Buyer beware - for women

Time for a new car?

Now is the time of year when being a woman does not pay off. My daughter who is 20 years old was in great need of a newer vehicle. She travels 54 miles per day round trip for her work. Her other car, a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron was fairly reliable but caused her to get pulled over at least once a week due to its looks. She also has 2 small children in which she totes around in her car.

She was to receive a goodly amount from her Federal income taxes, so she ear marked a certain amount that she needed, to purchase a decent vehicle.

Since she works 40 hours per week and we also live way out in the middle of nowhere, the phone and internet was going to be our friend for this venture.

Bait and Switch?

The first place we called Sundance Chevrolet, is about 56 miles from our home, they boast of having the largest number of used cars in the State of Michigan. The website had a few cars within our price range of $3000. There were also cars on the site that didn’t have a price, in order to find out these prices we had to call. We did find one within her price range that we thought might be something she’d like, so of course we called.

Our Salesman, Mitch told us that in no way were we going to get a decent car for $3000 or under and proceeded to tell us that he had one for $2000 more! It was a great car, perfect in fact. Great mileage, good looking, runs great etc. ‘they just got it in last night’, it was very quickly mentioned that it was owned by a young man who was looking to upgrade. The thoughts ran through my head, a young man? I used to be a young woman once, who had young men friends, I knew what they did with their cars! I also have 2 sons, and know how many cars they have went through in their young years. This was 10 o’clock in the morning, how could they possibly know what a perfect car it was if they hadn’t even had it 24 hours? There was no way we were going to trust a salesman over the phone, besides my daughter didn’t want that kind of car.

Yet another phone call

The next picture we seen was on a website of a nearby town, it wasn’t the car she wanted but we thought we might call and see if they had something she could use. The first thing he did was redirect us to a car that was $4,000 more than what she had planned on spending. She liked the car and had decided that if she couldn’t find what she wanted then she would consent to financing above and beyond the $3000 down payment. She was turned down because of her income, she didn’t make enough to finance a car. They have a cap set of just under $2000 per month. It didn’t matter that she lived with me, and only pays $200 per month in rent. She did not qualify.

The next place we looked was Rose City Motors. We first called, explained to them what she needed. A reliable car, one with fairly low mileage, must have 4 doors (car seats are harder with 2 doors), within the $3000 price range. If they didn’t have anything in that price range, would they consent to financing and what was their income cap? He said he would get back to us. We waited for several hours, our salesman Daniel Reese did not call back, so we called once again. He said just come on in he would talk to her when she got there, she did fit into the income range. My older daughter wanted to be part of the purchase, she trusted these guys at Rose City Motors, so I stayed at home with the babies while they went to look at the cars available.

The first salesman they talked to was Ken Granville, he stated that they didn’t have a good reliable car within her price range.  She said that if she could get financing she would consent, depending on the car.  He began running her name through the computer it was discovered that she had already spoken to Daniel Reese, so she was turned over to him.  He immediately said he had a car that was within her price range. 

When she asked about the airbag light that was on he stated that “it just needs to be reset”.   

By the time she returned home it was dark so I couldn’t get a good look at the car. What she had purchased was a 2000 Ford Focus, 4 door. She was fairly proud of herself that she not only picked out the car, got it within her price range and there was no financing. She owned it outright.

There was just 2 visible things wrong with it. The side mirrors were screwed on and there was a crack in the windshield. I now wish I had went with her. Both of those things will cause you to receive tickets in this State. If the mirrors should fall off, that is an instant ticket, and the cracked windshield is certainly something that is looked at when getting pulled over. There was a sticker on the back window of all the repairs they had said they made, which of course was kept when the purchase was finalized. She was charged an additional $200.00 for this inspection. Making her ‘out the door’ price $3200.00.

She specifically requested to purchase a warranty, they stated that they could not sell her one due to the year of the vehicle.

Now comes the problems

She drove it to work the next day and came home saying that she was all over the road, she felt like she was sliding.  The roads were fairly clear, since we live in Michigan that is something that one needs to be aware of at all times.  She decided that maybe she needed new tires.  So we called around and found some times.  They were $340.00 for 4 new tires.  The car still didn’t seem like it was in control, but she thought it might be the weather.

Within 3 days of getting the new tires, she was having difficulty with the engine.  It began running very rough, sounding like a diesel engine.  The check engine light came on.  She took it into our local Auto Zone, they put it on their free computer.  It said that the 4th cylinder wasn’t firing correctly, so she had to take it into a local repair shop where for $20 they would put it on their computer to tell her exactly what was wrong.  $140.00 later they tell her it was the Engine Coil.  It had a small crack in it.  For this she also had to call her work, ask for someone else to switch shifts with her so she could get her car repaired.  Since she is a manager, this is not an easy task.

Thank Goodness for Dads!

Last night I had some running to do, it was her day off so she volunteered to do it for me.  My husband needed to be picked up from work (50 miles away) and my other daughter also needed to be picked up from work.  It wasn’t on the way, but an easy route to take.  Since my husband is an over the road truck driver, he hasn’t been home for 2 weeks and had not had the opportunity to have a good look at her car.

When she arrived to pick up her Dad, she told him there seemed to be something wrong with it, so he drove.  He felt he was all over the road.  At one point he stopped, the rear passenger tire was crooked.  He took it off and tried straightening it out, thinking that the tire guy put in on wrong.  At first it drove fine, then got progressively worse.   It took more than an hour for them to get home since they could only drive 35 mph.

Back to the phone

First thing this morning I called Rose City Motors to speak with Daniel Reese regarding this purchase.  To see if there was some sort of warranty, or if they would consent to help my daughter out.  I was informed that it was an ’As Is’ purchase and that there was nothing he could do.  I explained to him that she had requested a reliable car and he did not sell her one.  I explained that she could have possibly had and accident with her children in the car and asked if they willing to take responsibility for this.  I was referred to his Supervisor, Nate Van Loon.  

Nate explained to me that it was an ‘As Is’ purchase and repairs were to be expected,  since it was a 2000 and had over 100,000 miles on it.  I then explained to him that she believed it was understood that she was purchasing a vehicle that was going to be reliable, since she had to travel such a distance to work and that she also had 2 small children.  I then asked him were they going to be responsible for this.  He said ‘No, they were not responsible’, since it was an ‘As Is’ purchase.  I asked him about a 30 day warranty, if there was one on this vehicle.  ‘No’ was the response.  He then explained to me that she could have taken it to a mechanic to have it checked out, that they encouraged people to do this.  She was never told this, she did not know this was possible, this is also verified by my daughter Catherine who was present at the time of purchase.

Should have been noticed

We took it to the repair shop this morning, it was the right rear axle ‘Chamber Bushing’, or in other words right rear arm bushing. With a repair bill of almost $500.00 ($481.62 to be exact). It was explained that her tire would have eventually come off and she could have had a very severe accident. Our mechanic then explained that for future reference, at a price of $77, he would do a full inspection from front end to read end. List everything that was wrong with the vehicle, so it could be repaired before purchase. He also said that had Rose City Motors done a proper inspection of this, it would have been discovered. He also said that very soon she will need front brakes, including rotors. We are also paying the additional $77 for the proper inspection to be done, this will be a bumper to bumper inspection that my daughter was under the assumption, had already paid for. It will be done by a Certified Napa Auto Service Center.

Because of the extensive repairs that need to be done, she has had to leave her vehicle for the next 24 hours or so. Her work was notified and she is working a much shorter shift, taking a ride with someone else. So much for a reliable car, 2 times calling in to work within a 15 day period.

Heads up Ladies!

Ladies, if the time comes that you need to make a purchase of a used vehicle, do yourself a favor, take a man.  A man who is knowledgeable, someone who will dicker with your salesman.  No matter what is said, women are treated differently when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.  Unless you have taken an auto repair class, or know something about cars, you need to take a man.  When it comes to vehicles, men are treated with more respect, things will get repaired before purchase.  Above all, if your demands are not met by your salesman, be prepared to walk away.   

This happens all too often in the great Country of the United States, people are taken advantage of consistently.  If you have a dollar in your pocket, someone is willing to take that dollar, even if they have to hurt you to do it.  My daughter and my 2 grandchildren ages 16 months and 4 months could have easily been killed along with anyone in their path.  If the right rear tire would have came off at a speed of 55 miles per hour, the projected path would be going to the left, across the center line of any roadway.  On coming vehicles would not stand a chance, because this did not happen, we feel very blessed.  Had my husband waited one more day to come home, we might not be so lucky.

Shame on You!!

Before getting off of the phone, I explained to Nate Van Loon what my job was. I am a writer. Daniel Reese and Nate Van Loon from Rose City Motors, Kalamazoo, Michigan, you are being called out for your poor business practices. You have sold a lemon to a 20 year old female that works for a living, making just $1 over minimum wage and has 2 small children. Her request was simple, a reliable car, yet you failed her. Shame on You!

What I am doing

I have since called the National Association of Consumer Advocates, to check with them and see if anything can be done. My next step is contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. For $90 I can also take Rose City Motors to Court and I will, if they continue to deny responsibility.

Yes, there are things I do know

I understand that vehicles are in need of repairs, good maintenance of a vehicle is important and required.  This particular repair should have and would have been discovered had a proper inspection been done before being sold.  One does not expect to purchase a vehicle and drive it into the repair shop next door.

© copyright Sweetsusieg all rights reserved Feburary 22, 2011.

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sharon 6 years ago

Very unfortunate that this happens all the time. Glad that you brought this out in the open. Hopefully someone will take notice & try to correct an issue. I would also get in touch with the Better Business Bureau!! Great article..VERY informative. The buyer must ALWAYS have the BUYER BEWARE mentality when purchasing big items such as vehicles.

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Thanks Sharon! It's sad when young people are taken advantage of. Just think of the message it's sending!!

cardelean profile image

cardelean 6 years ago from Michigan

Oh I am so sorry that this happened to your daughter. I am very fortunate to have a husband who is very mechanically inclined and does all of our car repairs but I remember having that same feeling as a new driver. My dad was not so mechanical and we had a few lemons in my younger days. YUCK to the whole situation and good for you for exposing the crooks. Too bad you are not closer, my husband would have been happy to help her find a reliable car for cheap. :(

Lori Latimer 6 years ago

The Attorney General of your State, is a very Good place to Go. Go to your, Consumer division. They will probably want this in a handwritten letter, but they usually have a public listing of each registered business and their "standing" with the State. File a complaint. It makes the business, prove they are doing business correctly. I think a lemon law applies, if within 3 days of the purchase of anything, it is found to be faulty and dangerous...Glad you are writing about this! Buyer Beware.

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan Author

cardelean - Some of the dealers around here are so disreputable!! I went into a auto sales place once and happened to check the oil first with the dip stick then I lifted the cap... The oil on the stick was perfect, but there was a milky substance around the cap suggesting that there could be water in the oil (blown head gasket) this was on 3 cars that I checked. One was a van, after we walked away from it, a young couple was looking at it. I told them it probably had a blown head gasket. Apparently they didn't believe me because a few days later the same van was on the side of the road with the young couple sitting there.

Lori - I will check that out! I just can't sit idly by and let them take advantage of a young person. This was 1/4 of her yearly income she spent on a vehicle. Thanks for the info!!

Thank you both for stopping by and commenting!

profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

This hub just makes me mad. I just went through the whole car ordeal, so I know exactly how you feel. I was on the road once and it started to storm and my wipers broke. The station attendant wanted $200 for a set of wipers because he knew I was in a tough spot. They really try to put the screws to women. Thanks for this warning.

voted up/useful

drbj profile image

drbj 5 years ago from south Florida

If you need to buy a used car and you're not a mechanic,

Don't tear your hair, start to scream or begin to panic.

Instead find a mechanic that you implicitly trust,

And pay him to inspect the engine and chassis for rust.

If he finds no big problems and says all is well,

Then you can go ahead and finalize the sale.

Well done, susie, you may have saved some folks from deadly UCS - Used Car Syndrome - a disease that eats not only gas but your hard earned savings.

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

@ Fay - WOW, that is terrible!! $200 for wipers! I really hope his wife or daughter are never in a bind... because my husband has me and our 3 daughters he tries to help women out as much as he can. One never knows when he won't be around and we will need help. If all men thought that way (wife or daughter) then we'd all be in a better place!

@ drbj - You are hilarious!! Poetry for all seasons and reasons!! It is sad state of affairs when women cannot trust their protectors. Men = Protectors... Well it's SUPPOSED to be that way...

Thank You both for stopping by!

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia

I live in Australia and the same sorts of things happen to women here especially in regard to motor vehicles. I have been overcharges on occasions or been given bad advice. I used to drive an old Hillman Hunter that would refuse to start for no reason. I took it to an auto electrician who told me I just needed a new stronger battery. I trusted this guy so I bought a better battery. The very next day I had the same problem so I took it back to him and he wanted me to pay to have some rewiring done. I asked my brother what he thought was wrong and after having a look he said it needed a new coil and that the auto electrician should have known that. My brother was right I had the coil replaced and end of problem. I told all my friends about this auto electrician I hope it hurt his business. Bad news travels far and fast. I agree with your advice about taking a male with you. Great hub Sweetsusieg!

Chatkath profile image

Chatkath 5 years ago from California

This entire subject makes me furious, what your daughter went through is just so wrong! Ironic, I was just thinking the other day that this would make a good hub, my son at age 19, and somewhat mechanical, went through a similar experience with a used car lot. Everything they said they had done to the car mechanically was not done at all, or it was done with cheap aftermarket parts (sometimes this is ok) however in his case he was completely mislead. Fortunately they did fix a few of the problems but the financing & interest rates which I tried to warn him about, really opened his eyes.

He bought a Honda that was a few years old but for the first few years, it wasn't even worth the pay off amount. If he was in a serious accident, he would have no car but he would still have car payments, or worse. GAP, is what this is referred to I think, and so many people do not know any better, and get caught up into this because they want that car now! Many are young with credit that is not yet established so the interest rates are high, adding to actual "cost" of that car!

Another hub, but thanks for the information! BBB and the Attorney General can help, but so can we, especially with your writing abilities - Online Ratings can really hurt businesses like this!

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Christine - I really hate that women are treated worse than second class citizens! The sad part is, if they would just treat us right the first time and give us a fair shake then they would get MORE business. A while back I had a mechanic that was a doll, he gave a very fair price. He was honest and upfront, I was allowed to buy the part and take it to him, if I wanted. Because he was so honest, most of his customers were women. word of mouth travels fast!!

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Chatkath - I am hoping that my word of mouth gets out, I did warn him. My next step is to notify the newspapers and TV stations if necessary.

Yeah, GAP... what a crock. It's just a way to get more money from an already poor country. Not only is the GAP about $1200, but you also pay interest on that! If you pay off the car early, there is no refund either.

I think I'm going to hit the yellow pages 'review' of the company too!! LOL, hey if it's there... why not?

The men from the Jackson branch of Rose City Motors were customers of mine at one time. I thought I'd get a fair shake from them.

These guys said this car was mechanically sound as well.. according to our mechanic.. It may not be.

Thanks for stopping by!

mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 5 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

These situations are so annoying Susie. I bought a car privately in Tenerife when I lived there. The guy said he wasn't a driver himself, but the car had been given to him as part of a debt. I asked him to bring it to my work to look at, (which he did, along with his friend as the driver). The outside looked really clean so I bought the car for 1000 euros, filled it up with fuel, put it through the car wash etc and it seemed great. Four days later it literally 'died' on me on my way home from work. I had to get my ex to pick me up and run me home. What was worse was I had borrowed the money to buy it from my Mother. A mechanic brought the car back to my village, only to confirm the car was not repairable, (can't remember the exact problem now). I tried and tried to get hold of the seller, but my calls were ignored, or his Wife answered and told me he was off island and would call me upon his return. In the end I was virtually begging her for help, explaining I would be forced to leave Tenerife for good if I couldn't get my money back. I never got any money or got to speak to him again. This man had more than one business, including a successful bar in Los Cristianos, plus he was English, (as was I), so no loyalty based on where we were both from either.

In the end I did pay my Mother back, but still had to borrow more off her to buy a further vehicle, so my second car there cost me 2000 euros in effect, as I wasted 1000 of the 2000 on the first car.

If nothing else this taught me to get cars checked out thoroughly by a trusted mechanic before parting with any money, and definitely if buying (as I was) from a private seller.

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Yes, I too had a similar situation. Bought a van, with borrowed money, private seller. $800. The man had put motor honey in the engine to quiet a knock. We discovered this a few days later when I put in a quart of oil, it 'loosened' the honey and blew the engine. Our $800 van cost us $1800. That is one of the reasons I don't buy from a private seller. I really thought my daughter would get a better deal from a dealer.... See what I get for thinking!!

It's a shame that guy did that to you!! You could always do what I am doing, make it known about shoddy business practices!! Hit him where it hurts, his wallet! LOL

Thanks for stopping by!

mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 5 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

I so wish I could Susie, but this was years ago now, and he probably isn't even in Tenerife now. I did get a male friend to pay him 'a visit', but he wasn't home! I then resorted to some pretty powerful contacts I had in Tenerife, (think Spanish Soprano's), sadly they were inclined to only get involved if I had a receipt, (which I didn't), otherwise I have NO doubts he would have paid up if he wanted to keep both his business and his legs LOL. Very frustrating to say the least!!!

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

LOL, Spanish Soprano's... Too funny!! Maybe I need to make some new friends! hehehe Then I can fugetaboutit!!

mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 5 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

LOL, yes, give it a go if you can find some. They can be very helpful. I worked out of their offices for some time, albeit in a respectable sales/helpline role (and legal). I so wish I had asked for that receipt, it would have been excellent to 'force' him to give my money back. Honestly, I even contemplated getting the defunct car dumped in the middle of his driveway, locked, so he would have had the hassle of getting rid of it. Only problem was I had already had it re-registered into my name... shame!

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Oh man!! That's too bad! Too bad he remained in hiding you could have 'parked' it on top of him...

mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 5 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

Yes, gutted about that :(

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

How did you mean " Buyer beware - for women"?

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Well, women are treated as though they are ignorant at all times. We may not know about cars, but the does not make us ignorant. When a man says to us "You would look Great in this Red Car"... At that point we need to grab our purse/bag click our high heals and head for the hills, because we are not going to get a fair shake at a GOOD car...

mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 5 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

Hi Susie, I wonder if crystolite read this title as meaning 'Buyer beware.... of women', and then got confused the by actual content of the hub. Just a thought!

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

It's possible! I hadn't thought of that...

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

When this business determines it is not effective to give your daughter the "run-around," they will seek compramises, then after all else, do the "right thing."

When you find a business that treats you like they want to be treated, you will note they are very busy...

Flag up!

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

One can only hope that we will get some resolutions to this!

Thanks for the vote up!

Hugh Williamson profile image

Hugh Williamson 5 years ago from Northeast USA

I'm sorry that you had this experience. Does your State have a repair facility licensing law? If so, they probably have an enforcement division who you can file a complaint with.

Good Luck

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

I am not sure if we have that in our State, but I am working with the BBB at this time, among other things.

Thanks for the wishes!!

ZOOSMC profile image

ZOOSMC 5 years ago

You are absolutely right susie...women are sometimes treated differently...especially in this type of circumstance...buying a car. "Touche" you for following through with the BBB and writing this article to mention those individuals who took advantage of your daughter .......

great advise...thank you

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan Author

I need to write an Update on this. It's actually quite humorous! Only because I was there.... If I wouldn't have been... no telling what would have happened...

WE Dont Count 4 years ago

Been trying for over a week now to get North

clark at Rose City Motors to work with me on a vehicle.

His Staff Sherrie Sabin wont let you talk to him and gets real boligerent when you

try to explain your situation….She quote sayes “She Dont Care”. His advertising is false, he claims in one commercial that all you have to do is prove your income and he will set you up in a vehicle. Bullshit !! I have already done all this and he just turns his head. Now for the good part, if you are disabled in any kind of way this makes your money no good to him because he thinks and states you arent making a commitment. So to all the low income and disabled folks out there dont ask this IDOT for any assistance… wont get it.


Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 4 years ago from Michigan Author

Rose City Motors is AWFUL!!! They were supposed to refund her the money that was paid for the 'inspection'... It was never done. Run, don't walk away from them!!! If you have the cash, it is always better to buy from an individual, they will usually tell you what, if anything, is wrong with the vehicle you are looking at.

bubba 4 years ago

What a joke! You are blaming everyone else instead of taking responsibility...shame on you! You did not know you could test drive the car to a mechanic, your own responsibility. No one preys on women, its your job to have a clue of what you are doing or find someone to help you. You wanted a reliable car for 3000$, so does everyone else.

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 4 years ago from Michigan Author

It would have been nice if you would have read the article before commenting. The only blame I laid was to the ones who sold a 'reliable' vehicle with the claims that a proper inspection had been completed.

adaamrf77 4 years ago

I live right down the street from Rose City Motors and I hear that too often about them. I do not understand how businesses that are known for ripping of customers are able to stay in business and continue to do this to innocent people. I use craigslist and buy used. Yes I have had some lemons but if you are not spending much to begin with then you can always find another one. This process has actually worked out for me. I paid a total of $1500 for my last two vehicles that I bought used off of craigslist over the last three years.

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 4 years ago from Michigan Author

I took my daughter in, they agreed they did not do the proper inspection and offered to reimburse her for it... This was well over a year ago, we are still waiting for the check....

I have found that most folks are fairly honest when selling a used car. If there is something wrong they will tell you before hand. I only had one bad experience myself from buying a vehicle 'off the corner' many years ago.

Way to go for you!! It's always good to get good deals!!

sallybea profile image

sallybea 3 years ago from Norfolk

You are so right. I usually get a man to go with me to the garage just in case the mechanic thinks he can con a mere women into having more work done on the car than is necessary. That in spite of having grown up with two men in the family who knew cars inside out with quite a bit of their knowledge having been picked up by me. Nice one exposing the rotters for who they are.

Hakim Hicham profile image

Hakim Hicham 3 years ago

educate 2 years ago

I understand that your daughter feels like she was taken advantage of, however you have to look at it from the other vantage point as well. She is the one who has the power; she is the one who read the paper work; she is the one who bought the car AS IS; she is the one who signed the paperwork of her own free will making it legally biding. Times are tough but going into the situation uneducated on the matter, or at the very least not bringing along someone who is well versed can only lead to problems.

This is not a sexist issue this is an uneducated one. Did the dealership sell her a car in her budget? Yes. Did the dealership make it a 4 door vehicle? Yes. They weren't taking advantage, they were making a car sale, that is their job afterall.

I have sympathy, I am a female who has made mistakes like this before; however , I do not blame my nievity or stupidity on others; I simply take it as a learning exerience and educate, not chastize or point fingers.

Sweetsusieg profile image

Sweetsusieg 2 years ago from Michigan Author

It is apparent that you missed the first part of this - a 20 year old female whose first salesman said they did not have a reliable car within her price range. You also may have missed the part where they not only lied about an inspection but charged her an additional $200 for said inspection.

I still stick by my original statement. They took advantage of an inexperienced female who was in need. She has taken this as a learning experience - to not believe salesmen - they are there to make a sale regardless of who it hurts, as long as they have the $$$ in their pocket at the end of the day that is all that matters to them.

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