Old Automotive Ads

Collecting Antique Automotive and Agricultural Ads

Magazine ads from the early years of the automobile and agriculture industries make wonderful decorative framed prints. Whether they're matted and framed or just framed to preserve the ad, they are unique and sometimes rare items. They fit well in the den or living room or even the farmhouse kitchen.

Automobile dealers and antique vehicle collectors find them especially delightful. Their showrooms and offices depict the history of the automobile.

The ads for the agricultural and industrial communities , along with all the small ads for household and kitchen items, really make you think long and hard about the progress that's been made in living and society over the last eighty or so years.

The ads in the pictures with this article come from a copy of The Country Gentleman newspaper published on January 20, 1923. This was a newspaper type magazine written especially for "the American farmer and his family". It is Vol. LXXXVIII,No.3, printed in Philadelphia, PA.

The ads have not been separated from the magazine. Even though every page is browned and brittle, I was still able to scan them. The pages are ten and half wide by fourteen inches tall.

1923 Buick

This is a full page ad for the 1923 Buick, Model 45, six cylinder touring vehicle, which cost $1195.

It was made by Buick Motor Company, a division of GMC.

The ad says" The Buick They Judge By". What a ride this must have been.

Can you imagine the excitement of taking Sunday trips to church and picnic's with the family for the first time.

1923 Buick

1923 Chevy Utility Coupe

This photo shows a full page ad showing us the 1923 Chevrolet Utility Coupe, which was made by the Chevrolet Motor Company, another division of GMC.

It is labeled "The car for the woman on the farm". Can you imagine puttering down to the barn in that little coupe?

This I suppose was the precursor to a jeep or small size truck!

1923 Chevrolet Utility Coupe

Goodyear Tires

A full page ad shows the Goodyear Tires that were in use at that time. They are definitely different from the ones we use today and probably much heavier and harder to change.

My we've come along way, don't you think?

Good Year Tire Ad

Firestone- Clipper Ship Ad

A full page ad showing the Firestone - Clipper Ship ad, entitled " The Spirit of leadership".

This ad is a real treasure. Anyone who is in a transportation business of any type would love to have this ad on their walls.

1923 Firestone Ad

1923 Delco Ad

This photo is of a full page ad for Delco, the company we recognize for batteries and small engine parts.

The name Delco has lived up to it's name. It's a top choice name for batteries and other automotive items still today.

Look at the list of 1923 automobiles that were using Delco products. It's amazing,even some autos I've never heard of.

Delco Ad

Fisher Auto Bodies

This is a half page ad for Fisher Automobile bodies. Where would we be without Fisher bodies? You can't help but notice the "Fisher' emblem when you see it on a car or a car part.

Fisher Automotive Bodies Ad

Agricultural Brooders

Switching to agricultural products this is an ad showing the new Blue Flame Buckeye Colony Brooder.

I can't help but wonder how poultry chicks were kept warm before these came along.

Buckeye Colony Brooder

1923 Timken Tapered Roller Bearings

These two photos are a full two page layout ad for Timken Tapered Roller Bearings.

Notice that these ads were printed with some orange coloring. So advancements were being made in printing as well as automotive and agricultural progress.

Timken Ad

Right page
Right page
Left page
Left page

1920s John Deere Spreader

Here we have a half page ad for the new "John Deere Spreader".

What a tremendous help this must have been for the farmers in the 1920s.

Can you picture yourself driving this spreader as compared to how we do it today?

John Deere Farm Product Ad

Thornhill Wagons Ad

The newest and the latest for 1923. This is a full page ad for Thornhill Wagons with Rotary Skeins, manufactured by Thornhill Wagon Company in Lynchburg, VA.

What an asset these wagons must have been to farmers.

Thornhill Wagons

Authors Note

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures of the ads from this 1923 copy of The Country Gentleman.

Let them be a reminder of all the progress we have made in business, industry and in our lives in general.

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galleryofgrace 7 years ago from Virginia Author

Thanks Prasetio30, I love these ads , they are still in the magazine. I don't have the heart to separate the pages.

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prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

those are really rare and old ads. great hub.

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