Business Car Leasing

As business travelers expand to global markets logistics become more complex.  It is easy for a small to medium sized operation to bite a big chunk out of the budget for transportation.  Rather than use expensive limousine services, it is more economical to opt for business car leasing.  Rental car companies welcome the continuity of frequent travelers.  Therefore they offer business rates and convenience extended exclusively to this group.

When a business person travels by plane they communicate their arrival information the the rental agent.  When they land the car and keys are ready for them to confirm their identity, sign a form, retrieve the keys and go.  The company is billed directly pending preauthorization.  Many rentals are equipped with GPS systems to assist with navigation in unfamiliar places.  Upgrades are available for the asking and a small fee.

In light of the economy more big corporations are opting for business car leasing over limos and expensive taxies. In New York it may be practical to take a taxi within the city, but not outside the perimeter of metro Atlanta or the beltway of DC. A taxi to Dulles Airport or Hartfield-Jackson could be $50-$75 depending on where they pick up the passenger. A car rental could cost the same for 2-3 days at a business rate. There is also the freedom to explore surroundings during down time.

Rates can be compared online or with a phone call. Most are familiar with some of the more popular companies such as:

  • Hertz
  • Budget
  • Europcar
  • National
  • Enterprise
  • Avis
  • Thrifty
  • Ace

When the car or truck is returned, it is quickly inspected and the traveler is off to board their plane. The invoice is sent to the company monthly. Businesses also rent cars directly from dealerships.

With the popularity of personal car leasing growing, businesses have assessed the savings in leasing versus buying a fleet of cars or trucks for the business. There is still the advantage of the tax write off and new replacements are made available more often. Another benefit is the lack of maintainance issues. Loaners are issued while repairs are being done.

As company executives focus on the services they provide to customers and clients they do not want to have to be concerned about transportation and what to do if the car breaks down. Business car leasing eliminates most of those anxieties. Whether the company's needs are, short term rentals or long term, there is a company that is ready and wiling to assist.

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nick247 profile image

nick247 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Business car leasing is definitely a good way to go for businesses, but you have to be careful with the pre-authorised charging, I used to work a credit card company, and we had customers a lot of customers having a lot of grief with that sort of thing.

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