High Energy Parts Washers for Rebuilding

Figure 1
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 3
Figure 4 (Kemac FL60108)
Figure 4 (Kemac FL60108)

Parts Washers Can Be Big, Tall and Powerful

When it come to large or over-sized parts, cleaning sometimes requires a larger than normal washer to accommodate the pieces. The key to selecting a large capacity washer is to first determine the frequency that extra large pieces will have to be cleaned. If a high percentage of the parts to be cleaned are normally-sized, you may want buy a parts cleaner built for these parts and use an alternate method for the occasional over-sized part. (See Figure 1)

High Energy Cleaning

Re-builders often want to strip paint and carbon as close to bear metal as possible. This requires maintaining heat and sustained pressure. Recently a municipal transit company who needed to quickly clean large parts with heavy build-up of contaminates. For this application I teamed up with KEMAC, a line which I was instrumental in founding early in my career in this industry. We fitted a 75-horse power pump delivering 190 psi at 200 GPM into a washer with a 72-inch, six thousand pound capacity turntable (Figure 2). This proved to be the right choice.

To clean an extra long aircraft body part, we built a washer with a 102-inch working height. But shipping it economically was going to be a problem as a double-drop trailer going to the state of Maine was prohibitive. We created it to go in a horizontal position and the shipping cost was reasonable (Figure 3).

Super Duty Required

KEMAC provided this double-door model for an off-road equipment dealer who wanted to clean complete rear members and larger engine blocks (Figure 4). Quality Systems will build a parts washer to fit your specific needs and size, with few limitations to the size and capacity. Due to my experience in the industry I have relationships that can fill the gaps if it is not in our line. Please visit our website for answers to your cleaning questions or for more information.

See one in action http://vimeo.com/9406911 http://vimeo.com/9409905


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