Cheap Truck Insurance - Start saving Now

Cheap Truck Insurance

Cheap Truck Insurance does not mean low quality insurance, it just means you were smart enough to shop online and get the best deal and get a great truck insurance estimate.

With this very bad economy every thing is going up in price. Don't you think it is time to start saving money when ever you can. So i am going to try and help you and list a few tips that will help you save money on your truck insurance and even car insurance.

  • Shop online for your truck insurance - By shopping online you could save as much as 20% and that is because your saving the agents money and they pass the savings on to you.
  • Senior citizen discount - Seniors can get a discount on their truck insurance.
  • Multi-car discount - If you have more than one vehicle then combine the policies to save even more.
  • Good Drivers - Most insurance companies offer a good drivers discount. If you have been accident and have no traffic violations for a period of 5 years or longer then you might qualify for this. This means if you have a lead foot you might want to slow it down so you can save money and get you cheap truck insurance.
  • Bad Claims - Do not claim everything on your insurance, If you break your windshield and it cost $300 to replace it and your deductible is $500 then this would be a bad claim. Because the repair is less that the deductible and you still have to pay it. The bad thing is you reported it to the insurance company and now they have that on your record. So be smart with what you report. This will cause your rates to go up, so don't do it!
  • Higher deductible - If you raise your deductible from $500 to $1,000 then you could save big time when you go to get a free truck insurance quote.

Funny Car Insurance Video

Wrecked Truck

Why is a Defensive Driving Class such a great Idea?

This is a great idea no matter how old you are or how long you have been driving. One reason that you might enjoy is that you could get a possible discount on your car insurance by taking one of these defensive driver courses.

Another great reason is if you have better driving skills and you are more aware of whats going on around you, you will be less likely to get caught up in an accident.

Can Teens Save Money on their Truck Insurance?

Actually there are a few ways that a teen can save money on their car insurance. Most insurance companies will give a discount if the teen driver has a "B" average or better. Also, they might get a discount from a drivers safety course.

You might also be able to lower the cost if you do automatic electronic payments or if you pay the premium in full.


Have you ever been involved in a Hit and Run?

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Hit and Run?

This has to be one of the most frustrating things on the planet. I have heard more and more about people that have had there cars hit in the parking lots and the person that hit them drove off if they think no one saw it happen. Or they park to close to you and they open the door and hit your car and ding the side and never even leave any information.

I personally hate this behavior!!!

The good news is, there are some insurance companies that are starting to not raise rates when stuff happens when its not your fault. They are calling it accident forgiveness.

I believe this is happening do to robust competition. This also helps drive down the cost of insurance. If you watch TV and see all the insurance commercials you will see that they are always coming up with some new kind of discount to get your business. This is a good thing!

I will admit I wish they would have tried this with health insurance!

Get Several Quotes Online For Truck Insurance

Look if you really want to save then its time to shop around. It is a good thing that so much is done online today, because you can get quotes 24/7. Yes i know its a pain in the backside to even have to deal with this stuff. But if you could save several hundred dollars a year then it would be worth it and that day you spent getting cheap truck insurance estimate will pay off..

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jeanie.stecher profile image

jeanie.stecher 6 years ago from Seattle

I thought of it just like you do Dilon. In fact when my friends and I are talking about insurances, I always insist that these affordable insurances might just be perfect. For me, what is important is the service it may render as when you need it, the company will not hesitate to give your share.

dillon102 profile image

dillon102 6 years ago Author

Jeanie, I forgot i was going to recommend after you get a quote to look the company up on the better business burial if you unsure. But all insurance companies are regulated by the state your located in and if they have to many complaints they would be shut down. However its always good to check.

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