American Sportworks Brister's Chuck Wagon Accessories

American Sportworks Brister's Chuck Wagon Tractor Supply Trailwagon

UTV Cab Enclosures & UTV Accessories for American Sportworks / Brister's Chuck Wagon

Chuck Wagon CW11 Technical Specifications

Honda OHV GX340 4-Stroke Industrial Series Engine

340cc, 11hp, 17.5 (ft.-lb.) @ 2500 rpm

12V Electric Start w/Recoil Backup.

Automatic Low Oil Shut Off

Dana/Spicer Rear Transaxle

Oil Filled Gear Box w/ Locking Differential

Rear 6.25" Drum Brakes

5.0 Gallon Fuel Tank

Speed 20 MPH

Double "A" Arm Front Suspension

w/Adjustable Front Coil Over Shocks

Articulated Swing Arm Rear Suspension

w/Adjustable Rear Dual Coil Over Shocks

22" x 9" - 10" Front Tires

22" x 11" - 10" Rear Tires

102.5" Length X 47" Width X 73.75" Height

71" Wheelbase - Center to Center

Full Rack and Pinion Steering

7.5' Inside Turning Radius

12" Ground Clearance 6" to Gearbox

400 lbs. Bed Capacity

900 lbs. Vehicle capacity

1100 lbs. Towing Capacity

2" Receiver Hitch Rear

8.25 cu. ft. Manual Tilt, Heavy Gauge Steel Bed

Hand Operated Parking Brake

Full Bench Style Seat with Head Rests

Drink Holders, Under Seat Storage, Glove Box

12V Accessory Outlet

Two 12 Volt 35 Watt Lights

Dry Weight 800lbs



CW413 Specs

4-stroke 390cc Honda single cylinder engine
Convenient 12V electric start with recoil back-up
Switch engaged on demand 4 wheel drive
McPherson Strut front suspension with 5" of travel
Hydraulic disc front and hydraulic drum back brakes for super stopping Under seat storage, dual drink holders, 12V accessory outlet, and more
Available in green or camo

CW650 Specs

653cc Subaru OHV 4-stroke V-twin engine for lots of power
22 hp with a torque of 33.6 ft. lbs. at 2500 RPM
25" tires for 14" ground clearance (8" to gearbox)
Tilting bed with 500 lb. capacity Strut front suspension and rear swing arm suspension

Comments 27 comments

cindy parta 6 years ago

we are looking for a new front seat

mike pelletier 5 years ago

i have a 2007 Brister trail wagon 413 want to purchase a drive belt, cannot find a dealer that carry them, why not?

chuck 5 years ago

Try taking the belt to napa auto parts, they can find it

for half the dealer price.

Lora Krista 5 years ago

How do I find out what year my Trail Boss is? It came from my daughter's boyfriend.

ranall 5 years ago

what is a torsion bar

terry 5 years ago

how do I get more speed out of my wagon it's a '09 390cc 4x4

jerry 5 years ago

I have a trail wagon just got it about 2 months ago love everything about it until I needed to change the oil!!!!! what a mess cant get to the drain plug cant get it loose and finally trying to refill spilled oil all over everything can anyone help me out here with a better way

david 5 years ago

I have the older modelcc chuckwagon runabout 9hourse 150rememer that one how about a little information on it

mudding man 4 years ago

I have a chuck wagon and it will not go in to fourwheel drive any time. What would make this happen

Bob 4 years ago

Where can I find a drive belt for a 2011 Trail Wagon 650, Serial Number 048270?

ALLEN 4 years ago


AndreasTaves71 4 years ago

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big dog 4 years ago

My shock brock on my brister trail wagon where can i get a new one someone please help me out

ron craig 4 years ago

where do you wheel bearings for the trail wagon

sweezykay 4 years ago

My son crashed our 340cc 4 x 2 chuckwagon into a tree while in reverse & damaged our dump bed & fender. Are these still available for purchase?

DWAIN 4 years ago


Gary 3 years ago

who sales the 4x2 in Ms.

Johng443 2 years ago

Hi! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a gcbdffadefga

sue clark 2 years ago

does anyone know where I can get a reverse for a 2006 chuck wagon cw11

Cole 2 years ago

My Chuckwagon - Boss 390 cc is seized up and will not go into gear. But I can move it around by pushing or pulling it in neutral. Any suggestions? I am having trouble locating anyone to work on the transmission(in the Billings, MT area). My local Honda dealership doesn't think they can help me. Can anyone help me with some info?? Thanks!

Gary 2 years ago

I need the rubber boots for the cv haft shaft and for the rack and pinion Thanks

Clint 2 years ago

Need body parts

Bill Lanbein 23 months ago

I have a chuck wagon 200 series light utility vehicle and was wondering if there is an enclosure for it and also snow plow attachment

Barry L. 22 months ago

Anyone know where to order a starter solenoid for 4x2 Honda Chuck Wagon 2008 340cc? Won't start; not battery - don't think starter. Just clicks and sometimes will start. Battery shows 96%.

Barry L 22 months ago

Reliable GoKarts - "We stock spark plugs and aftermarket filters for the Honda, but that’s about it. We discontinued other Honda parts several years ago, as there just wasn’t enough demand."

Thanks though, I found what I needed on ebay of all places.

Don L. 22 months ago

Can taller rim and tires be put on my trail wagon 2010. I need more clearance for the rear pumping to the ground?

Ed M. 22 months ago

I have a CW11 and I had to replace the rod end. Now I have to align the front tires. Does anyone know if the alignment should be exactly straight or slightly toe-in or toe-out?

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    The Utility Vehicle (UTV) market is experiencing rapid expansion. Once dominated by the Kawasaki Mule and Polaris Ranger, the category has grown significantly during the past year with the introduction of units from Yamaha, John Deere, Kubota, Club Car, E-Z Go and Suzuki. Well, now add another offering to the mix: the Chuck Wagon by Brister's Design and Manufacturing Co. of Roseland, La. This company has changed its official name to American Sportworks, and the product is available at independent dealers, and sold under the name Trail Wagon, and Tractor Supply.

    Brister's recently began production of the Boss 390 4x4 ChuckWagon. This 4-wheel-drive utility vehicle features a Honda OHV GX390 series engine, a Hillard drive auto-locking front differential with an electric 4x4 selector switch. and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. The Boss 390 joins the 2-wheel-drive Chuck Wagon that Brister's introduced in July 2004. The Boss 390 is available in limited quantities for the 2005 model year. Color choices are green for current orders and camouflage starting in September.

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    Chuckwagon Boss 390

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