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I do all kinds of vehicles, but my specialty is Camaro, Firebird and Trans Am. This is something I get so much enjoyment out of, because I get to help other car enthusiasts make their car interiors look like new again and I have lots of repeat customers.

I grew up around cars with my Dad who has now passed on. Growing up, Dad always showed me cars and taught me everything I know except for the upholstery part. That is something I took upon myself because I have always liked to sew and being that I was such a gear head, it just sort of worked out in my favor. Guess it was meant to be:>)

I also was a drag racer for two years as well and have a lot of trophies to show for all my hard work.

Work That I Do

I can make seat covers, door panels, sail panels, cover speaker boxes, sun visors, floor mats, dash pad covers, t-top shades, repair tears in seats and more.

I take a lot of pride in my work and when doing so I take my time and do not rush. If something does not look right to me, it never leaves my shop until it is correct. I steam out the foam on your seats and then build the foam so your seat covers will fit like a glove. If your foam is too worn to rebuild or steam out, then you are notified that you need to purchase new foam. I do not hide or cover up anything that I would not want in my own personal car. A lot of my customers will ship their seats to me so I can put the new seat covers on for them and when I do work for my customers who are not local, I always send pictures as I am doing the work, so they can see exactly what I am doing step by step just like if they lived here and stopped by my shop to check things out. If you don't see something listed on here that you want done, it doesn't mean I don't or can't do it, so please email me for details. You will get a response back in a timely manner.

Fabrics & Installation

I only use the highest standard fabrics including, cloth, leather, ultra leather (faux leather), vinyl, suede, velour and a lot more. All seams are double stitched for lasting durability. All of my seat covers are made right from the factory pattern and they also install just like the factory. If I don't have the pattern for the car you have, all you have to do is send me your pattern and I can make the seat covers. No job is too big or too small.

I have a Consew 226RB Industrial Sewing Machine that is used to do all of my work.

All thread used is UV sun resistant as well and will not break or rot.

1993-1997 Camaro Seat Covers w/Z28 Logo

1990 Pontiac GTA Seats

1993-1997 Camaro Black Ultra Leather Seat Covers

1982-1992 Camaro Seat Covers w/IROC Logo

1998-2002 Trans Am Seats

Custom Dash Pad Covers

1993-1997 Camaro Blk. Ultra Leather with Orange/Black Houndstooth Centers

1998-2002 Camaro 30th Anniversary Seat Covers Blk/White Houndstooth

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Charles Sardina profile image

Charles Sardina 3 months ago

What would it cost for a set of coveres for a 98 Z28 black and red accent with the Z28 logo on the front seats?

bigdadi0 2 years ago

How do i place a order??

NewOrleansJohnson profile image

NewOrleansJohnson 3 years ago

i would like to place an order with you where do i go

trevorgray 3 years ago

Are you still making seat covers. I am interested in a set for my 95 camero. Its been a couple years sense last update. Please let me know. Thanks

Noah Robinson profile image

Noah Robinson 4 years ago

How much for the 1993-1997 Camaro Black Ultra Leather Seat Covers ?

Lethal Interiors profile image

Lethal Interiors 5 years ago from Down South Author

I cannot make foam bottoms. That is something you would have to buy off of eBay or somebody like that.

Lethal Interiors profile image

Lethal Interiors 5 years ago from Down South Author

Yes I can do just the fronts. I didn't know you did not have a back seat. That is why I said a set because they needed to match the back. Just for the front it would be $325.00 plus shipping. I use Fed Ex Ground and the shipping depending on where you live would be about $30.00. If you up in the far northern states, it would be a little bit more.

plumz 5 years ago

Well, I really only need the fronts, I don't have a back seat. Will you do just fronts? Also, can you make the foam backs and bottoms?

Lethal Interiors profile image

Lethal Interiors 5 years ago from Down South Author

Thanks for the compliment. I have a lot of happy customers.Most of my pics are on here already. I lost a lot of my pictures when my computer crashed which made me sick. I wish I would have already had them on a cd disk, but I didn't.I have done red and black two tone in ultra leather also. I could do the black and white houndstooth with solid black outsides in ultra leather or reverse it, or do the two tone black and charcoal together or solid black. I also have red and black houndstooth, but wasn't sure if you were into the reds or not.The price for the covers is $500.00 for the complete set of front and rear. Let me know what you think and we will go from there.

plumz 5 years ago

Front buckets on a 95 Camaro. You seem to have a few materials and designs that I have never seen and they look pretty nice. Interested in a black with grey inserts or maybe just black...IDK, your stuff is giving me some new ideas ;). I really like the texture of your leather. I like the black, and the hounds tooth as well. In particular I like the factory layout of the patern. Do you have any other pics or color charts?

Lethal Interiors profile image

Lethal Interiors 5 years ago from Down South Author

What would you like done?

plumz 5 years ago

I would like to have you do some work!!! How can I contact you?

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