DIY-Driving Your Own Moving Truck in the Winter

Whether it is to reduce the expenses that are involved, or because you suddenly find several friends willing to lend a helping hand during your move, you may decide to forego hiring movers and instead rent a moving truck that you will personally drive to your new home. This usually isn't a big deal, but during the winter, road conditions can complicate things. The following tips concerning driving during winter is offered by Winter Salem movers that have lots of experience in such conditions.

One of the tips that a moving company usually considers most important is that if you're planning to drive a moving truck during winter is to make sure that you have all the necessary safety and snow removal equipment in your vehicle. Roadside flares, salt, shovels, several warm blankets, extra food supplies, and a charged cellphone with all the emergency numbers on speed dial are just some of the basic things that you should have before heading off during winter weather. Make sure that your moving truck has tire chains and spare tires if you happen to get a flat, along with the necessary equipment for a tire change.

Before you leave, and if you find it necessary to make stops along the way, check to see if any snow has piled up on the vehicle. Having a bunch of snow falling on the windshield while you're driving is extremely dangerous, and thus you want to make sure that your vehicle is clear of them before you set out.

Winston Salem movers know that during winter, sudden snowfall can dramatically affect visibility. Make sure that all of the moving truck's lights are functioning before you even leave the driveway, and when you're on the road, keep your headlights on during the entire trip. This ensures that others can see you on the road, and also allows you to see what's happening in front of you. Try to set your headlights on low if snowfall starts to get heavier, as light tends to bounce off them, affecting your visibility.

When traveling on winter roads, make sure that you drive carefully and that you keep a safe distance from any vehicle in front of you. Snow and ice can cause your wheels to slide, making stopping difficult, and you should allow enough distance for your vehicle to slow down. Being in a truck with all that furniture and equipment inside of it means that it will take a lot longer to stop your forward momentum. Keep yourself under the speed limit at all times and make sure you're paying attention to what the vehicle in front of you is doing. Slow down whenever you come across overpasses, bridges and intersections, and allow yourself enough time to slow down.

Choosing to drive a rental truck yourself when you decide to move will often save you from a lot of expenses involved during moving, but only if you take the proper precautions. The last thing you want is to damage the moving truck, and the rental companies will appreciate it if you take care of their equipment

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