Tata Nano -The Smallest Car from India

Do you think that TATA-Nano can outperform maruti?


This became the major question for the Tata motors to answer for in terms of the marutis proven track records .Surely, India’s top vehicle maker, Tata motor’s TATA Nano car can outperform maruti.Tata Nano has became the  best & tight competent for maruti 800. Its a dream come true project for both tata motors and millions of middle-class Indians to own a nano basic model for Rs one lach (ex-factory):Ratan Tata.

 Though Maruti800 has proven over years that it is a low budget car, that doesn’t mean that no car can outperform it. Of course Nano is about to hit the road and will create a new era in Automobile. We did not set out to make the world’s cheapest car ,”Tata said more than once ,we set out to make an affordable transport for the Indian family .Here are the proofs.

Maruti800 verses Nano

Maruti800 verses Nano

Variants 2 3

Price 1.9-2.3 lakh 1.3-1.9 lakh

Engine 800cc 624cc

Fuel efficiency 18-20 km/l 16-20km/l

Smallest Economy Cars -this is what we'll be forced to drive quite soon

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But look at all of the 'great new choices' we will have from 'The SMART Car'....  The Smamborghini! The Smaudi A3 AWD! The Smorsche! The Smaudi A3 AWD! The Smorvette!
But look at all of the 'great new choices' we will have from 'The SMART Car'....
But look at all of the 'great new choices' we will have from 'The SMART Car'....
 The Smamborghini!
The Smamborghini!
The Smaudi A3 AWD!
The Smaudi A3 AWD!
The Smorsche!
The Smorsche!
The Smaudi A3 AWD!
The Smaudi A3 AWD!
The Smorvette!
The Smorvette!

Tata Nano Models

Tata nano role out in three variants, Nano base, Nano CX, NanoLX Nano &Nano CX is available in colors as racing red ,ivory white &summer blue. For NanoCX champagne gold, lunar silver are available too .Nano LX is available in sunshine yellow ,champagne gold &lunar silver .All variants are with 624cc engine& with the same fuel efficiency, but differ in prices.

NanoLX –Rs 1,85,375

NanoCX –Rs 1,60,322

Nano base -Rs 1,34,249 Nano is 3099 mm in length (8 per cent shorter than the maruti800),1495 mm width,1652mm height&2230 mm wheel base. Nano at 1500 mm is four per cent wider than the 800 and,at1600 mm,is fourteen per cent taller .Nano can accommodate four people at a time. Nano is 21 per cent bigger than an 800 when considering inside space. The car have a two cylinder with linear cylinder configuration,624-cc petrol engine with 33 bhp of power and independent front ,rear suspension. The front suspension is independent, lower wishbone, McPher Strut with gas filled dampers& the rear suspension is also independent ,semi trailing arm with co spring, ,gas filled shock absorbers .The 800 churns out 37 BHP,while the Nano tops at 33 BHP,at 11 per cent less power .Company claims mileage of 25kmpl in highways,20 kmpl in cities overall mileage of 23 kmpl with a fuel tank capacity of 15 litre. nano has a power of 35 PS @ 5250 rpm & a torque of 48 Nm @3000 rpm. And again Nano is with 4 gears& tubeless tyres .It lacks power stearing, ABS airbags,music system, passenger side mirror &AC available only in deluxe version. It has no bonnet or dicky that can be opened. The spare tyre is upfront, to also play the role of a crash barrier. The engine is rear mounted for one bag. So one can expect to see the nano crammed to the brim, straining its small two-cylinder engine to the full. Tata also aims at delux and luxury versions of nano models. In looks Tata Nano clearly beats maruti800.

Current status of Tata Nano

The protests from various versions prompted the motor company to move its Nano factory from West Bengal to Gujarat, so Tata will only able to produce a limited number of nano’s from its other plants in India. The production models will have the same finish as the display models at Auto Expo.

But in the end, the Nano represents more than just a low cost car, it could well acquire a status of the still popular Volkswagen Beetle .Maruti 800 has old style looks,Maruti will really need to give it a facelift to beat Nano’s looks. Also maruti800 is about 10% longer in exterior dimensions, which means Tata Nano will be east to drive in congested traffic as its small in size from outside. of course Nano is yet be released &prove itself.

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Sijo shaji 5 years ago

Nano the hero amoung small cars

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Christino,

Ya, absolutely true. Tata nano though a small car, it is a comfortable one and is the best for small families.

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