Car Decals And Car Stickers: Info That You Need To Know

When you hear the word decal, there are many things that can come to mind. There are wall decals for making murals and decorating and also decals used for store windows for promoting products and services. In this article, we will be talking about truck and car decals; what their made of, how to apply them and how to spot a good quality decal sticker.

Decals: Different Materials

Car decals are made from a number of different materials such as latex, vinyl, and other plastics. Latex is used most often by manufacturers to create flexible decals for their vehicles. Many vehicle owners opt for the vinyl decal sticker because of its durability against weather and fading.

Decals on old muscle cars, like this Super Bee, have been around for years
Decals on old muscle cars, like this Super Bee, have been around for years | Source

Decals: Types of Adhesive

Another characteristic of decals is the type of adhesive used to attach your decal to a surface. Adhesive options are permanent, repositionable, and removable. Permanent adhesive is not a good option because, well, it’s permanent. You should consider this because you may want to transfer the decal later. The repositionable and removable adhesives are a little more forgiving and are generally more popular for car owners.

This is a bit of a twist on the stick family car decal. This decal is of the every infamous Star Wars. Very fun.
This is a bit of a twist on the stick family car decal. This decal is of the every infamous Star Wars. Very fun. | Source

Decals: Small Decals

Car decal stickers are stickers that are used to personalize your vehicles. These snazzy things can tell people about your likes, dislikes, or personality just by looking at or reading your sticker. There are vehicle decals for every person and occasion and car owners take their decals very seriously. Owners take their time to select the perfect decals for their vehicles. Car decals are used to support a favorite sports team, or can be religious, funny, and even incorporate commercial advertising for businesses. Some people choose to use their decals to signify love for their family, military support, or the love of a pet. Whatever you are into, there is sure to be a decal for you.

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Applying Smaller Decals

Applying smaller decals is easy to do. Before you start make sure that your surface is cleaned thoroughly. Try to apply your sticker on a day that is not too hot or not too cold as days like this can interfere with the adhesive making the end result look unappealing. You can either use soap and water or an ammonia free window cleaner to do the job. After you’ve cleaned the surface, decide where you want your decal exactly. If you are applying window decals or bumper decal, use a measuring tape to help you map out where the decal should be applied. Next place your decal in the exact spot and put a piece of masking tape on the top so the decal will stay in place. This will create a hinge and allow you to have more freedom for your hands. Next flip the decal up and pull off paper backing, exposing the sticky adhesive. Carefully lay the decal down a little at a time using a credit card to insure all air bubbles are removed. After you are finished with all the above steps you can remove the tape and see your decal. Ta-da! You now have a great looking decal to show off.

Types Of Car Stickers

Large Decals

Larger car decals are also very popular, especially in the younger crowds looking to add a bit of individuality to their ride. These larger decals are used to cover the car’s hood or the side of your car. Some of the most popular large car decals are the famous side flames, fire breathing dragons, and in recent years, tribal art decals. Many times people have these decals applied by a professional since they are much more expensive than the smaller ones. The truth is applying these decals is not very hard if you know what you are doing. With a bit of practice you can do it yourself, save some cash, and still have a professional looking finish.

Selecting Quality Decals

Buying a good quality decal is just as important as the design you decide on. Quality decals allow them to last longer and hold up to the elements.

When deciding on a decal make sure it is weather resistant if it will be showcased outside. Buying weather resistant decals ensure your decal can withstand extreme heat and cold. Lower quality decals have lower quality adhesive which can melt during a hot summer day. This not only makes your decal slide down your vehicle, but can make for a very sticky mess.

Also, your decals should be fade resistant. If your decals are not fade resistant you will watch them slowly fade away over time. If you spend a little bit more for a fade resistant decal you will be able to enjoy yours for a lot longer.

When choosing a decal you should also take into consideration the object you will be adding the decal to. Your decal should be able to bend to the object. If the sticker is unable to bend, it may not stick all that well or you may find air bubbles under the decal. Making sure your decal can contour to the intended object will make application a lot easier.

Now that you know a little more about car decals, how to apply them, and how to buy a good quality decal it’s important to buy one that reflects your personality. Having a car decal is a great way to set yourself apart from others and show the world who you are.


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