The Dodge Tomahawk - A V10 Motorcycle

A Piece of Motorcycling Madness

The Dodge Tomahawk was a small piece of motorcycling madness. Although if truth be told, small ain't exactly the right word to apply to the Dodge Tomahawk. It was massive in almost ever way, weighing in at 680kg and packing an 8,277cc engine from a Dodge Viper - yup, all 500bhp of it - and costing over $500,000 dollars it was never going to be for the shy and retiring type.

I've seen an assortment of top speeds quoted for this monster, varying between 300mph and 400mph, all of which sound optimistic to me. It hardly looks aerodynamic and with 'only' 500bhp personally I think it would be hard pushed to beat 250mph if anyone were brave enough, or dumb enough, to try.

The beast itself - the Dodge Tomahawk
The beast itself - the Dodge Tomahawk | Source

How Fast?

The experts say you need about eight times the power to double your speed and a 60bhp bike would do somewhere around 120mph depending on its aerodynamics, so 250mph sounds a decent ball park figure to me for 500bhp. And given its weight it can only hit 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, not that much faster than most big sports bikes, I've seen Suzuki Hayabusas tested at 2.7 seconds to sixty.

The Tomahawk was originally designed as a concept vehicle by Dodge for the 2003 Detroit Auto Show, but generated enough interest for them to build a further nine examples for customers, although they were sold as "rolling sculptors" and not for highway use. So unless you have one heck of a back yard one wouldn't be much use to you. At least the Carver One had some practicality about it, it was a pity they went bust. It was a great idea - a cross between a car and a bike.

Technical Specs Dodge Tomahawk

Capacity: 8,277cc
Type: 90 V-10
Bore: 102.4mm
Stroke: 100.6mm
Compression Ratio: 9.6:1
Weight: 680kg
Max Power: 500bhp @ 5,600rpm
Max Torque: 712Nm @ 4,200rpm
Max Speed: Your guess is as good as mine, 250mph-ish?

The Dodge Tomahawk on You Tube

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