Boom Trucks

Boom trucks are large trucks with a long mechanical arm or boom that can be
made to function similarly to a human arm. This arm has a shoulder, an elbow
and in the place of the palm, there are a couple of different options. The most
suitable option depends on what the truck is needed for. Boom trucks
are used in a number of industries. Their primary advantage lies in the fact that
they can reach places with the boom that are otherwise inaccessible
for various reasons.

Bucket Boom Trucks

These are the most common type of boom trucks. They have a bucket at the end of
the boom. Such boom trucks are also called cherry pickers. These trucks can be
put to use in rescue missions or to transport a person to a particular height
and place to fix or fetch something. These trucks come with various lifting
capacities, ranging from about 400 pounds to 1500 pounds. There are different
models available depending on the length of the boom as well.

Some trucks come with very large buckets in order to carry more people at a
time. This proves helpful in emergencies when many people need to be rescued
in a short amount of time.  In some situations, the capacity
of the truck can affect how many casualties result from the emergency.

Truck Cranes

Other popular kinds of boom trucks that are commonly used in factories and
construction activities are the heavy equipment boom trucks or truck cranes.
As the name suggests, these have a crane at the end instead of a bucket. This
truck crane can be used to lift extremely heavy items and to place it on the
bed of the truck in order to be transported to some other place. The lifting
capacity of these trucks is much higher than the bucket boom trucks. It ranges
from about 5 to 50 tons. These trucks also come in a variety of boom lengths.

Concrete Boom Trucks

These are special types of construction trucks. They are not used to lift
anything. Instead, they have a nozzle and pipe as the ‘palm’ that is used for
pumping concrete at places where human access is difficult or time consuming.
In these trucks, the range of access of the boom is the only factor to
consider. The largest concrete boom trucks can reach heights of up to 250 feet.


Due to their large range of applications, boom trucks are always in demand.
This means there is tough competition between companies and that good deals are
available.  Different boom trucks are made for a particular kind of utility.

Before selecting which model to purchase, consider first your requirements,
since different boom trucks are made for specific functions.   Make sure the
length and the lifting capacity that you select are slightly higher than what
you actually require. This could be helpful when there is some heavier work
that needs to be performed that you did not predict.


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