Buying a New Motorcycle - Some Tips

Motorbikes come in different classes including cruisers, sports bikes and off road or dirt bikes. Which one is right for you? Each of these classes has their own set of features and uses so when you are buying a new bike you need to be sure of how you will be using the bike. Will it be mainly used on the highways and around town or do you want the ability to go off road as well? Are you looking for a fast bike for racing or a dirt bike to use exclusively off road? We've put together information on the features of the different classes so that you have the information needed to make a good choice.

Cruiser Motorbikes

The most popular class is the cruiser. These handle easily, usually give a long life and are economical. This class also offers you the most comprehensive choice for style and design. The basic cruiser design includes standard seat, basic handle bars, and features designed for comfort. They are made for good handling at the higher speeds and easy turning. One disadvantage of cruisers is their tendency to be slightly heavier compared to other motorcycle types.

Many custom made motorcycles can be included in the category of a cruiser due to their features included and the design. Drastically custom-made motorcycles that are referred to as choppers are another type of cruiser motorcycle. An additional type that you will see is the tour bike which is designed for comfort as they are intended for long, cross country rides.

Sports Bikes

Sport bikes are made for high speed. If you are looking for high speed rather than for comfort, this is the class of motorbike that you should opt for. These bikes aren't really suitable for long rides as they would not be comfortable enough, designed as they are for racing. Most sport bikes are light and feature a tough suspension. They offer the rider the ability of making really tight turns at high speed.

Dual Sports Bikes

One popular option that combines two types is a dual sporting type of bike. This style of bike features large tires and can be ridden on any street or off road surface with ease. This makes it ideal for those who enjoy riding their motorcycle commuting in addition to off road biking.

Dirt Bikes

People of all ages can ride off road bikes as a motorbike license is not needed, but they are illegal to ride on streets. These kinds of motorcycles are often used for racing on dirt tracks or climbing dirt hills and are usually called dirt bikes by their riders. Dirt bikes do not usually have signals or headlights.

Coming to a decision on which category of motorcycle you want to buy is only the start of selecting your new bike. You also need to think about the amount of money you wish to spend on a motorcycle, and then make a comparison of the models in the category you have chosen. Spend some time and test ride a few assorted models as well as brands of bikes to see which models feel best for you. After narrowing down the choices you can test ride them and make a decision.

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