much mileage punto 1.2l petrol is giving in city (delhi) and in comparison of other cars like swift and Ritz its a good deal or not.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Ajay, I recently published a review regarding buying Fiat Grand Punto or not, so here is the link to my review,

Ajay 6 years ago

Hello Rajinder, Thanks a lot for your quick reply. But that article does not talk anything about mileage of punto (petrol or diesel).

Second thing is that Polo is no-where in my list. If I dont buy a punto I will buy Ritz (ugly but that's the only meaningful choice). So if you can find any information about fuel efficiency of punto, please share it with readers.

Thanks again for your nice articles.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Sure I will definitely do that. Thanks for the compliments Ajay.

greg 6 years ago

hi thr..

i get all punto active disel.. which much beter thn polo trendline??? getting confuse... which 1n to buy???/

kako 6 years ago

I am planning to buy a car with a budget of 5-6 lakh. I will be driving daily (40km one side)from Delhi to Gurgaon. I have shortlisted 4 cars and m confused :

1.Maruti Swift Dzire VDI

2.Hyundai i20 Era/Magna Diesel

3.Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 Emotion (Diesel)

4.Tata Manza Aura Quadrajet BS IV

features wise Fiat seems the best bet.For ur information, I am a fresher ie. I will be learning driving before I buy and initially keep a driver till I am confident.

I shall be grateful if u can advice me which car is the best bet for me. Being lady I would like a hassle free car with lot of comforts :))



kako 6 years ago

to my above mail, I would like to add that I might have to drive my car sometimes on bumpy roads like in Govardhan and Uttarkashi.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Kako, according to your requirements, i can estimate that your car will run on an average 3000 kms per month. According to me, Maruti Swift Dzire VDI is the best option for you. I have driven my cousin's Dzire a lot of times and also taken it to bumpy roads of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. You know the way to UP from Delhi is so bumpy but I have not experienced any problem at all, nor my cousin has experienced any. The most important point is that Swift Dzire comes with the trusted seal of Maruti company having a large number of service centers around India in different cities, states, and even villages. I guarantee you that you will not be able to find Fiat service centers in many places but you will find Hyundai and Tata service centers in some places but Maruti you can get your car treated anywhere. Most car doctors (mechanics) know about how to repair Maruti at least in India. Also, Maruti spare parts are easily available across Indian cities and are cheap than that of Hyundai, Tata, and Fiat.

So just leave everything and go for Maruti Swift Dzire VDI. It's a diesel car which will also give you great mileage and hassle free drive.

kako 6 years ago

thanx a lot Soni for removing my confusion. but i have one more question. People say that for new learners Maruti Dzire is a difficult car to drive and it so ??



soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Kako, no not at all. Swift Dzire is a great car to drive. It's easy and smooth to handle. Parking is also not a problem at all. You can also read my extended review of Dzire Vxi comparison with i20 here

Also, as you are a learner, this hub will be really beneficial for you, here you go: How to drive a standard transmission car? Step by Step

Via this hub, you will learn every part of driving a stick car. best of luck Kako, nice name though. Where do you put up in Delhi? My contact:

kako 6 years ago

thanx a lot....u r most kind. I pray to God that u get the best in life and remain GOOD...;-))

I will give u my feedback when I buy my car !! thanx for ur wishes !!


kako 6 years ago

sorry to bother u. well, question again !! the dzire vdi does not come with ABS and zdi will cost me more than 7. people seem to be praising manza a lot (i believe it has lot to do with the comfort level especially in the rear seat).

check this :


what do u say....((-:

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Kako, I have checked out your comparison of 4 cars and I think Tata Manza Aura (ABS) Quadrajet BS IV Diesel is the best option for you if you need ABS and more mileage, but one thing I would like to share with you and it is that Manza is a new release and Dzire is the tried and tested one. Now it's your choice.

kako 6 years ago

hmmm....thanx....thanx a lot for ur time !! lets see what I eventually buy.... ur Brain must have become very agile after answering our queries..!!;-))

Take care...:-))

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot Kako. No problem at all.

sagar shetty 6 years ago

Hi i'm planning to buy a ford figo 1.2 petrol. but little worried abut the average part, since the figo would only give me about 12 in city driving, whtz the best option in dis categeroy,which 1 u would go with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pankaj Sharma 6 years ago

Hi Soni, Appreciate how you quickly resposne to queries. Actually I want to buy a car - My daily running is around 65 kilometer from Faridabad to Gurgaon. My range is from 4.5 to 5.5 lacs. Please advice.

khushi 6 years ago


I ma planning to buy a car that ranges between 4-5 lac. I am a girl and would like something stylish. However, my husband is more concerned with the mileage and everything. please suggest a car that benefits both.

The car should be the petrol version.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Sagar Shetty, Ford Figo is rocking Indian roads. You can go ahead as planned.

@Pankaj Sharma, for you, I suggest Swift Vdi K series. Good mileage.

@Khushi, go ahead with New Swift Vxi k series - Petrol version.

Rahul 6 years ago


I am planning to but a hatchback (petrol version) soon.I am very impressed with the looks of the Fiat Grande Punto and have heard a lot about its road presence and great suspension and in-car features.Iam planning to buy the 1.4 emotion pack.

Would you pls tell me if that would be a good buy?

Kalyan 6 years ago

I have purchased Grande Punto Petrol 1.2 emotion .. its realluy awesome. Though you don't find many cars on the roads.. still i feel it as the best car when campared to fabia, Swift and polo.. A very comfortable drive and good mileage.. over all its has got the best sytle in its range of cars.

Anuj  6 years ago

Hi All

I am planning to bye a car around 6 lac so what is better in swift dezire , i20 and indigo cs e series.

I am thinking for Indigo CS e series.Plz

raghu 6 years ago

I am buying car for myself for the first time. So far I have been driving Zen & 800. Since these were entry level cars I was not much concentrating on ride quality & other stuffs. Good milage was all my concern. Now I have took TD of Punto Emotion Pack & Swift VDI.

Can you please suggest which car should I buy.. I would prefer to buy Punto Dynamic or Swift VDI.. these are my choices.

My usage & requirement :

1)2000 km /month 50% highway

2)5 member in my family

3)Hassel free vehicle

4)Car will be retained for about 5 - 7 years

5)Good milage

dasarath-patel 6 years ago

punto is best car an india.

Santosh 6 years ago

Hi sir, I am planning to buy a car. My budget is 5 to 6 lakhs. I want to drive only 20 to 30 kms per day in city. I would like to know the diesel models with good average and spacious car.

sathish 6 years ago

Dear Soni,

plz tell in the below cars which is suit for free maintenance and for rural area..

sathish 6 years ago

Dear Soni,

plz tell in the below cars which is suit for free maintenance and for rural area..




4. any (diesel) other plz mention

Narayan 6 years ago

i want to buy car. budget 4 lacs. tell me which one to buy. good family car 5 people should fit. should buy petrol or diesel.

nitin 6 years ago

the swift is the superb car its very nice

Debankur 5 years ago

I want to buy a car within 6 lacs,can u suggest me the best car?

dr sadanand teli 5 years ago

hi sir i want to buy a car upto 5 sugest me best car.....sugest petrol /disel.....running 1200 km /month

.........look should be impressive.....

profile image

deepaksupugade 5 years ago

Dr. Sadanand Teli.... if i am not mistaken you are the one whose mobile number I am using. I am deepak..... can you give me you e-mail ID..... my ID is

GAGAN 5 years ago

i searched a little bit and got volkswagen polo is the best of them all.but as i m a sikh there is a problem, the car is uncomfortable for me as my head touches the roof so please suggest me the best car within 6 lakhs.

MAHESH 5 years ago

i m going to buy a first and new car within 6-7 lakhs can any one suggest me which is best and i also want interior and all required features

Rajeev jain 5 years ago

With the recent price cut of jazz to 5.54/5.79, is it a good buy for a travel of 2000km/month, a car to be kept for 5 yrs, car which is extremely comfortable to drive, with 4 family members. My two shortlists are Jazz select (which is with all safety features/alloy wheels/music system) or New swift VDi (5.6 lakhs) diesel but no safety features etc.

Kindly suggest.


Rajeev JAin

Anmol 5 years ago

Dear Soni, please help me choose between VW Polo 1.6 and Hyundai i20? I need it for travelling in the city conditions, and am looking for comfortability, fuel efficiency and smooth driving. I like the polo 1.6 but am concerned with the narrow leg space that people are complaining of. Is it really that uncomfortable? (my family members arent that tall, at the most 5’ 7”). please reply a.s.a.p. I would be very thankful. best regards: anmol

Atul 5 years ago

Can you please suggest which car should I buy..

I have budget of 6-7 lacs.

I like Honda Jazz, but confused if go for Petrol or Diesel engine.

My usage & requirement :

1)1200 km /month

2)4 member in my family

3)Hassel free vehicle

4)Car will be retained for about 5 years

5)Good milage

neelanjana 5 years ago

uhm hey what's the price of it in kolkata?

shanu 5 years ago

Can you please suggest which car should I buy..

I have budget of 6-7 lacs.

I like Honda Jazz, but confused if go for Petrol or Diesel engine (fiat punto).

My usage & requirement :

1)2000 km /month

2)4 member in my family

3)Hassel free vehicle

4)Car will be retained for about 5 years

5)Good milage

arif jamal 5 years ago

yes i agree wid u

sashank 5 years ago

hi soni,

I would like to buy a new car which costs below 6 lakhs. I use the car very rarely around 400km/month. I need a petrol fuel efficient car. which car would you suggest??

SATUU 5 years ago

Swift is the best among all other cars.

Raj Malhotra 5 years ago

Hii friends,

I am going to buy a car around 5-6 lacs hatchback. I have just 2-3 days to finalize it.

I want a petrol car, 30kms/day and it would be only city driving.

The car should be spacious and fuel efficient with luxurious looks.

I want good in driving, long lasting and good re-sale value.

I guess I have stated all points which is difficult to get in 1 car but still want to have it.

I have zeroed on POLO Petrol Comfortline.

Is it a good buy..?? worth buying..??

Please advise.. thanks..

alok 5 years ago

plesae sugess me best car in tis time milage for my field work in diesel ver.

my e maiil address,,

mooshy 5 years ago

sony, pls tell me which diesel car is best under 6 lac budget?..and i would like to use it for 8 yrs, if im alive for 8

Anit 5 years ago

Hi I awnt to know which is the best car on diesel in ford,maruti,and fiat company

Ahamad 5 years ago

syou seldom state mileage

suraj 5 years ago


Vibhore Gupta 5 years ago

Hi soni, I m interested in buying a car with in a range of say 5 lakhs at the max,Please help me in getting the best 4 wheeler under this price range.

PANKAJ KUMAR 5 years ago

HI, i want to purchase a new car new Maruti swift(vxi

)or swift dzire (vxi) my budget 5 to 6 lac and monthly runnig 300 km.i am very confuse which one of the best for me please suggest me(also parking problem details). thank u.

kunal srivastava 5 years ago

i20 magna or punto emotion...?????????plzz suggst...need to travel only 25km a day.......

dockish 5 years ago


hi I ve been driving Punto Em Pk 1.3 76 bhp for last 10 months, clocked 25k, I did ve a lot of confusion when I got my car. I went with wat my heart said, am really glad tat punto was my decision. will gv u my frank feedback.....

pros- great looks (no comparision), great ride quality (takes bad roads comfortably), stable in high speeds (i often drive 150+ its rock solid), efficent and reliable braking, excellent road grip (i do turn at 80+ speed- not a moment I feel out of control), decent mileage ( 15-16 in city, 19-20 in highways- it depends a lot on hw one drives), decent leg room in front and back, excellent DIS (driver info system- though latest models of all brands ve incorporated this), its damn tough car this is most important for me......i feel safe to let my family travel in highways( I did get minor hits twic...e, I can surely tell u guys tat any other same segment cars would ve been bad- I got away with minor scratches and a very small dent), great bosh music system, fully loaded (just got tinted glasses, coulple of extra rare speakers -actually not needed and mud flaps and matting), can even manage 4th gear at 30kmph (decreases trouble of frequent shift of gears in city trafic).

so far no maintance, 2nd service costed me 4k (1st was free).

cons- seats not that comfy (thigh support lacking), noise of engine after 3500 rpm (can live with it because the music system controls volume according to cabin noise), late clicking of turbo (turbo lag) a tag slow to start with but once it picks up it rolls like a train, initially had probs with th AC (was rectified at 1st service filters clogged), keep a check on wheel alignment, doubtful resale value.

this is my 3rd car at home, will vote of this great italian beauty any day.

take my word people... fiat is doing everything possible to improve their ASS (even sends mechanics for check ups), after each service I get ffedback calls from local dealer as well as from the company head office (my greavences are promptly adressed.

i do agree tat mileage, price, ASS are very important.... are we forgetting safety (the day someother car bumped into ours from behind, my driver was there with my family, this car took the impact without much damage- it has earned all my respect along with admiration).

ppl in metros surely this is a car u will ve to seriously think about. u will never repent after u buy this car.

R Nesamani 5 years ago

Hi Dockish, Nice review.

I also want to buy a car within 7 lakhs on road budget.

My present running is low. So i have shortlisted petrol cars like Punto, Verito, Ford fiesta classic.

But i feel sometimes that, if i buy petrol car now, i may think too much for travelling during each time. As running cost is veryy high with petrol.

So i have one more idea like buying diesel car like Verito D4 or Punto .

Shall u tell me which should i do now...?

I m newly married and in good job, car is given by company for official travels.

sarada 5 years ago

we are planning to take the car within 5-6 lakhs onroad price.i am very much excited because the first car we are taking, no knowledge about cars, confused with petrol\diesel versions, safety, milage and maintainance. i know there is no such specific car, and in every car there are some advantages and disadvantages also. but we have to come to one conclusion, which is to buy.i read many reviews in the selection of car those made more mess in my mind. please suggest me a car within my budget.

cheryl sangma 5 years ago

hi.... i'm from meghalaya. i was planning on buying my first car within the range of 5-6 lakhs... which car would you suggest to be economic and efficient for a hilly place as mine?

jeetu 5 years ago

can u sugest a good diesel car in the range of 5 to 7 lacs...

manmeet 5 years ago

thnx buddy 4a nice suggestion.

Navi 5 years ago

Can Any1 suggest a gud diesel car Range of 5-6 lakh ..i plnned to buy a Wolkswage Polo

R . PRAMOD 5 years ago

Indan car for six person. Small in shape from outside but much specious in side.Diesel version ,easy to maintain. Large ground clearence fit to Indian roads, lass in width, larger in length fit to Indian isngle lane roads. Indian make. This type of car I would like to buy on one foot.

shanker 5 years ago

what is the model of skoda black is it available. pls respond

pradeep sinha 4 years ago

Hi, I'm residing navi mumbai and wants to buy a car in 5-6 lakh.

My usage & requirement :

1)500 km / month (in city only)

2)4 member (two children) in my family

3)Hassel free vehicle

4)Car will be retained for about 5-7 years

5)Good milage

Consider - Brio, Swift, i20, Polo

Please advice.

praval jat 4 years ago

Hi sir, I want to purchase my first car (diesel), between 6 lacks to 7 lacks..but should be swift or any other..which is gud option and why..please help me id is

Rameshwae 4 years ago

For first car (diesel), between 6 lacks to 7 the best is Maruti Swift

carwale 4 years ago

nice car but not good as punto

santhanam 4 years ago

i'm living at Ghaziabad. commutation is inter state Delhi-Ghaziabad around 1800 km per month, presently using Santro CNG and planning to upgrade it soon,

CNG prices was earlier cheapest and most economical here, but now it is almost equivalent to diesel prices. (only 3 rupees less). if i change my CNG car, should i stick to this fuel or go for diesel --the one and only consideration is cheap running and less expenses in long run. (on account of initial investment, depreciation, maintenance cost on account of fuel etc. etc.) resale value is not a consideration since i'm planning or dreaming to keep the next car for 10 years!!! (hope it is possible if i keep it well).

SX4 CNG or Punto diesel are my considerations. SX4 being a sedan after CNG kit also there is space in boot and among the company fitted CNG sedans available (Aveo, Accent and SX4) this seems to the best.

Punto on the otherhand is pleasure to drive, offers good driving and ride comfort and available in diesel. plus i'm fond of Fiat (despite bad After Sales Services A.S.S.C.) top version Punto emotion will cost me around 50k less than SX4 CNG. the difference in monthly fuel cost of CNG and diesel will be offset here. (SX4 running in CNG will cost me around 2.5 rupees per kilo meter (inclusive of daily 5 km in petrol--occasional outstation trips where Petrol only will be available etc) and Punto in diesel if delivers 14 km per litre will cost me 3 rupees per kilo meter).

i'm in little bit of confusion pl give an advice between the two .

Susheel 4 years ago

Hi santhanam,

Co incidenatlly i am also from Ghaziabad.

You should straight way got for Punto because of diesel factor and great looking car with all the features and driving pleasure.

I am probably getting the delivery of this car on 23rd of this month from Him motors Patparganj.

I have booked emotion diesel.

I have researched a lot (Although not compared With SX4)Punto seems to be the choicew

Santhanam 4 years ago

what does Soniji wants to say, which among the two Punto diesel and SX4 CNG will last more, say for 10 years, if i keep it well maintained. which will give me less pain (back pain in long run is a problem now) if i drive myself or sit in front passenger seat while my wife drives and finally whether Fiat services is reliable or is SX4 better because of Maruti service.

Manisha Nikam 4 years ago

can u sugest a good diesel car in the range of 5 to 6 lacs..

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