Exotic Bicycles

For Your Enjoyment

If you enjoy cycling as much as I do, you will love the pictures of these mostly conceptual, one-of-a-kind, limited production or just unusual bicycles.

I will continuously update this HubPage with new images so feel free to visit from time to time and enjoy the new photos.

This 1869 Dexter sold in 1997 auction for $24,150!

2007 RIGHTY from Cannondale

World's lightest road bike at 7.6 lbs.(3,451 grams)

All Wheel Drive Bicycle

This 1889 Rudge tandem

Wooden Bike

Wood and Copper

This 1870 wooden Shire

World's Lightest Full Suspension at 14.9 lbs.

Note the eccentric hub in the rear. The hopping action of the cyclist propels the bike.

Not a bicycle. But, so unusual that I couldn't pass


livelonger profile image

livelonger 10 years ago from San Francisco

They definitely look weird--is there something unique about how they work too? (their drivetrain?)

vic profile image

vic 10 years ago Author

Some sure do. Some of them seem to utilize standard bicycle gear. However, a couple of them seem so unusual that may even be missing the meens to steer. But, they are exotic. My favorite one is still the 7.8lbs. super light bicycle!

guest 10 years ago

how do you steer the bikes that don't have handle bars connected to the front wheel?

vic profile image

vic 10 years ago Author

A very good question. I think those bikes are purely conceptual. Specialized doesn't offer any information. It is possible that they may utilize cable or linkage systems to steer.

The Law 10 years ago

The specialized bikes are old concept bikes that were used as part of an online hoax to confuse people into believing they were going to make those bikes... some of them have even odder problems if you look closely.... Actually I think it was from april fools day a few years back

vic profile image

vic 10 years ago Author

Thank you for the background information. They still look pretty exotic even though they cannot even be steered.

mojtaba 9 years ago

i just can say that it was amazing...............................................

fabian 9 years ago


Bob Warner profile image

Bob Warner 9 years ago from Dallas, Georgia

Fantastic Pictures! You gotta love it!


tony 9 years ago

thank you

illicold 8 years ago

i love the site its inspiring it see such variation i have customized a few bikes my self but no pic to show i have a question for my innovative minded that can answer me this? i have an idea about a bike but i don't know the proper progam i need to put it in virtual time to test my hypothosis because i don't have the resources avalible to build the proto or the connections to get the material i need to do so ( its a very intricate piece ) do any of the more expireinced builders have imformation that could be helpful? i think i my have the key to a source of alternate propulsion that's more economical than gas/electric hybrid. again i apreciate the site i look forward to displaying some of my work in the future

vic profile image

vic 8 years ago Author

Thank you for your comments. Here is alink to a listing of bicycle manufacturers which you may consider: http://www.bikeschool.com/links/links.cgi. Your idea sounds very intriguing.

Cindy 8 years ago

Hi there,

My company has an offuce in a small community that has kind of a bicycle "theme". We have two bicycles that are used in a community parade annually and sit decoratively in our lobby the rest of the year. I'm curious to see if you have any suggestions as to where to find a stand like the one the Dexter is sitting on. Our bikes are just like the one pictured five spaces below the Dexter. Currently, they are just propped against a wall.

Thank you!

vic profile image

vic 8 years ago Author

Cindy 8 years ago


meandmybicycle 8 years ago

Awesome page Vic - I linked to it on http://meandmybicycle.com

bobbie 8 years ago

you made my day!

C.S. 8 years ago

Hello, enjoyed the pictures, and can say that as far as I can see, every bike, trike and quad has a steering device. The unicycles are (...sort of...) controlled by shifting weight, as is the case with most inline two wheeled vehicles.

Most are chain-driven, some direct on the front wheel, with the "allwheel drive" mountain-bike the chain drives an oilpump, I think, which drives the wheels. I don't know how the treadmill bike delivers its energy to the rear wheel.

Cindy: Go to your local blacksmith/metalworker with a picture and the bikes, tel him to keep it simple, and to -PLEASE- not scratch the bikes.

Tony Stander 8 years ago

I wanna know more about the ap Foto won which the two Chinese gentlemen were riding. How does it work

Tony Stander wants to know

vic profile image

vic 8 years ago Author

Hi Tony: The frame, including the saddle, cranks and the chainrings ride (float)on a circular inner ring. The chainring engages the wheel via a circular rack gear. As the rider cranks the chainring, it in-turn propels the large wheel.

Barry 8 years ago

Great pics. Fuel for the imagination. Could you supply names or links with the pics so that us viewers can get more info. I am especially interested in the last photo. The high-tech looking one with the woman in the seat and the huge wheels.

vic profile image

vic 8 years ago Author

Thank you for your comments.

Di-Cycle is a transportation concept for land and water www.designhuis.com

Warren in Wisconsin 8 years ago

How does a person in the US go about purchasing one of the monocycles shown in your photo showing the two monocyclists. I see the same units were part of the Olympics opening ceremony. They've been around for several years now. They must be available somewhere in the US by now.

vic profile image

vic 8 years ago Author

I wish I could help you, but I have no information on it. Perhaps a comprehensive Google search will turn something up. Good luck.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal

Great hub! If you allow me I would love to leave you with some links I believe you´ll love ;)



I think they are pretty exotic bicycles which deserve to be on this great hub ;)

Have fun!

Joel D Garcia 7 years ago

I love cycles of any kind, 'specially antiques...I wish that someone would persuade corporate sponsers to each build an antique cycle and then have them parade in a famous well known parade along with many of the unusual shown here.....It would be very good advertising....!!!!

Skylar Jackson 7 years ago

None of these are as unique as this 3 wheel bike I saw. It had one big wheel in the middle connected to the petals and two smaller wheels in the front and back. They where all aligned with eachother two. I'm going to try to find it again.

Skylar Jackson 7 years ago

This bike looks more futuristic then the bikes today. Its called the

1960 Bowden Spaceliner

M.J.Robinson 7 years ago

Robbobike is a unique machine and the only type in the world using high tec steering to enable four limb operation?

mark anderson 7 years ago

i will have to say that those are some of the coolest pictures of the some of the most exotic bicycles i have ever seen,if you can think of it,looks like someone built it,great job,keep the pictures rolling

richard 7 years ago

how would i find out about the two single wheel bikes that are 3 below the dexter bike. i believe they are ridden by two orientals.

Paul Earle 6 years ago


I'm organising a bike show and parade.

Would you please furnish me with the names and contact numbers for the exotic bikes shown on your page.


Paul Earle

salva 6 years ago

solo m gustan algunas jaja!


las buenas motos k ban a 90000000mil x ora!

 6 years ago

I would like to present another levercycle to your blog. I notice you only have one, which is the outdoorstepper. The youtube video address is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJaKmiBhicA

Camilla 6 years ago

Love em. Bikes and DIY are a good combo!

There are a good few more - e.g. camper-bike, pedal-powered chainsaw, see-saw bike human-powered bus...here:


nathan mcdonald 20 years old 5 years ago

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nathan mcdonald 20 years old 5 years ago

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noel from manila 3 years ago

at this time..with all the fuel hikes and all.more people here in manila are using mountain bikes with racing tires to commute to and from work.some use folding bikes with small wheels to also gain entrance to trains whjich permits them to transport it for free.some young teeners are redesigning their banana type bikes,to look like a chopper.extended forks,lowered seats etc, seeing them makes me wanna build one.hope i could share some pics..thanks .i enjoyed wathing yr album..

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