Craigslist Used Cars for Sale

Craigslist Used Cars for Sale

There are many great deals on Craigslist and you can get a very nice car if you check the Craigslist Used Cars for Sale by owner section of the free advertising board. Remember that there are many great prices and you can check cars by car model, make, and price. There are a lot of dealers that post advertisements on that site and it’s best if you work with a private owner as you will probably get a better deal than going through a dealer. Remember that dealers work on commission and will do everything in their power to make sure that you do not get a good deal on the car. However, with used car owners, they are typically just trying to get rid of a car that is already paid off and are more susceptible of selling you a car for a very cheap price.

However, there are drawbacks from buying from a private owner because you will have to manually register and transfer the title over to yourself and this might take some time out of your busy day. If you go through a dealership, they will make sure that all applicable taxes, and legal title transfers are performed. If this does not deter you from trying to purchase a car off of Craigslist, then make sure to visit your states local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) website and make sure that you are performing all the legal actions to transfer the car title. If you are the seller of a used vehicle, then make sure that you report the sale to the DMV and that you save some money as you will be taxed on the sale of your car at fiscal year-end.

Remember that there are many scam artists on this website and to be weary of such scams when using the Craigslist used cars website. Some scams include the "seller" telling you to wire money to their bank account and then promising that they will ship the car to you via freight. ALWAYS verify and see the car first hand before paying for any type of shipping. Also, make sure to exchange the title, take pictures of the car, and verify identification of the person before exchanging money for the vehicle. Any legit owner of the car will be glad to give you these important documents. This way, you will have the reassurance of knowing that you are getting a great price on the car as well as knowing that you are not being duped into a scheme. You can be very successful using this free website to sell your car. Recently my friend had an Audi car for sale that he recently sold on CL.

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TanishaRobertson 6 years ago

selling a 1998 buick skylark white and its clean

anyifreeze is leaking but in great condition

sandra 6 years ago

I'm looking for an economy stationwagon. That's afforable and runs. I'm willing to pay $500-$1000 you can reach me at 313 6853093

John Strode 6 years ago

I am in kind of a box here, a 57-year old retiree who was perfectly content up til about ten days ago, On Sunday night Jul 12th I wrecked my '98 Dodge Neon, too much damage to fix than it was worth at 150,000+ miles on the clock.

So now, I only have a couple of hundred dollars to put down, and I am looking for a basic transportation vehicle for, maynbe $1,000-$1.500, have to finance the rest, and intend to go back to work - ANY job.

Can someone help me, please? I have little money and decent credit but I need some wheels, I live in Independence, MO, and I can be reached any time at 816-478-4992. My ID address is, if there is anyone out there in the Independence, MO area - or even in the greater Kansas City area - please contact me, I have nothing mut time but little money.

I'm a man who needs a ride, so thanx for responding.

I could really use a break, but I know some people have real problems, I have not lost my perspective on life. I know I'm lucky.

jazmine  6 years ago

im lukinq for a car that's between 300-600 that's running and in qood condition. If y have any info contact me at 205-496-3596

sandy 6 years ago

im looking for a nice car around$500-$1000 immediately.Anyone that have something call me at 516 574 2052

albert ferguson 6 years ago

i am lookin for a car to buy i have 1400.00. thank you

Wilbert travier 6 years ago

if you do call me at 381 9597

Mimi 6 years ago

I am looking for a good running car for freeway travel from 900.00 to 1,200 209-726-1925

bob apfel 6 years ago

have 2001 chevy impala for sale car was bought in vegas runs excellent interior perfect ding on right front

bob apfel 6 years ago

asking 1800 563 387 7438

greg boles 6 years ago

my wife and I have a very nice1995 Volvo 850 turbo wagon.We are both ill. I have cancer and she is in 4th stage liver disease.My car was borrowed illegally and they blew the head gasket and probably cracked the head. Iam trying to do the work myself but it has become complicated.I need a head and haed gasket set anhdrepair manual as cheaply as possible.I can be reached at 5305321743

Sean Hill 6 years ago




CALL AT 818-823-8102

Sean Hill 6 years ago



CALL AT 818-823-8102

april 6 years ago

I have a 2000 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition for sale, it has Triton V-8, Asking $7400.00 will consider offer. Call 567-712-4830 located in Ohio.

willis or jamie 6 years ago

looking for dependable mini van we have 4 kids 1 year old 2 year old 7 year old and a brand new baby wife is only one working not alot of money left for things after bills and babies saved 1500.00 please call if you can help us out of our viehecle problem 7208130319

Linda  6 years ago

I am selling my Van.It runs great,white in color/gray interior.$2,200.


sabdur54 6 years ago

I am looking for a vehicle to get from point 'a' to point 'b', not flashy,but relatively reliable, live in Brooklyn NY willing to pay 1,000+

ashley 5 years ago

i have $2000 and i am looking for a dependable cute little car 817 874 6053 thanks

mike 5 years ago

i am selling my 61 apache 20 100% original has 283 with 4 speed needs restored missing a few small parts asking$1000 obo

willy  5 years ago

I sold my Chevy camaro everything working good ready. To use reason for Sale need a truck

willy 5 years ago

Call for info camaro 3014425782

bebey 5 years ago

im looking a toyota any one to $2000.please call me at 8am to 2pm.columbia md

bebey  5 years ago

i have $2000

bebey 5 years ago


ShaRhonda  5 years ago

I have $2000 looking for something to last atleast 2 years !

Happy 5 years ago

I have a 1995 mercede Benz to sell. I can't drive because of my vision.

I want to sell my mercede Benz for $6,000. I have about 170000 miles. I can be reached at 803.732.5888 Columbia, South Caroina

pam 5 years ago

selling 1995 caddi..NEED STARTER...CLEAN

alonza 5 years ago

I have a 1997 ford escort for sale need a seal on the

transmission.asking 1200 (770-861-8938)

Ron Hylton, Sr. 5 years ago

I have a 1996 Dodge Ram 4x4 5.9L V8, 8 inch lift, 33 inch tires, newly rebuilt transmission, winterized, AC/Heat, CD player, Power seat, windows and locks, cruise, tilt, automatic, running boards, grille guard, bedliner, tinted windows with approximately 127k miles. Fuel chip in computer and chip in transmission. Bright Red in color, "The Big Red Machine" $7000.00 or best offer. More info, email me at or call me (918)398-1119. Serious inquiries only, please.

angie  5 years ago

I'm looking for a car that 500 1000 if you find. Please call (901)643-0236

cassandra and black 5 years ago

me n my boyfriend is looking for a good car/suv with no major ploblems,good engine,good transmission,don't look to bad on the paint if u find that type of car or suv we willing to pay at least $500-$600 for it give us a call at 336 965 7265 or 336 987 8944 anytime after 10am

Chris 5 years ago

Looking for a car or van between 500/1000 to get to work and 8608182170 thanks

wayne 5 years ago

looking for chevy blazer, a mini van, or a geo tracker.Willing to spend 500 to 1000 within next two weeks. Can b reached at 607 431 3102

angel  5 years ago

Looking for a cool car runs good r used truck for 1500 2000 hmu@femalegogetter@Gmail. Com

Rome 5 years ago

am looking for a maxima year 1997-2000 am willing to spend up to $2,500

Susan  5 years ago

I am looking for a Kia Amanti, years 2005-2008. Low mileage and low price. Please help!

estrella 5 years ago

Hi.i looking for car i need But i have a little money.please some body can help me. Thanks.and god bless..

MARY 5 years ago


Lynnia 5 years ago

I am looking for a SUV Tahoe/Yukon will to pay 2,000 to 4,000 dollars.... Need as soon as possible.... you can reach me at (928)434-6048.

Loretta Finnikin 5 years ago

My name is Loretta aam looking for a car for about 2000

and that it last me for two years until I finish nursing school.

zipporah speer 5 years ago

my name is Zipporah and im looking for a nice car from 1000 to 1200 dollars i just moved from detroit and i got excepted into clemson and i need a back and forth car give me a car at 864 678 0876

sam 5 years ago

I am looking to spend 2500 on a good working car call me at 617-652-4098

paul shortridge 5 years ago

i have a 1970 cadialac deville sedan four door excellenent condition 89,000 actually miles very pretty will sell if price is right has been garage kept one owner 606-224-2774 if interested

lee whittier  5 years ago

i need a small car or truck for under 500 my younger brother has health problems,1 423 748 4040 morristown tn.

Malijha  5 years ago

I'm looking for a 2001 r 2002 Honda accord coupe please give a call vary interested (562)3942004 $$$$$ I got the green

tarsha 5 years ago

Hi my name is tarsha and am looking for a toyota camry or nissan altima I am sruggling with 3 kids and no transportation its hard out here 4 a single mother I have very little money but can pay at least $500-$1,000 I need at least year 1996-2000.please call 301-8899-3659 thanks!

to robe 5 years ago

I have a maxima 1998. And i wanna 2.500 if are you interested call me at 970 3974471. Luis.

Nick 5 years ago

Looking for car Ican spend up to 1,500 all me at 763 221 5332 {St michael minnesota}

Jerrica 5 years ago

I need a car pretty soon. Iam looking at like nissans or something nice for about 1,200 to 2,500. If you know anything plz email me

lori  5 years ago

looking for a honda accord between 500- 1500 please contact me at 925 684 7560 around brentwood or antoch oakley

ashlie 5 years ago

for sale nissain maxima!! around $2000 - O.B.O

louisville ohio

i have a 1992 nissan maxima im runs great just lookin for something else. im wanting to get something out of it for a new car. no wrecks tht i know of, a.c., automatic, power stearing, keyless entry if your willing to figure out the code i have two it came with but i don't know how to use it lol, little rust, it does have 200000 miles but itsd surprisingly good on gas and it doesn't take me much to fill it. i paid 3500 for it total.

if your interested make an offer at 330-614-5900 leave a message if i don't answer please.ask for ashlie

brian 5 years ago

lookin for a 1996 lexus es 300 or something simuler! i have 2500.00 to spend

mama 5 years ago

I have $10 to $12.000 cash and I'm looking for a nissan murano good condition.callme 267-259-0435

chris 5 years ago

im looking for a car under 1000.00 i can get a loan for it need a 4 cyc. car great gas mailage must be in hattiesburg or laurle ms if you have one call me 7692232222 my name is chris

Ket jefferson 5 years ago

Im looking for a car between 500-1000 dollars year of the car can be 1998-2000 I really need a car asap im a mother trying to go back to school thanks my name is ket live in odgen ks, close by manhattan ks number is 7854776866 call if u got a good running car thank u really need one.

vasquez 5 years ago

I'm in search for a great deal of a chevy truck even if its got a small crash or a burned tranny or motor as long its a great deal in the area code "956" if you have something similar to that please contact me at 956 684 5138. Thank ya! 5 years ago

looking for a honda or a toyota price range around 1000$to 3000$ long as it looks good runs good and some what low millage would be nice .need car that's good on gas ,so i can drive to work and to college would like a 4door have 2 yong kids HELP PLEASE live in piqua ohio 937-570-4393

sherron 5 years ago

i have a 1969 lincoln contitental for sale an i want 3,000 for it. it has 90,000 miles on it its needs some work on the body.(very light) and in the inside(not to bad for the year. its would be the perfact hobbie for u car guys like myself. i spent all most 8,000 into it. if u into cars like me an like to restore call me at 856 676 2363

DeeDee 5 years ago

im lookin for a good running delta 88 our a cadillac deville our a buick lasabre for $500 by next month on da 2nd if you can please give me a call..512*799*9256..please call..even if a friend have it..

kathy 5 years ago

i have a 2000 suburban very nice and no major problems the engine was replace about 4 years ago and mileage never turned back. The dummy lights stay on because of engine being put in but runs good and is very nice third row seating back air controls tow package no rips or tears in upholstry very nice for age no dents except on front bumper

marcus 5 years ago

lookink for car from 500 800 8164371626

randall 5 years ago

i would like to trade my 1966 twin i beam ford truck even for like new scotter

JoSe kiNsay 5 years ago

Hi my nam is jose kinsay i am lookin for a flasshy rid for my homeboye nameed maxxine, somethin close to $100 dollors would be gret thnaks so verry much jose kinta.:) p.s . a ford fiasta woulda be great thanx gain.

shirley lindley 5 years ago

el sr alberto cuadros engana a las personas con los autos a mi me a estafado con 65000 dollars.

Bruce 5 years ago

I have a 2007 Mustang convertible V6 Red with black top. Excellent condition, loaded, with new tires, just had a tune up and new back brakes. Will need front brakes within the next month. $9,500 or B.O. 118,000 mi. 678-231-5648.

tara 5 years ago

hay what's good just looking for a cheap car anyone know anything

patty 5 years ago

my husband and i just moved to mississippi fof his new job.we need help to find a car .right now he is riding his bike 25 miles to work we will have about 1000 in a week. if you could help us we would be very thankful.

jlow 5 years ago

hi i have a 1994 migs galant ls. it needed a paint job its a four cylinder good running and ive been using it for the last couple months take me back and forth from work to home everiwhere so if ure interested im selling it for seven hundred and the reason why i want to sell it becauze i want to help my lil sistaz graduation please i needed to be sell out by tomm the fifteen of june 2011 thank u call me at 8187383133

lucy grillo 5 years ago

have an oldsmobile 82 cutless supreme need a little work please make me an offer does run,call me at 8314224400 or 578 5707, or ca be used for parts

Stephen 5 years ago

Looking for 88-93 suzuki sammeri running or not in 100 miles of Myrtle beach S.C

nellie peterson 5 years ago

i looking for a nice clean one owner jeep grand cherokee laredo 2000 to 2007 you may contact me at 773 540 7149.

i need a car right away.

BEARII 5 years ago


ALLEN TRAYLOR 5 years ago


cora gloster 5 years ago

looking for a nice van want to pay only 600.00 that all i can afford a call me at 716-597-2901 asap

junior 5 years ago

Looking for a car 500.00 to 900.00

Plumcrazy 5 years ago

I have a 2006 Dodge charge Daytona edition R/T. 5.7 hemi, preformance muffler, super chip, added hp from 350 to approx 480. fully loaded, cruise control, dual front power seats, dual heated seats, leather suede interior, dvd, navigation, satelitte, am/fm 6 disc cd/mp3 player,interior immaculant,less than 14,000 miles, going through a divorce, was the exes car, would like to get rid of and close this chapter. Asking 23,000. Call 541-331-3656 please leave message.

Guillermo 5 years ago

Hi my name is guillermo a jave 1999 GMC suburban new engine onli $2500 good truck

carmalee 5 years ago

looking for a car for around 1500 to be able to commute back and forth to work

daddy o 5 years ago

Looking for a cheap dependable vehicle have three kids so kinda roomy

Fiori Magliulo 5 years ago

I am looking for a 2007 Ford Escort 4 cyl or 6 cyl. with no higher mileage then 65,000. and a price range of $ 10,000. to $12,000. email me at

shanise13 5 years ago

I'm looking for a car for only about $1000-$1500

david w lazzell 5 years ago

car $ 4000 MAX.

Emma 5 years ago

I am looking for a lincoln town car year 2002-2003 for $2000-2400 call me at 321-460-4125

Ms. Di 5 years ago

I have a 1977 Chevy Impla great engine needs alittle body work was getting it painted and the man went out of business, it is a collectors Item son is will to sell $2,000 or make me an offer 68,000 miles runs great! call me (859) 245-9053.

jaime garcia 5 years ago

ando buscando una toyota o nissan v6 standar 4x4 2000 a 2004

Donnishe 5 years ago

I am looking for a good nice looking car nothing that's older then 15 years old for 1500 or less. You can contact me @

danie 5 years ago

Iam looking for an suv or mini van I have a six year old n a new born attending nursing school si don't really have much.

Can someone please contact me ASAP @ 216376-6579 Thanks

jesus 5 years ago

i have a 1999 mazda 626 and a honda accord 1994.i am asking for 2,500 for each both in good conditions. i accept other offers. call me at (626)409-1807

divine 5 years ago

looking for a tahoe i only have 2500 if someone have one please call 6165894929 thank u

richard fries 5 years ago

i have a 95dodge conversion van for sale runs great pased emmissions asking 1600 great van blue & white give me a call at 520 906 7679

maclise 5 years ago

i'm looking for nice looking car to go off to college i don't have that much but price range of $2,000 or less please e-mail me at thank you

Amaka 5 years ago

i am looking for a 2001 to 2004 Toyota Sienna. PLs e-mail me @

carlos 5 years ago

I had s dodge patas for sale

Abbey 5 years ago

i need very neet and good Honda,Toyota,or Masda car for $1400. any make b/4 wednesday 10/12/2011. mail me @ League City Texas. Abbey.

tians 5 years ago

Cheap cars lol

meme 5 years ago

lookin for any kind of car long as it runs for 500to800dollars

dailygrind 5 years ago

There is a site dedicated to finding cheap cars on craigslist called

check it out!

lwh1959 profile image

lwh1959 5 years ago

I have a 1993 Dodge Dakota LE pickup for sale if anyone is interested. It's green, with a gray interior,fabric, power windows, locks, A/C, Am-Fm mpx. stereo, with CD. Power steering, power abs (rear) brakes, cruise, tilt, sliding rear glass,318 CI, 5.4 liter V-8. The truck is clean within reason the body is straight, just needs tlc on paint. Automatic transmission, trailer towing package, and light hookup. windshield cracked, but not leaking. I want $1,800.00 or will trade title for title for a Chevy or Ford 1/2 ton pickup that's comparable. Doesn't leak, doesn't use oil. Tyler/Chandler Tx.

lwh1959 profile image

lwh1959 5 years ago

In regards to the 1993 Dodge Dakota LE, my contact info. is

henry 5 years ago

have 1200 dollars looking for clean car, call if you have one .

henry 5 years ago

looking for nice clean car for wife, call if you have one i9n my price range, $1,200. 757-525-5050

SALLY 5 years ago

guillermo about your 99 gmc suburban interested if you still have it and are you in california like la area by chance. or if anyone in the LA area that is selling a relaible working suburban so I can take my 3boys to practice and all the other great things boys do. don't really want to have to put money into it cause don't have money for that I have 2000.oo and I am in desperate need other car was totalled in accident. would be a blessing thanks.

sammy 5 years ago

Lookinh for a small suv or mini van for sale willing to pay 1000 or15000 in the fresno,ca please call at 15593017092 and we can set something up ask for sammy 5 years ago

Looking for 1966 F-100 short wheelbase to restore

imkd profile image

imkd 5 years ago

nice hub..linked it back from my hub.

Steven 4 years ago

i need a car that's between 5 to 1000 text me at 5175810008 or contact me on facebook its it has to be around the hundson MI area

oo 4 years ago


danalarc 4 years ago

I'm daniel and am selling an '03 Isuzu Ascender white w/gray int. am-fm cd radio DVD player w/10" tv, power windows,power locks,power mirrors w/defrost and power seats, 2 a/c 3rd seat, 17" alloy wheels w/good 17" GoodYear Fortera tires, towing package, v-6 4.2 Vortec engine, valued @ $7,000 and asking $5,900 if interested please call 915-256-0099 in El Paso Texas, thank you

Tina 4 years ago

Looking for a car that runs for 500.00 email me

tina 4 years ago

I live Columbia s.c.

Cherise 4 years ago

I have a 1998 tail blazer for 3500 obo call me at 3137393247

steve collins 4 years ago

My Name is Steve collins i baze in United state

but I have all my business with my family in United Kingdom.

i like your motor and i will like to purcahse it

I have the intention of purchasing your advert for sale.

I'll pay you with a cheque,and wait for the clearance before the pick up arrangement.

Concerning the shipping arrangement,my shipping company will come for the pick up once the transaction

has been sealed.

Mail me back when u get this mail , Am interested

If this is okay with you,do get back to me with your LAST PRICE so that I can forward the payment to you.

deemontriz 4 years ago


tasha 4 years ago

I am looking for a 1997 towncar lincoln . Im willing to pay 1500 .please contact 8322979840.

Emmie Faison 4 years ago

I"m looking for a 1999 lexus rx-300 please contact me at 704-697-9363

Nicole 4 years ago

Hi I looking for an Eddie. Bauer and will pay 500 to1200 live in St.louis

T Anna Mosby 4 years ago

I got 1200 for a honda, anyone trying to get rid of a nice working honda civic or accord im willing to pay it today in cash. Want to check it out and know its what I want so thank #9093329176

April 4 years ago

Looking for a car 500 or less that runs good call me at 260 402-9363

nice 4 years ago

l am a single mother looking for a car to use to take take my kids to school. 1999 or 2000 toyota camry or any 1999 or 2000 toyota. l know there are a lots of people that have more to give away that dose not need it. pls if u are one of them l really need it. l will pay $1000 for it. u can contact me on this number 773 7506731

cordreql 4 years ago

i have $400 lookin for a chaep car

sonny 4 years ago

i have 2500 looking for town county van call me 443 eureka ca,

jamal clake 4 years ago

lookin for a good car for 500 just to get to work contact me at 347 240 5105

Michael 4 years ago

We can Help You with a Lon at a low interest, Contact us at Soft Link Loan Gp,Inc. for more info...


linda 4 years ago

Own a stationwagon ford taurus excellent condition runs great refine timing and put over 500.into excellent shape will sell for 3500. Book price 6000. Want smaller car .email me

larry 4 years ago

Red ford f 150. 1991 4 wheel drive 5 speed.a/c heater works.cassette player.has ball me for more info 900 firm!!!!! Lindamarie_9@

Matt 4 years ago

Get rock bottom vehicle prices from local car dealers with our cheap car finder service

gene potts 4 years ago

looking for work car 600.00 or under for work registered tagged iam a mechanic can take care of small stuff.

gene potts 4 years ago

looking for work car 600.00 or under mechanic can do small stuff tagged registered 496 8563

sheilabower 4 years ago

have a 1999 plymonth brezze for sale only needs oxygen sensor reads high millege but different motor was put in about year ago from guy i bought it from still on rd only asking 1000 least take 900 phone 381 1623

Linda Washington 4 years ago

Hi.I am selling a ford focus green running very good.It has some scratches and the right rear end needs to be fixed.Other than that is is good and I have a clean title.Ready to sell asap(as soon as possible).The year is 200O and the color is green.

tabitha hand 4 years ago

looking for cheap car that runs for 500

tabitha hand 4 years ago

270 801 8552

thompson 4 years ago

Looking for a jeep wrangled.low on miles.not new.rather bye an older one.301 414 0483

jan 4 years ago

Mercedes98 ml320 good body engine pro blems for sale

jan 4 years ago


jean 4 years ago

I am lookin for a carr i have 1200 hun need asap

xprofilejobs 4 years ago



sylvia 4 years ago

looking for a good car for cheap in need of one badly plzz call me at (760)623-6233 thank you

carlos ramos 4 years ago

im looking a good nissan titan 2004 a 2010 i have $5000 call me 225323492 baton rouge louisiana

carlos ramos 4 years ago

my number is 2253623492 nissan titan $5000

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Zeryimblele 2 years ago

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EMILY HOLT 2 years ago


karina 14 months ago

San Jose California,busco minivan 2010 en delante

gepeTooRs 6 months ago

Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the ebook in it or something. I think that you simply could do with a few % to power the message home a bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

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