E3 Spark Plugs

E3 Spark Plugs

The E3 Spark Plugs is Fuel Saving and a True Innovation. The E3 in he E3 Spark Plugs stands for Efficiency, Energy and Ecology. E3 Spark Plugs are designed with the DiamondFire Technology to boost combustion so as to increase power, improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions, thus the name E3.

There have been many marketing ploys in the area of design innovations in spark plug designs to improve fuel ignition. With so many products not delivering on their promises, it is no wonder that the E3 Spark Plugs have gotten the same disbelieving stares when a autoshop mechanic recommends them to customers.

Diamondfire Technology

The Diamondfire design of the E3 Spark Plugs is unconventional. Instead of the usual J-shaped electrode, the E3 Spark Plugs is designed with a 3-legged diamond electrode which will produce a faster spark discharge directed towards the piston. This creates a high speed flame with a great amount of combustion pressure inside the combustion chamber, thus producing a large burst of energy for the piston.

The E3 Spark Plugs is designed around the concept of a faster and stronger flame, which gives a higher internal pressure to drive the piston that drives the engine. This is how fuel efficiency and energy is enhanced, and with a bigger flame, more of the fuel-air mixture inside the combustion chamber is burnt and less harmful chemicals are emitted.

Improving Mileage

Does the E3 Spark Plugs really enhance your mileage? According to the lab tests done at Michigan State University, the E3 Spark Plugs improved power output by an average of 6% and fuel consumption by about 3%-13%. Emissions were also reduced.

Feedbacks were mixed outside the laboratory. There are many users who have commented that their vehicles accelerate better and have a faster throttle response. These happy users have also reported much better mileage with their vehicles. However there are also users who have found that the E3 Spark Plugs gave them a lower mileage and some even found their new E3 Spark Plugs were defective, needing replacement.

Reliability of the E3 Spark Plugs

The company is producing a great product that is able to save you fuel and improve the performance of your car. But the quality control of the product is doubtful and have led to many unhappy customers. What E3 Pyrotek needs to do is to put more attention into their quality controls to get a more consistent performing product onto the market.

Should You Test Out The E3 Spark Plugs?

The cost of the E3 Spark Plugs is about $6 to $10 and is worth a test. But the product is not as reliable as it should be. To be sure, I would highly recommend that you get your mechanic to install and test your car. If E3 Pyrotek can improve their quality control processes so that customers like us can enjoy the fuel savings with a peace of mind, there will be many more loyal customers like myself.

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Ken 5 years ago

I bought E3 Spark plugs for my Dodge van, put them in started great but once I Started to drive it they miss fired and Didn't work. Went bought cheaper NGK Plugs Van is working GREAT!!! I put the two spark plugs next to each other to realize that the E3 plugs sits different and are shorter. I'm lucky I never blew my motor with them. So all I can say is newer isn't always better the good old plain spark plug still out shines the new E3.

Sequoia Mike (Canada) 6 years ago

I drive a 2002 Toyota Sequoia. The specified plug is a platinum. Milage before I started the experiment was 13.3 L/100 Km.

When I installed the plugs, the fuel use fell to 12.7 L/100 Km, and I was very pleased. However, after about 800Km, I noticed the fuel use climbing. When I pulled the plugs, I was recording 14.1 L/100 Km. I went back to a new set of platinum, and fuel use is now down to 12.3 L/100 Km. There was evidence of corrosion in the plug "spark face". It would appear that the plugs are made of soft low allow steel which cannot withstand modern high energy ignition systems.

I would not recomend them. Anyone want to buy mine....cheap?

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