Car Interior Cleaning Tips - How to Clean Interiors and Upholstery

Cleaning interiors and Upholstery - Essential part of Car Care

A car is one of the important investments of one’s life. Therefore, care and protection of both exteriors and interiors of your car is particularly important. However, caring interiors in comparison to exteriors are much more complicated task and both the tasks are very different in nature. Cleaning interior and upholstery of your car is an essential part of safeguarding your valuable investment. As unclean interiors not only give the impression of being clumsy, but it can also lead or contribute to operational and electrical troubles. A clean, systematic interior is a pleasant place to be in. For fresh interiors, you’ll need to arm yourself with any car cleaner who suits you best. You can choose one from few cleaners given below:

How to Clean Interiors and Upholstery
How to Clean Interiors and Upholstery

High Quality Car Cleaners

Using any of the high-quality car cleaners available will extend the life of your car’s surfaces indefinitely.

  • Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner: This cleaner provides a dark and rich shine along with protecting all interior surfaces.
  • Turtle Wax T485 ICE Total Interior Care: Turtle Wax interior care product prevents fading, drying and cracking of interior’s plastic.
  • Mothers 06108 Back-To-Black: Regular use provides long lasting benefits and helps in reviving the factory new-sheen.
  • Turtle Wax T484B ICE Total Interior Care Spray: It protects the automotive interior surface and at the same time cleans and condition interiors.

Car’s upholstery is a very important part of interiors as well. With an increase in usage of cars as living and dining rooms it has become essential to get your car’s upholstery liberated from all kinds of things spilled on it. Stained car upholstery can make your car appear old as well as uninviting, even if the exteriors of your car are perfect to attract anyone. Now you probably be wondering how to clean your car upholstery. This might seem to be an upsetting task to you. Nevertheless, you can rescue yourself in an easy way.

How to Deep-Clean Car Upholstery Seats

Common Problems of cleaning car upholstery

These ideas will show you how to deal with most common problems while cleaning upholstery. Here are a few tips, which will convert this time consuming cleaning chore into a simple task.

  • For the overall maintenance of the car, upholstery should be vacuumed once a week as this is the best defense.
  • While applying spot cleaner, it should be tested at inauspicious places first and then can be dabbed at the desirable spot.
  • If stain still remains after the spot dries, a glass cleaner can be sprayed at that area as it can clean all kinds of upholstery.
  • Salt and hair sprays also can be other options to lift the stains out of carpet and upholstery.
  • To retain the brand new look of your car mats, wax them by a liquid shoe wax polish which will make cleaning unproblematic.
  • Rinse vinyl seats with dishwashing detergent and water. These can also be wiped with Baking soda.

Once you know how to clean car upholstery, it can be kept clean and supple but be careful of enthusiastic cleaning as it can damage your upholstery.

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katrinasui 5 years ago

Hi Kevin, Thanks for sharing these great tips to clean car interior. I will try to follow these suggestions.

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Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi katrinasui,

Glad to know that the tips included in the hub was useful to you. Are these suggestions working well for your car. Thanks for your good comment.

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