Crash Course Driving Lessons: The Best Choice?

Why are you looking for crash course driving lessons?

Yeah, I know it seems a bit of a lame question considering that’s exactly what you searched for and why you have ended up reading this hub, but unless you get clear in your head your motivation then you won’t get the best out of these intensive courses. 

So what is it?  Is there a job you need to drive for?  Or have you been without a car for a while and you could do with a brush-up?  Perhaps the law has caught up with you or your wife/girlfriend/husband/son has told you that you need to improve on your road sense.  Your motivation will focus your desire for both success, and the length of driving you are signing up to.

Cheap crash course lessons, unlike normal weekly or twice weekly lessons, do need some level of previous experience to keep the cost to a minimum. Since it is an intensive course and since they do get better results – more on that in a moment – they charge you more money. If you don’t have any previous experience, for example, costs are in the £1300 range. If you have had around 20 hours then £650 is more what you could be paying out for. But don’t let that put you off. I wouldn’t recommend being taught by a friend since dual-controls on a professional car are safer. That said, why not pay the average £20 a lesson for 10 weeks to get a grounding (or 5 weeks, twice a week) which will cost you £200, then go for the £650 package? It’s really all about balance.

Since you are recommended having 40 hours minimum of driving lessons, normal lessons will set you back around £800. So yes, it is more expensive to get the intensive lessons if you go from scratch, but why not get those hours in first with regular lessons?

Crash course driving lessons: why you could end up learning more effectively

One of the best arguments I have heard for completing intensive a crash course driving lesson package over the week after week version comes down to how you learn.  I specialise in teaching people to learn and use their memories better.  Driving is a combination of remembering rules and physical skills.  Think about what you need to do when you are driving…

  • Consider the road itself: the traffic, parked cars, street ‘furniture’, traffic lights, signs, road instructions painted on the tarmac, lane changes.
  • Potential hazards: people, particularly children, animals, glass, damaged road surfaces, things that have fallen off the back of a lorry.  The biggest danger I faced was a 12 foot plank of wood that flew off a low loader and nearly went through my windscreen, at 70mph!
  • Rules of the road: not just the highway code, but looking out for other road users, making sure that you are keeping to the speed limit, looking out for speed limit changes.  Alerting other drivers to your intensions, and that it is safe to make the move.  Looking for drivers who haven’t seen you.  Breaking distances.  Road conditions and how they change things.


The above are all things you have to think about.

But then there are the skills that have to become automatic

  • Gear changes, clutch control, steering, road position, breaking and acceleration.

To learn all of this takes skilled teachers, which most registered crash courses will be able to provide you with.

The problem of the longer term, week after week approach is you forget some of what you learnt from the previous lesson.  It’s a natural thing, but obviously you need to re-learn that at a later date.  Taking driving lesson crash courses means you won’t forget what you are learning from lesson to lesson.  That means your learning will be that much more effective and streamlined.

Crash course driving lessons concentrate on driving…duh!

Another crazy statement, but the best way to learn to drive is to actually, er, drive.  In fact most people say that when you have passed your test you have only just started learning.  Personally, as soon as I got my first car I spent hours just driving around by myself getting those hours under my belt.  And that’s exactly the principle behind intensive driving lessons, it’s about getting those hours in as quickly as possible.

So it’s really all about efficiency, and like I said, your own motivation will make a difference.

Car safety checks


Intensive crash course driving lessons work.  Period.  They do so by getting you driving in different places, and reducing the ‘forgetting’ period by reducing the time between lessons.

They aren’t a quick fix, they are as effective, possibly more so, than traditional patterns of learning.

They are more expensive than regular driving lessons.  But if you have, say, 10 lessons costing a total of £200 (twice a week, I suggest), then you are looking at the balance being the same as the regular course in terms of cost, but you will learn quicker and be less frustrated.

Whatever, it’s important that you drive safely.

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