When Buying Short Term Auto Insurance Makes Sense

These days, car insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. Long gone are the days when purchasing a policy was simple and straightforward - now companies offer multiple types of coverages and perks. One special type of coverage that is relatively new compared to other policy types is short term auto insurance. For short term auto insurance quotes, click here to visit New York Auto Insurance - a website based out of the New York area that services consumers all over the US.

So, what exactly is short term auto insurance? Like its name implies, this type of coverage is only projected to last a relatively short period of time. Short can be anywhere from a few days to a few months - it really all depends on your needs and the way your insurance provider structures the coverage.

When is it a good time to purchase short term auto insurance? This type of insurance coverage is very useful for periods of time when you will need to insure someone temporarily on your insurance policy. This can include the following scenarios:

  • When you have a child returning from school for a temporary holiday period you might consider a temporary auto insurance policy for the few weeks he or she will be with you
  • When you have a visitor who will be operating your vehicle for some period of time
  • When you need coverage for yourself but with the awareness that you will no longer need it sometime in the near future

As you can see, the common denominator of all the above scenarios is that the need for coverage is only temporary. Some people may argue that since the coverage is needed only for such a short period of time that the chances of an accident occurring are relatively low. They would continue to argue that since the chances of an accident are lower in these scenarios, there isn’t a strong need to obtain short term auto insurance. I would argue the contrary and state that chances of an incident are just as high if not higher when someone else operates your vehicle. Odds are, your car might be new to that person and since he or she is inexperienced in operating your vehicle there may be a higher risk for an accident.

Now that you know the situations in which you may need a temporary auto insurance policy, click here to check quotes in your area from New York Auto Insurance Quotes - they offer competitive quotes from your local providers absolutely free. Have fun and safe driving!

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