Cheap Ways to Pimp Your Car

Why take care of your car?

A car can bring with it a symbol of status, and a display of personality. Some people even treat their cars better than the women in their lives. Some guys really need, or want help in keeping up with the most fashionable car accessories. Deciding how to pimp your car is part of the delight in owning it.

In effect your car is a representation of you... Be sure to make a good impression!

If a girl notices the way you take care of yourself and your car, what do you think she would assume about the way you will treat her? Girls notice these types of things and will pick guys who take care of themselves their cars, and other possessions.

Cheapest Level $

1. Buy Xenon bulbs for your headlights - Most cars out on the road have a pale yellow complexion to their lights. This is because of the halogen bulbs that most manufacturers put in their cars. If you put in a Xenon bulb you will get a crisp clear white complexion. Your car will look like a luxury car, all for the price of $20-$45. Depending on where you go.

2. Wash and wax your car regularly. No way around this. You need to keep your car clean to make it look good. I find that the cleaner your car is, the more you’ll be inclined to keep it that way. Having a clean vehicle will positively influence your interactions with the opposite sex. Here is an example of a wash and wax kit: Meguiar's Classic Wash & Wax Kit

3. Buy an air freshener. Everyone is partial to different odors. However, everyone likes a good car air freshener. For example many people enjoy the new car smell. So, whether you want to obtain a new car smell, or just want a fresh scent like pine, or oranges, keep your automobile interior smelling fresh and pick up a car air freshener. Cost: $1-10.

4. Personalized License Plates or License Plate Frames. Coming up with an original plate that is still available from the DMV can be a challenge. But it can be an entertaining and rewarding challenge. Frames are easily customizable and can say just about anything you want. Even makes a great gift.

5. Get a Custom Steering Wheel Cover. Cover up that cracked or unsightly steering wheel. Many times getting a cover that compliments the exterior paintjob of your car can be very asethetically pleasing. Careful, you want to choose carefully, if you select a steering wheel cover that is too colorful or just plain ugly, it will have an overal negative impact on the looks of your vehicle. Cost @$50.

6. Vinyl Window Stickers. Window decals are made from high quality weatherproof vinyl that last for five years or longer. They are cheap, easy to apply and remove. They won't damage paint or tint on any car or vehicle. Highly customizable, you can send any message you want. A very cheap way to pimp your car.

Mid-Level Pricing

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1. Install a sub woofer for your car stereo. Many people enjoy deep and solid bass, and it can really improve the quality of music in your car. Unfortunately cars with factory stereo systems usually do not include sub woofers. Buying just the sub-woofer will be a lot cheaper than installing a whole new stereo and will likely achieve comparable results.

2. Have Your Windows Tinted. Getting your windows tinted is a great idea to make your car be more aesthetically pleasing, increase your privacy within the car, and protect yourself and the interior of your car from UV damage.

3. Buy after-market wheels. If you want your car to look significantly better than all the other cars out on the road, one of the quickest and most dramatic things you can do is to replace the factory rims with aftermarket rims. Be careful though getting new rims can backfire. In my opinion many of the aftermarket rims out there actually make the car look worse. Keep it tasteful people. No spinners!!!

4.  Get a DVD player in the car- These are much less expensive than they used to be. Are the kids getting annoying during long road trips? Then it is time to fit a DVD player in your car. many DVD players come with a LCD screen have many features and are not very intimidating to install. Better be safe than sorry, install the DVD player at the back of the car, so that you will not be distracted while driving.

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don 7 years ago

sweet f-in hub. i love big pimpin in my car when i ride

Carlos 6 years ago

Thanks, those are good ways !! I have 8 of 10 your Cheap ways to pimp a car.

Marc Menzies 6 years ago


darren 5 years ago

what rims would look good on a 1999 jeep cherokee (color white)

Melissa 5 years ago

Wow. Way to make your generic car look trashy.

ROHEEL 5 years ago


noah 5 years ago

to darren

any set of asanti brand rims wood look great on that car preferably white rims

Cobrafan profile image

Cobrafan 5 years ago from Nowhere

Instead of using Xenon bulbs, you can go through and get a quality HID setup for just a little more.

HondaRacer 5 years ago

another way to make your car look good would be to buy spray paint that matches your exterior and paint your dash and vents that color. makes your interior look a whole lot better than the plain dash

SubieRacer 4 years ago

One word. Plasti-Dip!

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Devon 3 years ago

All good ideas, the only other thing i could add would be seat covers

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