Car Chasing Videos - Watching the Police Chase Criminals

Car Chase Videos

For several years I lived in Los Angeles and at least a couple of times a month some joker decided he could outrun the cops. Naturally every local tv station got in on the action by preempting their scheduled broadcasts in favor of the car chase. Some of them lasted hours but they all had one foredrawn conclusion -- the cops won! They always win. And yet, someone always thinks they are going to be the exception that proves the rule.

So with that, here's a few outrageous car chase videos that I found to share with you, plus some info about some of my favorite car chase movies. Have fun!

Mustang spins out during car chase

In this insanely aggressive car chase, the pursuing police car forces the fleeing driver into a 360 degree spin-out and he comes out of it and keeps going! And this happens twice! I've never seen anything like it. The chase took place in Oakland, CA and I'm amazed at just how aggressive the police are in using their own vehicles to actually hit and maneuver the vehicle being chased. Crazy!

Pulling a Gun on the Cops

In this police chase video, the pursued driver pulls out a gun on the cops after slamming on his breaks and forcing the pursuit vehicle to crash into him. The cops return fire with shotguns and then the chase is back on. The finale on this is incredible.

Houston Police chase BMW Driver

This was a two hour police pursuit in Houston in 2006 with the pursued BMW driving about 100 miles per hour. Crazy!

My Favorite Car Chase Movies

I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite car chase movies. There is nothing cooler than Max's Interceptor.

Max driving the Interceptor
Max driving the Interceptor

Mad Max on DVD

Mad Max (1978) One of the great low-budget thrillers of its decade, George Miller's stunning intro for the antiheroic title character involves electrifying road rage, a highway maniac called the Toe-cutter, and the youthful Mel Gibson. From behind the wheel of his super-charged interceptor, patrolman Max metes out rough justice leaving bodies in the wake of his tyre tracks. There are few non-Hollywood productions to match the memorable stunt sequences of this Australian road movie.

The Road Warrior (1981) Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia where petrol has become the world's most precious commodity, the 'Mad' Max Rockatansky of the title (Mel Gibson) is a former cop whose wife and children were murdered in the first film by a group of bandits. Now a renegade roaming the highways in "the last of the V8 Interceptors", basically a Ford XB Falcon with a whacking great supercharger sticking out of the bonnet, the film opens with Max fending off a group of marauding bikers. The best chase scene however comes right at the end of the movie after Max has been taken in by a group of villagers and helps them flee a gang of murderous bikers hell bent on stealing their precious fuel. Max, driving an armoured petrol tanker, lures them away, allowing the villagers to make their escape in the opposite direction while Max fights a running battle with plenty of lethal looking stunts and gratuitous violence thrown into the mix.

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