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New sports car
New sports car

There are many places you can purchase a car for sale but there are few places that will give you good tips on buying a car that can really save you a ton of money. This hub points you in the right direction when you are ready to purchase the next car. These tips are to help protect you from the unknown dangers of buying a new or used car. I hope you find these tips and tools helpful. Good luck on your car buying venture may it be a great one.

Tips to Help

1. Blue book value

What is Kelley Blue Book Value:

It is a trusted resource that can determine the value of just about any car for you so you know if you are getting a good deal or not. I wouldn't buy a car without looking up it's value through Kelley Blue Book Values first it's that important to me. Kelly blue book is an estimation tool to help find the value of a car based upon different options for that particular car. It asks you if it for retail value, private resale or trade in value because all these options will make a difference. Then it will ask you about mileage, feature options and condition of the car this will all help find the actual value of the car so you can make a better more informed decision on your purchase of a different car.

2. Mechanics opinion

You may have a set mechanic, although most people do not it is pretty easy now a days to go online and find a trusted mechanic to check out the condition of the car before you buy it. Asking a mechanic to look at the car in person and possibly take it for a test drive can find those costly problems that you may not know exist with the car before you buy it. The cost of a mechanics inspection is well worth it when you consider $35.00-$75.00 can save $500.00 for new breaks to $1000.00 of dollars for a bad transmission or some other unforeseen problem. 

3. Mileage on the car

My dad always said high mileage possible multiple problems exist. Before you buy a car with high mileage you might want to consider what else may need fixing to need replaced or repaired due to the high mileage of the vehicle. Do some research about the type of vehicle as well some cars are find with some mileage yet others not so much. When in debt ask a mechanic.

4. Age & condition of car

This one goes with out saying if the car is older this could mean it needs more work, but it also depends on the upkeep of the car as well. If an owner has had repairs to the car through out the years it may be ion good condition. You can always check to see if there is a car-fax report that tells you the history of the car. This can be a very handy tool.

5. Warranty option

Is there a warranty option with the car, most used cars are sold with an as is condition attached to them. As is means you get what you pay for, now that is not to say there is not a lemon law in your state. You can look up the lemon laws in your state here for more lemon law general information from consumer affairs and business regulations you can check with your state Office of Consumer Affairs. A warranty is basically a guarantee the car will run so so many moths or so many miles major problem free. Now not all problems are covered under warranty so you need to read the fine print & you need to ask questions if you have specific concerns about any problems that could arise and be very costly to repair. It goes without saying a newer car should have fewer problems but this is not always the case so make sure you get a warranty before you sign anything. Most of all know your rights when you buy a new or used car.

Car Sale Person
Car Sale Person

6. Budget the maximum amount to spend

Never let the sales person talk you into a car you can not afford. Remember the sale person is not there to be your friend or pal. The sales person gets paid when you buy a car, they are there to make a car sale not matter what it takes. Keep that in mind not matter what they tell you. A sales person can even talk you into a car you simply can not afford just so they can make some money off the sale. Before you go to purchase a car make sure you budget the maximum amount you can afford and never go over that amount.

7. Drive the car

I do not know how many time I have heard I just don't like the way it drives on the interstate. When I bought it I didn't think to try driving it there. Do yourself a big favor and drive the car where you normally have to drive. The car lots do not mind if you test drive the car. Make an informed decision before you buy a car new or used either way you have to be comfortable with the car with everyday driving.

8. Take your time

Many people think if they find a car they like they have to rush to buy it. The sales person will be all to happy to say things like well this deal will not last long. The best thing to remember is that deals are always out there to be had cars are every where to be bought by the next car buyer. You want the right car not the quick sale. If the car is meant to be yours it will work out when you have had time for the mechanic to check the cars as well as when you get to test drive the car and ask questions about the warranty as well as if it has a car fax report.

9. A good reputation

Make sure the dealer you buy your car from has a good reputation as far as service as well as honoring warranties. I have had problems in this area so a word of warning go check the dealer on the better business web site before you trust they have a good record. 

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for your great information.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

you are very welcome. We just bought a new car or I should say truck $4K below blue book value yay me :) Have a good day!

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