Dakar Rally 2008 canceled! What is going to happen to the most famous rally in the future?

 Picture from www.dakar.com
Picture from www.dakar.com

Dakar Rally was canceled

Sadly this year`s Dakar was canceled for the first time due to the situation over Islamic Republic of Mauritania, the French authorities have warn their nationals about the danger of crossing this country.

After a lot of deliberations the Dakar organization decided to cancel the event.

After writing the Lisbon-Dakar-2008 hub I became very sad to know about this news. Can we imagine how much is lost with this decision!?

Money invested, time invested, credibility, and more important it have created a precedent that probably will be used by other terrorists in the future.

As you understand by my words I am against this kind of decisions cause they give strength to all of those who support terrorism! I can now imagine that every time someone organizes an world event all terrorists will tell they are going to make an attack and the organizations will have to cancel their events to protect the people involved.

Maybe I am wrong but I prefer the danger and to be afraid than do nothing because of that!

Let us hope that the situation in Mauritania as well as in other countries can stabilize and the future can bring a peaceful Africa!

Dakar Rally 2008 Cancelled

New "Dakar" 2009

It is now confirmed that 2009 Dakar will take place in South America. After the cancellation of this year edition both Argentina and Chile invited the Dakar organization to make the event to cross this two countries next year. This way the renowned rally event will keep all its ingredients for success: long stages, lots of navigation, difficult terrains and astonishing landscapes.

The Dakar organizers hope to be able to return to African rallies by the year of 2012.

The route for the 2009 Dakar

From the official Dakar 2009 website
From the official Dakar 2009 website

Why the Dakar Rally 2008 was canceled

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AuraGem profile image

AuraGem 9 years ago from Victoria, Australia

Yes funride. It really is a difficult choice for authorities to make. Not so long ago, there was great outcry about sending or not sending our cricketers to Africa. So many wanted the cricket event to continue regardless. And it did continue, but with great caution. I really feel no choice is the right choice. Do governments have the right to force an event and risk the lives of thousands? NO! Do governments have the right to stop a sporting event beause of imminent danger or threats? Morally no! In short, there is no right answer.

djtphn1 profile image

djtphn1 9 years ago from Riverside County, California

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Sometimes we American's are so unaware of what goes on in other countries.....I like to be informed...

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Thanks for letting us iknow as we were looking forward to watching it this week. Oh well safety should come first thats for sure. Well done

Princessa profile image

Princessa 9 years ago from France

Terrorism is about terrorizing people, and this time they have succeded to a point that the organizers of the event were so 'terrorized' that they are cancelling. A big shame after all the effort put in the organization!

funride profile image

funride 9 years ago from Portugal Author

Thank you all for commenting.

Even now it´s hard for me to understand how can we give up of doing something just because someone tried to scare us with threats of terrorism. After this event terrorists have their work ease, they just have to say that there will be some kind of attack to put everybody stand still without doing nothing.

The event organization are thinking about leaving the African continent out of next year rally, I supose this will be the end of the "Dakar rally" :(

This week I read in portuguese newspaper that it´s expected to happen some kind of terrorism atack in Portugal in the next weeks but I have no intention on changing my habits or give up doing something just because of that.

TERROR it´s not an option!

robie2 profile image

robie2 8 years ago from Central New Jersey

Lets not glaomrize these creeps by calling them terrorists-- they are criminals plain and simple, killing innocent people with no regard for others. Their "religion" is just a cover for criminal behavior. They are about money and power, not God. They are jerks and I'm sorry they messed up what sounds like a really good thing.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Oh Robie, I´m sorry for never have responded to your comment. You´re right, they´re not terrorists (those are others *rolleyes*) but I still doubt that something would have happened. We will never know for sure...

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Yes, but then it would be the longest and hardest rally ever. If you check out the map at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mauritania you´ll see that Mauritania it´s a big country and it must be crossed to reach Senegal.

Friend 8 years ago


what do u mean by saying:

Their "religion" is just a cover for criminal behavior

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Friend, I´m not sure that Robie will come here to answer your question but I think she was refering to the fact that terrorists hide behind religion (no matter which) and do terrible things "in name of god" when the truth is that they are just after money, power and perhaps revenge.

You know, Robie is a good friend of mine and I know she would never disrespect ANY religion what so ever. That´s why I took the liberty of answering on her behalf but if you rather hear it from her I can contact her and ask her to come here and respond herself ;)

Take care,


mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 8 years ago

I'm so sorry this happened. I'm a "new" fan of the Dakar rally, I had never seen it before but have been following it in South America. I now realized it was moved there from Africa. So disappointing I'm sure!

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi Christine, thanks for passing by and for commenting. Yes, in fact it was a bit disappointing for those like me who loved to watch the "real" Dakar. Nevertheless, I believe it will go back to Africa next year because there is no Dakar in South America lol. (note: Dakar it`s the capital city of Senegal)

BTW, welcome to hubpages ;)

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