Car Window Tinting Prices

When many people think of tinting the windows of their car, they usually associate it with cosmetic work to make the car look more attractive.  However, tinted windows have many other advantages.  Windows that do not allow in the direct sunlight help to keep your vehicle cool in the summer and block out UV rays of the sun that cause sunburn and skin cancer. Tinted car windows and windshield tint can also help protect your vehicle from being broken into because potential robbers cannot catch a glimpse of what is in the vehicle.  Apart from providing privacy, protection, and a cosmetic make-over to the vehicle, tint film on windows also helps keep the glass together in case of an accident.

There is much debate in the tinting industry as to what price to charge customers for tint installation and the cost of the product.  The problem occurs when shops open up in town offering what consumers see as the same product for much less than the original long-time tint shops give.  In considering what product to go for, it is advisable to get your windows tinted by a shop that you trust, your friends know, and will be around to help you if your tint experiences problems.  You should be confident that you could get a refund or repairs done on a crumby tint job.

Many tint shops offering prices just above cost price are of a fly by night nature.  They move into an area of town, conduct low-cost business, make a few bucks, and then move on.  This kind of business is known to hurt the tinting industry and those shops that have been offering quality products for a long time.  When you think about it, it is better to buy a product you know will last than trying to pinch your pennies and be on the receiving end of a scam or raw deal.

The typical window tinting prices range from 150 to 250 dollars for passenger vehicles depending on what kind of quality tint you desire.  The price is even lower for trucks and buses.  SUV's on the other hand are charged about 170-260 dollars for a tint job.  Prices also vary depending on the type of warranty you want from the tint shop.


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