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U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced Thursday that after a wildly successful run, the cash for clunkers program will come to a close on Monday, August 24th at 8 p.m. EDT.

 Bill of Rights~Consumer

1. Anyone who is approved can participate in the CARS Program known as cash for clunkers the time the program will run is up for discussion right now but most believe it will be extended for at least a few more months.

2. When approved you will receive a credit for $3,500 or $4,500 for an approved trade-in to go for the purchase or lease of an approved vehicle.

3. If approved you  will receive the $3,500 or $4,500 credit when you purchase the new vehicle then the dealer will apply the credit to the price of the car.

4. If dealers advertise other rebates or discounts in addition to the credit they receive through the CARS Program the dealer must also provide consumers with that deal as well.

5. Deals should be discussed in person at the dealership of their choice, not on the Internet.

6. Participants should expect the dealers to provide their best estimate of the scrap value for their approved trade-in vehicle. Dealers are allowed to deduct $50 from this value for their administrative costs.

7. Social Security numbers are not required for a CARS transaction. Participants should know that all information collected through the CARS Program will be kept confidential. 

Cash in your clunker with Cash For Clunkers
Cash in your clunker with Cash For Clunkers

Need To Know Items

1. The vehicle you wish to trade has to be less than 25 years old or you can not trade it in.

2. New vehicle lease or purchase only!

3. Must get 18 or less miles per gallon. Large pick-ups or cargo vans have a different requirements.

4. You must have had the vehicle registered as well as insured for a full year before the trade in date.

5. Dealers apply credit to the purchase price.

6. The Cash for clinkers program was said to run through November 1, 2009 but the funds were exhausted earlier than anticipated. The program will most likely receive new funds to be extended.

7. Unfortunately the program is said to require vehicles that are traded in to be scrapped. There is a scrap value that the dealer should add to the rebate amount.

Check the Gov Website often to make sure your stay up to date on the program @‎

Cash in your clunker with Cash For Clunkers
Cash in your clunker with Cash For Clunkers

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