Honda CG-125 Deluxe VS Ravi Piaggio Storm-125

Specifications of Honda CG-125 - Deluxe

Engine: 4-Stroke OHV cooled by air

Displacement: 124.1 cm3

Bore & Stroke: 56.5 x 49.5 mm

Compression %age: 9.0 : 1

Wheelbase: 1278 mm

Starting: Kick start

Ground Clearance: 136 mm

Petrol Capacity: 12 Liter

Tyre at Front: 2.75 - 18 42P

Tyre at Back: 90/90 - 18 51S

Dry Weight: 112 KG

Transmission Continuous: 5 speed mesh

Features of RAVI-PIAGGIO Storm 125

Engine: 125cc

Bore & Stroke: 56.5mm x 49.5mm

Air Filter: Dry Paper Core

Lubrication: Pressure and Splash

Starting: electric/Kick

Max. Speed: - 125Km/h

Front/rear shock absorber: Hydraulic Spring

Transmission: 5-Speed constant mesh

Wheel base: 1295mm

Net weight: 115Kg

Max. Load: 150Kg

Front Brake: Disc Brake

Rear Brake: Drum Brake

Battery: 12V7Ah

Gear Indicating light: 12V 1.7 x 6

Fuel Tank Capacity: 16L


Comparison between (HONDA CG-125 Deluxe) and (RAVI PIAGGIO Storm-125)

  1. Honda----------------------------------------------- Ravi Piaggio
  2. 124cc engine ------------------------------------- 124cc engine
  3. euro II emission control system --------------- euro II emission control system
  4. 13 ltr fuel tank ------------------------------------ 15 ltr fuel tank
  5. fuel average approx 45km/ltr ------------------ fuel average approx 55-60km/ltr
  6. Front Disk Brake --------------------------------- Front Disk Brake
  7. front tire 17" rear 18" width 3.0 ---------------- front tire 17" rear 18" width 3.25
  8. No visible engine oil level gauge -------------- Visible Engine Oil level gauge
  9. headlight not powered by battery ------------ Head light powered by battery
  10. Rear brake shoe width 0.8 inch --------------- Rear brake shoe width 1.1 inch
  11. kick starter ----------------------------------------- kick starter + self starter
  12. no dedicated dipper switch --------------------- dedicated dipper switch
  13. Dry weight 110kg --------------------------------- Dry weight 111kg
  14. Fuel gauge on speedometer ------------------- Fuel gauge on speedometer
  15. Japanese Technology ---------------------------- Italian Technology
  16. No parking light ------------------------------------ Parking light
  17. Euro II introduced in 2010 model --------------- Euro II introduced in 2007

which bike is better?

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MAAZ SHARIF profile image

MAAZ SHARIF 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

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sanan 6 years ago


andi 6 years ago

RAVI-PIAGGIO storm 125 this is best

Arshad Mehmood Nasir 5 years ago

Honda Cg125 Delixue is Very Very Good, This is very powerfull Bike. I like it.

I will challenge to RAVI-PIAGGIO bike for the speed with Honda CG125 Delixue only with 4Speed.

Noman Ch 5 years ago

No buddy I challenge you Piaggio is best and io baet your CG only with 4 speed because when i put 5th gear its got 140Kmph

choudhary 5 years ago

honda cg is good for short races but for long distance race ravi-piaggio is more comfortable and better

shahzad 5 years ago

no sir 125 deluxe is best than ....piagio...125 deluxe honda is strong and power full...

imran 5 years ago

actually ravi piaggio is more comfortable,strong and powerful than honda cg-125 but now the trend in bike is cg-125 datz why every 1 go for cg-125 but people who knew spec of piaggio shud go for piaggio....both bikes r gud but PIAGGIO IS THE BESSST...

USMAN TAHIR 5 years ago

yar maine kal he ravi piaggio li hai or honda 125 k sath race lagai hai ..short distance may tu wo agey mgr long distance may piaggio is better then...reason yeh hai k ravi slow pick pakrti hai..mgr 120 ki speed per b dolti nai ...

Kamran Quraishi 5 years ago

I am also driving on Piaggio 125 and its best in my opinion in almost perfect road grip, fuel consumption, break power, 16 ltr fuel tank and fit hydraulic suspension. compare to Honda, Piaggio is better......

Hasan Abbas 5 years ago

Piaggio is a better option because basically what we build is what the others think. Compare both cg 125 deluxe and Piaggio storm 125 , piaggio is better option and all the stuff that's inside depends upon care and maintainence. remember one thing YOU ARE TO DRIVE THE BIKE , THE BIKE IS NOT TO DRIVE YOU.

baber ali 5 years ago

dear bro.... may ne app sab k comments sun liye hay ...

i m satisfied about both bike. but still i love piaggio.

may bike layna chahta ho.... plz plz plz koi brother mujhay bataye ga k iss ki fuel average kya hay.. but accorate fuel average batan plz or ha iss ka salaf start wala part quality kysi hay .


Bilal haider bhutta 5 years ago

Ravi piaggio strom is good bike then honda cd 125. But when asv and ecu unit distarb its fuel avg disterb so plz ravi piaggiao give traings and avail mechanics at 3s delaers who are well train by ravi company to solve asv and ecu unit repairness and replacement with bike tuning.

baber ali 5 years ago

yaar sabhi keh rahay hay k honda 125 he lo par may kehta ho k piaggio he layni hay par andar say darta bhe ho ....plz mujhay satisfication k liye bataye k piaggio maintenance average kya hay . zyada kam to naee nikalti or ha iss k spare parts engine k easily mil jatay hay ..yeh to nahi k may apna haath tang kar k lay loo or baad may bohat tang karay plz koi bhai mujhay batay k yeh bike kaysi hay plz.... maintenance wise kaysi hay or jaldi kharab to naee ho gi or parts price zyada to naee hay

Hasan Abbas 5 years ago

Brother i have bought piaggio storm 125 2 weeks back. abhi tak to theek chal raha hai. fuel 50km/litre tak hai if u maintain speed from 50-70. bhaganay mai acha hai , comfortable hai. i will suggest to buy this one. Honda ki resale hai dats it. baqi ap per hai bike is good compared to cg 125 deluxe. feature wise bhi sab se best hai ye bike abhi tak. ap search kar lo beshak. bhai khareed lo, logo ki mat suno dil ki suno :) quality wise bohat achi cheez hai, spare itna expensive nahi hai bas abhi market mai itna aaam nahi hai , dealer se spare araam se mil jata hai.

Hasan Abbas 5 years ago

Its a really head turning machine , believe me. i have bought this bike of 84000 rs cash.searched a lot for that bike , asked a lot of people. :) still vote goes for PIAGGIO Storm 125

Hasan Abbas 5 years ago

Piaggio storm 125 ist gear= ist warning

2nd gear=2nd warning

3rd gear=3rd warning

4th gear= f*** off

5th gear= eat my dust


if engine and bike is maintained properly

comparison to honda 125 and deluxe

Pagal 5 years ago

yar tum log 125 ko rotay rehtay ho kabhi india mai jo bikes launch hotay hain wo daikho yamaha fz16 suzuki gs150r please apni soch ko thora badlo get out of this . you shouls say thanks to ravi piaggio that they have introduced a good bike in pakistan. honda sirf loot raha hai that's it and its just maintaing quality in that old style crap bike.

Pagal 5 years ago

yar tum log 125 ko rotay rehtay ho kabhi india mai jo bikes launch hotay hain wo daikho yamaha fz16 suzuki gs150r please apni soch ko thora badlo get out of this . you shouls say thanks to ravi piaggio that they have introduced a good bike in pakistan. honda sirf loot raha hai that's it and its just maintaing quality in that old style crap bike.

shakeel rajpoot 20 months ago

A.o.A sb bhai logon ko .yr main honda 125 deluxe lay raha houn nxt 2 week main .so plz koi bhai mujay guide karay ga es k baray main mujay ye bike bhot pasand hai but maine suna hai k es ki maximum speed 97 km/ h kya ye sach hai koi bhai mujay btaye ga .ak aur bat main ye bike es lye purchase krna chata houn k ye 5 gear speed hai aur speed b zeyada hai than CG 125 se I m waitng ur answer

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